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  1. Yeah I know but I like viewing it in the order because it's mildly ahead
  2. No.. The one that got away ;(
  3. I miss the progress bar on your actual order :-(
  4. Really?
  5. Off key a bit but looks like Radio 1's BW has a new/different stage aswell.
  6. Isn't it more like this?
  7. Christ. I wonder what led them to that. Unless it's something unrelated.
  8. Apparentley someone has been arrested outside of a hotel according to a girl on Twitter.
  9. Might actually go if they get any cheaper..
  10. It is literally like 2014 all over again.
  11. That album is great to be fair
  12. Rita Ora? Hahaha Regret not even trying for tickets tho. Also I swear I read that Little Mix were headlining when this all got announced?
  13. Good luck tomorrow whoever tries for tickets. First time in 2 years not going
  14. You mean One Direction..
  15. It's 2014 all over again