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  1. You mean One Direction..
  2. It's 2014 all over again
  3. Pretty sure Example has been there since 2011
  4. Only difference is Hannah Wants
  5. I went on the V main site to have a gander and came across the sponsors, they look exactly as they are in the 'poster'. Just a couple missing.
  6. Final thought, it's real.
  7. Yeah I guess there's that argument
  8. I still think it fake though
  9. I think it's well thought out. Also would you really make the sponsors that small. Even on the apparent 'press' one?
  10. I've just zoomed in on the picture and Gorgon City and The Wombats don't align with Clean Bandit on the same line. James Arthur and Madness also aren't lined correctly... Is that just me?
  11. Wouldn't he with be Beyonce anyway cause she'll be heavily pregnant by then?
  12. Ok, maybe I'm wrong sorry guys! Getting quite interested again now!
  13. Ok.....
  14. Someone on Twitter captured it when Ticketmaster tweeted it...I'm not sure, kind of hoping it's fake now. Although that hashtag is seriously weird.
  15. I see that, but its too professional imo.