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  1. Rock Werchter 2018

    That's fair, early Editors much better imo.
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    Editors are huge in Belgium though.
  3. Half way to selling out already

    Taking interest in this one this year, why are people avoiding Y Not? How quick does 1st release actually sell?, must be the fastest selling festival now. I believe it works out £190 based on two people if you include Thursday which for Happy Mondays and Franz wouldn't be worth it for me....buy I guess you probably have to just so you get a good camp spot in Saddle for e.g..
  4. Download 2018

    And people ever actually thought FF at Download was going to happen?, that was this year's guarantee if there ever was one. Let's honest, FF are way bigger a deal atm than a Download headline spot....Reading is a different prospect because they love it so aren't bothered....it's also likely more money due to much bigger overall capacity.
  5. Liam Gallagher

    yes? what.....that's all there was to say.
  6. Liam Gallagher

    Wall of Glass is massively better than that soul shit whatever it is.....and he get sing at all now.
  7. Victorious Festival 2018

    Placebo could but I doubt The Prodigy.
  8. Sad times

    You can't just keep going if you fail to target your audience though and fall on your arse whereas Download has the same market as per, it's not changed and it hasn't relied on sellout crowds every year. V however are pretty screwed because R&L have intergrated a lot of what would sell to a V crowd now as well and even they only pull it off well at one site. Tbh I don't think V which targets some acts for Creamfields and SW4 got helped this time as not onlydid Cream go right out but SW4 benefited by crossover too.
  9. Sad times

    But V did do it for years and successfully, Download is a completely different mart that doesn't even set itself sellout ticket standards any year as the promise to put it on again, they know they can't whatever Copping thinks. One thing is for sure though, without LN behind the fest being financial from all other areas it would be in a lot more trouble, and speaking of others Leeds would have ages ago too.
  10. Download 2018

    I'll sum it up for you, because the booking agent/half booking agent now is a massive dick, believes he is what he isn't, that he can book what he can't, that he's booked what he hasn't for his own entertainment then calls his made up wishful thinking posters......accidental hacks and that bands want to play his fest that simple don't! I await the Copping brigade!
  11. Lineup 2018

    It hasn't been worth the weekend money since about 2012....and then it was questionable. The day ticket prices now make it better but the travel for the day to Leeds or Reading sites to not be able to have more than one cider/two if it's early enough int he day....I'm not really one for having more than one though regardless if I have to drive.
  12. Sad times

    Very much true this, bands will sell out other cities instantly but Birmingham you can rely on unless it's a huge stadium band doing smaller gigs.
  13. LCD Soundsystem....

    haha....this is what it results to again because my attention couldn't be gained by constant Facebook in-boxing, friend requesting and then denying it all. Eitherway onto something more serious, one it's not America, two massive Facebook stalking dear god! and three I've lived the American dream and LCD are not it!
  14. Download 2018

    Love Chris' vocal on that but unfortunately Chesters shows heavy signs why they don't produce songs like that now as his voice can't do it now, that is nothing against him though....the man screamed for 13+ years 3/4 times a week.
  15. Chester Bennington

    This waa for virtually but for about 8/9 years, while their last coupleof albums have had songs I could pick out...before this current album anyway, I feel M2M was the last real one I cared for and a thousand suns but a bit of a what are they doing but there is still no doubt as many will know on here I was a huge fan. I saw them countless times from 2003 and never got excited as tickets going on sale like I did for them, nothing got close in the mid-late 2000s for me, I've never seen someone give as much as him while on stage before, he was the sweaty singing version of Lee Evans haha. Chester was very much up there if not my favourite vocalist and was a voice of a generation in my eyes. The HT in full show was the perfect last gig. I agree with this, I love the band and did massively and respect their newer direction even though I don't like it. This one does hit home, I hope he finds peace now. The daek of other stage headliner would have been much better, but years back there is no doubt they could have headlined easily. Tbf they sold their recent tour very well even at £60 a ticket. There will certainly be a sunset and a can remembering the man.