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  1. Top of the Other Stage for sure, can't remember the other places.
  2. Yep, 6.31am train to Newcastle for a techie meeting then back for non work till just now, and now work avoidance on here whilst sending the last work email on stuff people need to do before I get back. Safe journey, safe queuing y'all. #lackofsleeptraining.
  3. Yep, packing today. Very nervous, don't know why. Then down to the allotment, then see my family, Chinese banquet for one and box sets tonight as MrsCJ is away, then my parents tomorrow. Full on day if I stick to it. Otherwise, I'll just sit and eat chocolate. Enjoy the sun y'all NFRNFC.
  4. This isn't you speaking in the third person again is it?
  5. As long as your name's not mud.
  6. I've no recommendations. We come in from Frome, towards Shepton Mallett, and hit upon the signs soon enough so wherever you come from, you'll see the directions quickly. Edit, coming South on that road (A37?) you pass the car parking turn off first, don't turn in like my mate did, as it's tricky getting out again, you carry on going to the CV turn off.
  7. So, the food equivalent of Reader's Wives, not Playboy??
  8. Briefly, you will probably queue on the road before Pylle Lane, so maybe put a big sign on your window to say you turn your engine off to avoid overheating. After getting in Pylle Lane, it's a steady slow drive to the inspection field and then on to park. You'll get a space whenever you arrive, but you may get put in the furthest fields, however this is only about 20-25 minutes walk from the gate. The slopes aren't bad, and 99% of the area is flat, and you can easily level your van. Mud? Please wash your mouth out ;-) There is a post on road closures somewhere. Without meaning to sound patronising, they're there to minimise effects on local residents, if you can stick to the main routes. HTH
  9. Not sure if it is vegan, but if so, Leon's in West Holts is good.
  10. Happy almost holiday everyone. I've 2 days left after this one, and one of those will be spent mainly on a train to a meeting on Tuesday. Good job I'm packing the van tomorrow. Just ear plugs to buy now, against my cousin's snoring. Edit, if anyone knows of an ELO fan in London who wants a disabled access and carer tickets, I've posted them on the tickets for sale thread as my wife can't go :-(
  11. #tooexcitedforwork.
  12. Thanks, I thought it should but was delaying signing up till this weekend.
  13. We've had 2 secretglasto texts so far on what you're up to today. That should stop once we get more details on the TBAs though.
  14. If you're talking about Twitter sending mobile notifications, then I think that's been stopped, certainly for 3 who confirmed that to me this week. :-(
  15. Yo! Glitter Finbarr Sun Drink Weddings Dancing Think that's it. I keep turning round to talk about Glastonbury, and you're not there in the office. They don't get it.