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  1. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    We're away for t'Bingley festival, the local one to us although my middle step daughter's off to Leeds fest this Friday. I've no more holidays I can take for them, so will look for something next year instead. On a tangent, I'm pulling a 'Gumby' (oo-er) and creating food, goat's cheese tonight, mmm.
  2. Word Association Game

    Chestnuts roasting on an open fire... Bit early for Christmas so I picked this.
  3. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yes, it is strange yet freeing to have the fallow year and plan other things. MrsCJ has even booked things for each weekend till November to make up for lost time this year. Glad to hear that about the van, Guy. @fatyeti24, how does that customer-facing-be-nice-to-customers work? Never could get the hang of that, maybe too much Fawlty Towers in my youth.
  4. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Is it like Tough Mudder, but with music and burgers?
  5. Word Association Game

    Cool, clear water. Not heard this for years. Evening all, hope you're all well!
  6. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Evening all, warm handshakes from Leeds. Been a bit manic over the past weeks so not been making time for the eFest crew. How are you all? The house looks good in Cumbria H & FY. I'm really pleased to say that MrsCJ had the op 3 weeks ago and is recovering nicely. I salute people who care full time because that takes a lot to do, I'm hopeless at even part caring but gin and chocolate are making up for that. No festivals for me as such, but we're off to the High and Lonesome weekend in Leeds in November and the cider festival up here too, so plenty of things to go at. Hmmm, will get used to the new layout of this forum too.
  7. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Cheers, I'll see how MrsCJ feels after the op, but will give her the Poldarkfest when we come down next month. I'm practicing scything and having a glint in my eye whilst galloping on the cliffs. With the latter, people have started asking if I've got dust in my eye, so I need practice.
  8. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Pedantically, I'm wondering which type, Portuguese Man O War, Box, Moon, or the blue one in Spongebob Squarepants? I'm jealous of the festival opportunities too, there's too much sun to be forced inside an office :-(
  9. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yes, but can I qualify that as including salt, vinegar and spices, and then covering hot, soft (wait for it MrG) chips? Mmmmmm. NFRNFChips, and that last bit is no good y'all.
  10. Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    Tricketts bar, and the beers aren't different from the other bars really, or at least I thought there was nothing standing out. With it being a small bar with no close rivals, the queues were long at various times.
  11. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    As I see it, coding either is a track of upgrading techie skills to the next system or software, or it can have parallel tracks of management or consultancy - the buzzphrase of 'adding value', so does he fancy the ongoing upskilling on the front line or software knowledge and conversations - I mean this tongue in cheek, but from working in the public sector for years, I've seen contractors come in to work on new systems and train employees up, with quick turnovers as staff take over, as well as others who help with more strategy as well as using their techie knowledge. That's maybe not answering your question, but that's the job route I've seen. I'm not knocking the front line techie but just highlighting that it's not a static position. Some people I've worked with think the future is getting kids into coding younger and systems are more about mobile phones than servers (although I know the data, IDs etc are held there), so that may guide him looking at where he wants to go, more dispersed software.
  12. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Yes. Please. Pacing myself obvs.
  13. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hi Dave, no, sorry, it would be curry, then scone and jam but with no cream.
  14. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    You mix red and white wine too??
  15. NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Can I have this instead?