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  1. Hamilton Leithauser and Father John Misty for me. Both are acts who I like a few songs but wasn't so keen on full albums but both sets were fantastic, the latter's was my second favourite of the weekend after Radiohead. As mentioned before yer man Hamilton has some voice on him.
  2. Shouts to Johnny's guitar during Creep for being the loudest thing ever.
  3. Definitely my best year. Radiohead were amazing, seeing my favourite band for the first time on that stage with that setlist is unforgettable. Tears all over the shop at Daydreaming. Father John Misty, The Killers, Phoenix and Hamilton Leithauser but definitely my best year for music and weather yet. Despite having such a great time I don't think I'll miss it next year, done four years in a row so a year away from it feels like a welcome rest and for someone who gets as travel sick as I do I certainly won't be complaining about missing that part.
  4. I thought they were excellent, can't say i listen to them anymore but it's telling that I still knew the words to most of that, took me until a minute or so into the first song to realise what song it was even though I knew the words The Killers were the first band I got really into so it was nice to see them again just for the nostalgia. I hope Russy was there to relive that JP set from back in the day.
  5. Yeah this set was really fun, similar to M83 last year in that it wasn't mobbed but everyone there had a great time. John Peel tent was definitely the place to be on Saturday night this year.
  6. So, Rob Portman eh?
  7. So did anyone else think this was amazing? I went into it only really knowing the Pure Comedy stuff and bits of I Love You, Honeybear but I was blown away by his set, easily my highlight of yesterday.
  8. Yeah I was fairly central and about 10 rows from the front so if the crowd's not great there then I guess you're just really lucky to end up in a good bit.
  9. I thought it was good but not up to their usual high standards, though that was down to a mix of so many new songs in a row and the crowd near me. The crowd was strange, on the left of me everyone was loving it but the right was only interested in hitting the big beach balls. I'm glad they're touring soon though so i can see them at their best again.
  10. Radiohead obvs. Was anyone else at Hamilton Leithauser? I wasn't expecting anything from that set but it was really great, good crowd and his voice is something else. A 1000 Times is one of my songs of the festival. I've never really got The Park stage until yesterday when Margo Price and Hamilton on there, both were good and had a really nice vibe up there. I thought Glass Animals were good on what was a big stage for them too.
  11. Even without Reckoner (not only my favourite song of theirs but in general) that was my favourite set I've ever seen. Was very close to the front and seeing my favourite band for the first time at my favourite festival was a brilliant experience.
  12. They're testing the Daydreaming lights on the Pyramid just now so Daydreaming opening confirmed
  13. Yeah just came on to post about the Elbow t shirts, they must be nailed on for Friday Park then. Just when I was starting to believe it was Arcade Fire too
  14. As someone who struggles in anything above 20 degrees it was far too warm for me today, especially on the train to Castle Cary which was like being stuck in a conservatory on a hot day. The shade up at the John Peel tent is great though, really cools you down. Hoping for some clouds tomorrow to calm things down but I've already changed my mind on preferring a 2016 style festival to 2010.
  15. New album out September 15th.