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  1. See you in the fields
  2. I'm pretty sure the license wouldn't allow that tonight. They aren't even allowed anything that is louder than the general Hubbub of the festival on weds/Thurs hence the lack acts on big stages
  3. Sad news, became one of my must sees after a recommendation on here.
  4. Come on then, let's have at it!
  5. Can't get away with looking at the cam but Other Stage looks like a balaclava this year?
  6. Think they've been dismissed as they are in New York on Thursday and Canada on Saturday. Sunday is possible but incredibly less likely than the other rumours for the big TBA slot.
  7. Set times have been historically short. If they added 10 mins to everyones slot they could easily compensate for another act - probably to the preference of some (especially fans) and others wouldn't notice.
  8. minutes left...
  9. Good news. Try and put it all behind you and concentrate on enjoying the weekend.
  10. and millets, mountain warehouse, those sorts of places
  11. Us trying to remain orderly in the queue in 24 hours time
  12. From memory you can from the recharge tents, and I'd be amazed if you cant get them from some of the stalls. Might be a bit pricier than outside the festival.
  13. It's for these exact reasons that we need more than 3/4 upvotes a day. @eFestivals can we have some more please?!
  14. Thank you!
  15. Being damp under foot first thing is not a bad thing, that's not enough to make mud, certainly not enough to hamper the festival. The baked earth will absorb it after a few hours and the sun will do it's job during the day. No biggie.