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  1. I really liked her show in 2011, but wasn't impressed with this years performance. Not sure why though.
  2. Did we meet? Like you said, this originally wasn't our responsibility (we were responsible for the roads across/around the market area), but after this incident some of our team were moved to the railroad as well. It is inevitable that vehicles have to go down roads where festival goers are walking and from a traffic supervisor point of view, both people driving vehicles and the punters could do a better job preventing these accidents. I've seen cars driving around like they own the road, shouting at me that I wasn't getting them trough a vast crowd fast enough. On the other hand, punters that cross the road right in front of cars and ignore signals that should help prevent these accidents from happening can expect little of my respect. In the end it all comes down to patience and giving each other space to move. 99% of the times there are no problems though. Like @ohmygod said, when it gets to crowded (part of) the route gets locked down and I think the one way system in the market area works great.
  3. Might be useful for anyone unlucky 2019: don't hesitate signing up for DC Site Services. Of course you'll see less acts then you'd normally do, but they really helped me seeing the headliners I wanted when I had shifts (Radiohead + Justice). I also liked the experience of seeing the other side of Glastonbury
  4. Is it possible to use this abroad?
  5. 1. Barry Gibb 2. Radiohead 3. Chic 4. Justice 5. Mark Lanegan or Circa Waves
  6. Had great CD's from @stutheblue and @plaskins! Hopefully we don't have to wait till 2019 for the next cd swap
  7. Finally got home, what an amzing edition this was! Great to see you all enjoyed the festival as well! can't wait for 2019!
  8. Morning everyone! Great to see that some people are still finding tickets, really hope to see you all there!
  9. If anyone's interested, Dutch radio channel 3FM ( is gonna broadcast one hour of last night's show between 10 and 11pm UK time. Direct link:
  10. I agree they didn't play many heavy tunes and Thom wasn't on top of his game, but still it was a great show. Like many said before, this wasn't a festival set but a true Radiohead gig. I loved hearing Exit Music and Let Down for the first time.
  11. Ahw man, that's a shame... Better see you in 2019 then for some pints and knob jokes!
  12. I'm in!
  13. Saw them at Best Kept Secret last night. Amazing show, especially the RTJ3 songs. Definitely go and see em at Glasto, people!
  14. Great news @lobo! Amazing!
  15. Yeah it's gonna be great! And if I see Gibb at the Pyramid I'm driving the full 10 hour trip home with tears of joy!