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  1. Oh and Sia ~ The Greatest
  2. I bought some new tent pegs yesterday ha
  3. I haven't cried yet, but I feel like I really need one. Especially as there is not one next year.
  4. Foo Fighters - Everlong + Clean Bandit - Rather Be. Waiting for that song because of the upmost relevance.
  5. Cry. I can't believe it's been a week since we arrived.
  6. Fireworks at Foo Fighters. I just had the 'I love this place' moment
  7. Is the other stage the same as Reading/leeds or the one that was just used at R1BW?
  8. I think the crossbar is blended in
  9. That is ugly!!!!
  10. I'm sure the other day infront was a few structures of some sort that now seem to of disappeared..
  11. What is happening with the Other Stage? I feel like stuff has been removed from it.
  12. Got the email this morning. Now I'm excited!!!
  13. I thought the secret would of been Liam Gallagher. But probably the worst kept secret.
  14. Still haven't got mine
  15. Zara Larson is first and is allowed the 2nd longest set?? lol