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  1. Arcade Fire

    Its only second time I have seen AF - first one was at Glastonbury when they headlined. Last night was fabulous. In the twenty odd years I have been going to the Arena there are not many concerts, if any, that were better - fantastic set, amazing stage set up, a band that absolutely gives a shit, and a crowd that was up for it big time. Where I was sat in the first tier, to the side, which turned out to be prime seats, every one was stood up and bopping from minute one. Absolutely brIlliant. If I could I would defo see them again in next few days.
  2. Dissertation

  3. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Fascinating read for concert set up nerds like me. Particularly like this clause - very appropriate for a band of 70 year olds....... “During the concert, performers will be advised to avoid any action which may over excite the audience or endanger public safety. The performers will be advised accordingly.” :-)
  4. The War on Drugs

    I have spare ticket for Manchester, Monday, standing face value £28.75 . DM me if interested. Will put it on Twickets tomorrow if no one wants first dibs. Cheers
  5. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Not official but from a pretty good source, about the Rolling Stones. They will tour U.K. next year, not sure if will be all stadiums or with arenas mixed in as well. Was on a plane trip last week sat next to a guy who turned out to be a sound technician for the stones PA provider. He has worked for the stones on all their tours for last umpteen years. They had just played their final stadium gig on this years tour in paris a couple of weeks ago and when they were packing up there was the usual gossip in the crew about where they were going to be working next, they all thought they were going back to the states and should therefore prepare work permits etc. Anyway the crew manager said they should prepare for gigs in the U.K. There you go.....
  6. Efestivals Gold Member renewal time

    Thanks Neil. Yep my cock up. Hope the renewals are coming through. Cheers
  7. Efestivals Gold Member renewal time

    Neil please check the PayPal thing. I seemed to have two refunds but can only see one payment. I realise that's a good deal but I do want you to be here for next years festival... :-) And am v happy to pay up!
  8. The National

    First time seeing The National - they were great. The new songs were a bit of a downer in that no one knew them, certainly near me anyway. I seemed to be lucky in that I was in the middle of enthusiastic fans, about 20 metres or so in front of the left hand screen as you look at the stage, who sang along with everything they knew. Listening back though they were good and I look forward to the new album. Had a thought though - I got the impression that Matt B was either pissed, nervous or both, as he came across as a bit of a knob to me having never seen them before. He has a great voice and fantastic presence but apart from the dedication prior to England he didn't come across that sincere. And the whole Ohio governor stuff gave me the impression that he though The Uk was part of the US health system - the world is all part of the US. Didn't expect that. Anyhoo I have tickets for Manchester and I can't wait to see them again. Won't shake me off that easily...... edit - the Ohio governor stuff is not on the iPlayer version on Beeb
  9. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Yep am watching whole thing again and it is as good performance as I have seen on the Pyramid over he last 9 times. Brilliant. Agree with the screen thing - if you couldn't see the the stage it would have made it hard to engage unless you were a super fan. Inside the sound desk circle was brilliant.
  10. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Gate B not good. Been in the q since 7.30. It's speeded up in last 10 mins. But it's 50 metres an hour stuff earlier. Am still c 150 mt away according to police who are giving out water. Which is very nice but I wish they were running security at the gate. A bit of a low moment. Forgive me. It will be fab v soon......☺️
  11. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Oh and there are no more people joining the queue behind us. It's as if the car parks are not accepting any more cars - purple that is
  12. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Am in q after the ice cream van. Moved forward 100 metres 15 mins ago and now stopped. How are they processing people through security?
  13. Gate B Status thread 2017

    Just got to bottom of hill and queue 1. Have two and three in sight and then it disappears from view. And bargaining on 3 more queues to go ☺️ The world is fine and dandy.

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