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  1. 2019 likely to be on and several years beyond.Would not be surprised if they did a year elsewhere to test it out tho.
  2. They are clueless by tradition.
  3. Apologies, I over-reacted.
  4. Dumping tents and selling on tix at inflated prices. Not exactly popular ethics round these parts.
  5. Accident on A303 westbound just after Wincanton. Car an oil tanker, police and firrbrigade on scene. Guess it will clear within an hour or so but if you are heading that way now you may want to leave 303 at Wincanton and head up to Shelton Mallet.
  6. Use a bin bag, can't get much cheaper.
  7. Perhaps it's best to wait and see rather than condemn that changes as 'ridiculously stupid'. From what I have experienced so far any changes will be well managed and in the spirit of the festival.
  8. Three was a Guardian/Observer stall setting up on the path at the bottom of big ground, muddy lane end, on Sunday.
  9. Just trying to lighten the mood. Not directed at anyone in particular. Some truly daft questions on here tho. (Didn't see your original question, coincidence. To answer you i doubt you will be searched and so should breeze in. All down to the individuals Manning the gates tho)
  10. Fast track tickets now available from See.
  11. I think you could probably knock out fake wristbands with a couple of days notice using modern tech. The production ones look easier to copy too.
  12. No actual fish, sorry, but there is a fish-scale pattern, does that help?
  13. Public wristbands are green and gold this year. I'm wearing one now but won't put a photo up as that just makes copying easier. The metallic threat content seems higher this year which is a bit irritating.
  14. Went on site today. Didn't have too much trouble pitching a couple of tents in the greenfields, the ground still yielded to standard tent pegs and mallet. Dust levels were very high (some traffic stewards were masked up) and hayfever was pretty bad. I was pleased to find that muddy lane was indeed still muddy, even if only in a few patches! Suprised to find the Pyramid stage devoid of any decoration. Still time tho.
  15. Was on site today, my hayfever hit overload. Dose up and remeber to wear sunglasses (I forgot mine and suffered).