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  1. 2000 Trees

    Not sure it would be neck deep as Download have them as second stage headliners. Do they have an exclusive? Also Frank Turner not announced for any festivals yet in UK and he’s usually at at least one. Who knows!
  2. 2000 Trees

    Frank Turner now his tour is nearly sold out?
  3. 2000 Trees

    Is Frank Turner likely? That Frank Turner/Menzingers billing in the US would be great to see at Trees!
  4. 2000 Trees

    What has ruled out Gaslight?
  5. 2000 Trees

    Less Than Jake in with a shout?
  6. 2000 Trees

    Would love to see Rancid and Skunk Anansie on the line up somewhere but feel they both might be too big.
  7. 2000 Trees

    Already booked in July last year for my first time at the Festival. Just impatient!
  8. 2000 Trees

    Are we any closer to an announcement do we think?
  9. 2000 Trees

    True but doesn’t mean the other 2 aren’t American though
  10. 2000 Trees

    Would Parkway Drive be too big to play?
  11. 2000 Trees

    Would love Nofx or Rancid
  12. Parklife, Manchester

    Is that the full lineup or is there more to be announced?
  13. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    Dodgy bound to be there as well.
  14. Who's Touring Around Glastonbury 2017?

    What do we reckon are the chances of The Prodigy playing? They seem to be all over Europe this summer.
  15. Truck 2017

    Who do you think it could be?

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