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  1. Sad times

    No I wanted to say it sounds worse than it probably is, but I didn’t know how well that would go down. There’s probably a hell of lot worse that goes down that’s under the radar.
  2. Sad times

    Ermok https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/12-things-nobody-wanted-you-1207229
  3. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    I’m hoping for more decent artists for Coventry on Sunday. Do you think there is a mega headliner?
  4. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    I thought they would be considering swansea and coventry have a similar capcity level as normal big weekend. Also on the website it says like stage TBA
  5. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    I wonder how the beeb are feeling about it
  6. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Yeah i read it, im sure it'll be fine. Knowing my luck ill probably snap the card and forget about this.
  7. Sad times

    She is in the netherlands this apparent weekend, unless she is playing the Friday
  8. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    So what happens if your card expires in March?
  9. Sad times

    Maybe FR are concetrating on the new V this year.. lol
  10. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Did anyone go to Hull last year and had a paperless ticket? What do they do? Scan phone? Card?
  11. Latitude 2018

    Oh right. Interesting.
  12. Latitude 2018

    Where has The Killers rumour come from?
  13. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Looks like no queue.. could easily got tickets for both days. No queue in sight
  14. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Nah.. i got through and was all done for Coventry 8:31am pot 3 on wifi... 2015 i got Glastonbury on 3G, 2016/2017 on wifi. Lalso i got Norwich BW on wifi and exeter on 4G. Its just luck. Tears for Fears have been added in Coventry btw.
  15. BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    So Ed definitely isn’t headlining then if he’s in Manchester that night? But I assume Taylor is?