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  1. Knebworth 2018

    This is really exciting if it's true. Only because I'm 20 mins away.
  2. 2017

    I see, thank you.
  3. 2017

    The what site? (Sorry no idea)
  4. 2017

    I get excited every year for the line up announcement. The last one I was joyous with was 2013. Even though this year is the 2nd time in 8 years I haven't been..
  5. 2017

    I was thinking about that, just one possible site. That would save some money!
  6. 2017

    Oh! Ok!
  7. 2017

    Nothing in the blog or email about next year. Are we just looking into this too much? Haha
  8. 2017

    Yeah I think most of it sold out. Then they put tickets on sale for next year, which I never known them to do (well since I've know about Wireless since '11)
  9. 2017

    I'd doubt wireless would go after this years success
  10. 2017

    Ah ok but still I've seen bother social media, maybe it is the end.
  11. 2017

    Anything said about next year?
  12. 2017

    Clean Bandit on the main stage take from their instagram story.. I was in the shock that I can see the MTV stage aswell..
  13. 2017

    Hope everyone has fun who's going. Hopefully it's better than everyone thought it was going to be.
  14. 2017

    I thought this stage is smaller compared to V's old one
  15. 2017

    Even the main stage is different this year.. the same as the Other at Glastonbury right?? https://instagram.com/p/BX2g_neHeX_/