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  1. Electric Fields 2018

    James?! Just the need the hotpots and you're sorted! In all seriousness I am gutted I can't make that weekend otherwise would have been there for defo, crackin line up
  2. Main Stage

    Yeah it's been confirmed in our fan group by someone linked to the band and James themselves also made an official event - not sure if you're on fb but here's a link anyway https://www.facebook.com/events/1617750761666143/
  3. 2018 - Any advice or help needed ?

    Can't comment on Friday arrival as we always go Thurs, camping wise just don't turn right as you come down the hill from entry/security checks as the nearer you go to the arena the more carnage you will encounter, think it's called wolf woods. I think from memory it was something like £4.70 for a drink. The woodlands is good for a wander especially at night for a bit of the weird n wonderful, calling out stage is tented but not huge so if there's someone you really want to see then get up there and hang around a bit if you want a decent spot. Other places I've liked in the past are the jagerhaus, riot jazz and chai wallahs - hoping they'll all be there this year again. I'm just praying we don't get the biblical downpours we got in 2014, that was hard work that year!
  4. Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    I bet the ones that boo'd wanted sit down and laid played too........on repeat all night......
  5. Main Stage

    James are defo playing Friday, I'm assuming as a sub
  6. Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    see ya down the front! I knew you'd come round
  7. Run DMC as Saturday headliner

    I reckon they were after jamiroquia and got beaten to it, and had to sling them into the line up last minute, I also don't see Catfish as headliners either, they seem to have shot to fame but they aren' all that in my opinion. Mind you I used to bust some moves to it's like that and will be doing so again ha!
  8. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    I'd tend to agree with that
  9. Radio X

    Plenty there for me too I well happy, I agree it's all down to taste though, as I thought last year was a shite line up but most went mad for it!
  10. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    they're on Friday apparently
  11. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    see ya down the front!!!
  12. Radio X

    My Mr has said exactly the same......I'm trying to dampen my excitement down to allow for it
  13. Line up prediction game 2018

    I took that to be a reminisce rather than a repeat, but could be wrong
  14. Line up prediction game 2018

    Sheds n james for Thurs then?
  15. Line up prediction game 2018

    You've lost me there like