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  1. Ah.. My favourite people on the internet. Have a fantastic festival each and every one of you, I'll be on the lookout. You know where to find me: front centre of the Beat Hotel and NYC Downlow. (*May or may not be wearing Simpsons related merchandise and/or a gold satin jacket for easy #tapsaff)
  2. I'm sure we'll cross paths without knowing it. Have a wonderful time everyone.
  3. Ffs as if even AFTube is teasing us
  4. Just saw an advert on TV for the new Nickelback album...
  5. Yeah nobody should go in it'll be horrible
  6. Oi Matt if I find you on the gate, and you have to search me, and when you move to search something I fake cough, do a half arsed job won't ya? Ta
  7. Turns out I had been getting Moderat mixed up with Ratatat this whole time and I probably owe the lads an apology. I mean, I probably still won't, but you know. Better.
  8. Nice one, mate of mine had to graft really hard on one of the bar staff all weekend to get her to nick one for him. Can't wait to see the look on his face
  9. Sorry to hear. At least you have other people and can stay out of each others way. Hopefully your music tastes are a bit different...! Is this advice based on the impending heatwave? Hope they've got some cornflour.
  10. All the more reason not to do it
  11. Ay sweet, gotta grab me a tee then
  12. Hahah fuck sake this Arcade Fire rumour is going to eat me alive
  13. I think it's more of an issue for DJs than artists, a lot of the time. No reputable DJ wants to be playing an hour long set, but 2+ to be able to create their own atmosphere.
  14. They were selling stuff last year??? T-shirts and all?
  15. Lucky that I have a couple of old pairs of walking socks that could do with being binned. Beer socks are their destiny.