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  1. 2019 Headliners

    New Arctic Monkeys record confirmed for this year apparently, their own tours next year then high profile festival circuit 2019?
  2. Victorious Festival 2017

    Last year it was almost a victim of it's own success; the ground was so dry and there were so many shapes being cut that it kicked up LOADS of dust and the tent had to be closed on both days for Health & Safety, on the Sunday it was so bad that they made it clear that it would not reopen (this is all from hearsay and memory so I could be corrected on this one). Could be something to do with that? @rseamer - thanks for the tip, I'll check her out on Spotify.
  3. Victorious Festival 2017

    I'll back up @Flaminglippy here with support of the Southsea Alternative Choir, they are entertaining indeed. With regards to your clash issue I'd always suggest the option against Jake Bugg, unless you are considering listening to someone plain a door, then they are almost inseparable in terms of sound, enjoyability and charisma, but then that's just my opinion!
  4. Boomtown Fair 2017

    This ended up in my junk folder and might be of interest to a few that may have missed it:
  5. Muse

    I do hope that it will skew line ups to be generally older tracks, or at least a little more balanced. It's the only way I'd pay to see them again. I'm glad they delivered for everyone who got tickets.
  6. Victorious Festival 2017

    It's heading in the right direction! I still think 90 mins would be better. Also relieved to see Franz are getting 50 mins. Any shorter would be a travesty. They also clash with Macka B who, under other circumstances I would check out but thanks for the shout @eFests .
  7. Victorious Festival 2017

    Frank Turner is on at 13:15. I was fearing that it would be even earlier. Feeder and British Sea Power have a large overlap I wont be moving far from the common stage on Sunday evening. Does anyone have recommendations from the smaller stages?
  8. Fyre festival

    2017 does seem to be the year that a whole load of festivals went to shit.
  9. Manchester Orchestra

    Start early then work forward. Mean Everything to Nothing (album 2) is my favourite followed by Virgin Losing a Child (album 1)
  10. Boomtown?

    Think it must have been 09 as it wasn't my last one or either of the first couple I don't think. They've mainly all blended into one by now. I do remember that fire, big black column of smoke from over the river looked a bit like something from Lost.
  11. Boomtown?

    This is true. I've been to a few messy readings though. There was a Reading around 08/09 where the Thames flooded and a week before the festival began 1/3rd of the campsite was underwater. It receded significantly but there were areas of bog everywhere. I appreciate that is an extreme case but it was what came to mind when thinking of a muddy Reading.
  12. Boomtown?

    I'd say less than Reading muddy to be honest. I appreciate that wasn't an option though
  13. Boomtown?

    I genuinely don't think I would have gone had it not been for this boards enthusiasm (including yours at times!), and ended up having one of the best festivals of my life last week so thanks to all who have been bigging it up.
  14. Boomtown?

    After going for my first time this year I highly recommend it. That is, I highly recommend buying a ticket right after I have secured one just in case they do get hard to come by
  15. Boomtown?

    They are starting to sell out earlier each year, was a few months before the event this year I believe. I should imagine that you will be able to get one if you want one.