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  1. Electronica/Dance

    Thanks both
  2. Electronica/Dance

    Have decided to try to go for Dekmantel. Wish I had decided that back when tickets went on sale but oh well. Tickets seem to be in quite high demand. Anyone have any advice on where to look/how to get them?
  3. The best place to **** was ****

    Really enjoyed the video, so uneventful, yet so eventful
  4. NYC Downlow

  5. NYC Downlow

    My apologies Ok ok you've convinced it should stay as is In all seriousness I wonder if there will be a look at making it bigger over the fallow year given its ever-increasing popularity
  6. NYC Downlow

    Yes! Have thought the same thing about the Acoustic, and while they're at it why not have the back of the stage open so that you get a view of the site. (and yes would be interesting... something tells me we might be surprised by the amount of crossover, although probably not)
  7. NYC Downlow

    I have something very controversial that I would like to say about the NYC Downlow ... I think that the stage should be switched so that it is on the opposite side (where the entrance is now), that way there is a slope downwards towards the stage instead of upwards I hope this does not upset anyone.
  8. The Avalanches

    This was a real highlight for us. Wasn't expecting so much of the show to be live, the vocals etc, was sort of expecting a dj'd mashup sort of a thing. Had a great time
  9. Electronica/Dance

    Finally back from a whirlwind trip First off, thanks @Mezhyp1 for the Sub Club tip. Saw Steffi and Virginia and I have to say I loved that place. You Glaswegians are lucky to have such an on point club in your hometown. As for Glastonbury, started off Thursday seeing Afriquoi at the Gas Tower which was a really enjoyable brief set. Then went over to Call Super and actually left because were not feeling it. Volume was really low and it just didn't really capture us. Rest of the evening was spent at Beat Hotel and the Blues. That Young Marco accapella intro was interesting to say the least... Shed was a real highlight of Friday night. Really happy I finally got to see him and as others have been saying Genosys is the place to be. Daniel Avery was probably the highlight of Saturday's electronic explorations, also having the Wood right near Beat Hotel is a great combination for when you are ready for a breather. Moderat was probably the highlight of Sunday. Afterwards, even the moustache queue for MAW was expectedly crawling. Wound up in the Temple and while the music left something to be desired I really though the increase in size did not take away at all from the atmosphere. Thought the sound system was great as well. Felix Dickinson closing out Genosys and then that amazing sunrise was a really special way to end the festival
  10. Glastonbury Toe

    Out of 5 times, this was the first I did not get Glastonbury toe, and I think I know why. I wore new boots this year and I went a whole size up from the old ones I had worn in the past. This allows the toes some wiggle room, and therefore, no Glasto toe.
  11. Shangri-La 2017

    Hahaha nicely done to them them. Was sort of hoping those stairs would be towers with chill out areas at the top. Found that Shangri La needed some chill out areas as evidenced by the hordes of people sitting around on the ground.
  12. Shangri-La 2017

    Were the areas with stairs open at any point? Anytime I passed by they were barricaded off. There was one opposite the Gas Tower as an island of sorts and then there was another opposite the old Hell Stage.
  13. Radiohead Headlining 2017

  14. Electronica/Dance

    Very true
  15. Electronica/Dance

    If anyone could help out someone, y'know coming from abroad and shit, please get in touch

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