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  1. Yeah got mine a couple of months ago (TicketWeb)
  2. I'd stick a couple quid on us at least having stage splits, if not day splits. Potential clashes are fairly easily inferred from either. I feel like we've had this conversation before! But I share your concerns. The barn is supposed to house 10K, so surely there's going to be exits for fresh air/bars/toilets. Interesting to see how the atmosphere is kept if there's a few of these openings. It's a shame there's so much I want to see earlier in the day, might be hard to strategise before it gets busy.
  3. double
  4. Well Field Day times came so that will have to do I guess.
  5. Good to see an offish clashfinder, I'm v lazy. Some annoying/nonsensical clashes - BEAK> and Forest Swords is a bit silly. Moodymann/Nico Jaar is annoying too. EYOE stage is a blanket no from me. Also missing KGATLW, Slowdive, Thee Oh Sees... yeah gonna be basically electronic all day bar BEAK/FS for me.
  6. I'm so sorry for both of your losses.
  7. I have a very good feeling about today.
  8. No probs - would have linked the tweet earlier but I was on my phone (when I shouldn't have been. lol)
  9. I'm Moxie
  10. Didn't know Mano cancelled. Who replaced him?
  11. Yeah I agree with you wholeheartedly! Although I'm already beyond chuffed with NYC - the best lineup there of every year I've been going
  12. Nop not this year she said
  13. I did not know that!
  14. Stonebridge set is a b2b with Leon Vynehall
  15. Thursday and Sunday need filling more than Friday, anyway, given the current dates we know. Would be... more than surprised if those guys above are playing the Beat Hotel.