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  1. 2017 festival

    Just seen that QOTSA have a studio session in Brussels on Sunday and one in France on Monday so not sure what this means for them doing both Reading and Leeds.
  2. LCD Soundsystem....

  3. 2017 New Music Thread

    I've only heard a few Grizzly Bear songs before this album but I really like it, reminds me a bit of Crack-Up in that it sounds lovely and has some really great melodies but equally isn't that catchy, that's not a criticism though. Like fightoffyour I'm not feeling the hype about the Brand New album either. I'm not a huge fan outside of The Devil & God so I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as others on here but I'll give it a couple more listens today and see if it grows on me.
  4. 2017 New Music Thread

    Plenty of links for it on reddit just now. I won't be able to listen to it tonight anyway so just holding out for tomorrow to see if the talk of it being released digitally happens.
  5. 2017 festival

    Must make them doing a secret set fairly likely?
  6. Latitude 2018

    I feel like we predict Lana every year and it never happens. I agree with the Catfish shouts though and I think The War on Drugs are a reasonable shout too.
  7. LCD Soundsystem....

  8. 2017 New Music Thread

    New Death From Above album out on September 8th, I wasn't much of a fan of their new single but hopefully this is better. Next month is the most stacked month for new releases I can ever remember.
  9. The National

    I hadn't listened to the first single since Glastonbury until yesterday but it's still so good, strong contender for song of the year so far. Haven't listened to Guilty Party too much but I've had the new one on loads, really like it. I'm mainly looking forward to the tour at the moment, going to be such a strong setlist.
  10. 2017 New Music Thread

    As has new Mogwai. To be honest I'm quite pleased these albums are leaking a few weeks early as it stops there being such a backlog come September when there's loads of interesting stuff coming out.
  11. 2017 New Music Thread

    Yeah Melodrama is my album of the year so far which is a real surprise for me. I liked the singles going into it but to be honest there's not really a big dip in quality anywhere on the album and all the album tracks have grew on me loads.
  12. 2017 New Music Thread

    Yeah it's by far their most outright pop song but the sound really suits them, definitely one of my favourite songs of theirs. That's two really great songs from their new album now, it wasn't one I was too excited about before but after these I'm pretty hyped for it.
  13. 2017 New Music Thread

    The new Everything Everything album is really good, not sure's it's quite as good as Get to Heaven which I thought was a real step up for them but we'll see. Night of the Long Knives is a great opener. The Districts new album is good too, I've not really listened to them since they played Glastonbury in 2015 but the new album's a pretty different sound for them, to be honest it just sounds a lot like Sam's Town.
  14. Queens of the Stone Age

    I couldn't help but smile when that riff kicked in the first time I heard it, I hope they do open with it on the tour.
  15. Queens of the Stone Age

    I think this album definitely sits with Lullabies and Era Vulgaris in that it has great highs but is a bit of a mixed bag overall compared to the others, though at the moment I still prefer both of those to Villains.