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  1. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    eeeeeh @ramragon no hurry from me, I think I'm just chompin at the bit......maybe far too early to be fair.......BUT like you've said you've seen noted acts this year....what is seen and is good is surely to be noted by various others and booked accordingly! subject to dates of course.......we totally missed KC this year for the 1st in 6yrs and are already having our own 'lets guess and probs be miles off' line up conversations already
  2. Bearded Theory 2018

    totally agree, when they say an announcement date (or some other bugger does! ) I've learned not to get too excited about it........and just trust they'll deliver an absolute belter in their own good time.....they've never failed me yet! (this was from years of checking, checking, and checking again....day and night!......for weeks!)
  3. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    So.....when are we starting the line up game then!?
  4. Bearded Theory 2018

    Can't wait for the announcements, and I'm liking the idea of the new introducing stage that was announced on twitter too, it's always our first fest of the year.......so now the seasons have changed it's snuggle down and wait for bearded town!
  5. Bearded Theory 2018

    There will be, this year a mini children's village was running on the Friday when the school was running, then the whole children's village area comes to life on the Saturday & Sunday, there's always loads on and it's all free of charge in there , there's always been good workshops (extra cost may apply but I've always found it to be good value) dotted around the rest of the site too, and the fairground is also a big hit with my kids (reasonably priced there too) - normally used to bribe them when they act up too!
  6. Lindesfarne festival

    well, that was eventful.....lovely little festival music and arena wise, could have done with some of the space being filled but had a good time whilst in there, toilets were good considering it's a festival too which is always a plus........however campsite a whole different story......came home a day early today as could not stand the amount of absolute twats off their faces in the campsite and was basically ready to lamp someone....drug taking blatant and rife....I'm not naive and can handle discreet as long as it's not bothering others, I know it happens but that was something else in the 6 years I've been to fests - there's an accident/tragedy waiting to happen there - two guys didn't even have a tent up at 2am and were left out in the open - with the conversation being let's just have another pill and we'll be fine, it's the northumberland coast and it was cold to say the least, also no security checks going into campsite what so ever, glass bottles being carried past the stewards with no challenges at all. Person shouting in an aggressive manner 'do you want a &^^% go like' at 4am after drinking/drug taking and getting into spats in the dance tent then bringing it back to the campsite, someone was shouting for security through the night......nowhere to be found or seen or any way of contacting them. Sound systems in the campsite with the drug fuelled sing along by wannabe rastas who basically did not sleep at all.....blatant dealing of ketamine.....also people arriving early morning around 9-10am just came straight in without paying for parking which the majority of us paid between 15 & 20 quid for, could be a good thing but they need to tighten up on the drugs in my opinion, I also spoke to other punters camped around us who were of the same thoughts, with 'I know it's a festival BUT'.......shame really.
  7. Lindesfarne festival

    Not gonna lie when I read the 'safety and security' section of the website it made me feel like we should be prepared to be ambushed! I'm happy to drink in the campsite then buy at the bars, but hope there is ample fencing/security on the perimeters in that way as opposed to stopping drink getting in.
  8. Bearded Theory 2018

    You wont regret it, absolutely cracking festival!
  9. Lindesfarne festival

    Looking forward to my first time at this festival, does anyone know if you can have access to your car throughout the weekend?, or do you have to lug all your stuff in one go?
  10. Who would you like to headline in 2018

    Just had the email through that asks you for your suggestions for 2018, it also says they've sold half of next years tickets already
  11. Live In Vehicle Waiting List 2018

    Didn't realise Thurs were on sale back then! maybe I rushed and just wanted to secure emperors, got them back in April and can't remember
  12. Emporers fields

    seen whines and whinges today on fb about 'those that got the payment plan early, getting access to emps early too' and it 'not being fair'........might have had pre early access but we bought our emps outright too as payment plan wasn't an option, then had to add Thursday today as it hadn't been an option so far, so paying 3 x postage too.
  13. Emporers fields

    They do split the filed into early risers, late night and quiet (or something along those lines) - however we found everyones just plonks where they can get to be honest, we like having the entrance to the arena that takes you out at the kids area, easy to nip back and forth for alcohol stock ups, there's free showers too but queues are normally quite big especially on a morning. I'm sure others will have some further advantages too.....
  14. 2018 Ticket Details Announced

    Can't see it being 12mth as that will take you past July next year if you see what I mean, it says 125.00 to buy outright, so it will be at least 10mth, not sure on 11mth? - I don't know how much extra they charge for spreading the payments - I'd like to think it was 10mth - but like I say I don't know. It should tell you before you put payments details in though I would think
  15. 2018 Ticket Details Announced

    I've messaged you!