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  1. 2017 New Music Thread

    What new music are you looking forward to listening to as civilsation as we know it crumbles to dust? I can see myself picking up the new LCD Soundsystem when the mass-looting starts, I've already pre-ordered the new Los Campesinos!, so I can have that on my headphones as a protect my property and family with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Would a new Taylor Swift album provide adequate protection from the nuclear fallout? Discuss 2017 releases in here. But don't go anywhere near my bunker, I'll put your fucking eyes out pal.
  2. Bon Iver 2017

    Clearly loves it, obviously going to be after a spot next year. I'm right aren't I?
  3. St Vincent Tour

    Very strong work here Vince!
  4. Predictions for 2018

    Has Nils ever played EotR? He fit in excellently with the surroundings at Latitude the year he played. He'd definitely big a big crowd pleaser for the sort of audience EotR gets. Is soundbleed an issue there? A big reason for his success at Latitude is that they were able to give him an early slot in the woods, which is relatively isolated.
  5. St Vincent Tour

    Downloading the album now, can't wait to get stuck in. I've absolutely loved everything she's done so far, she's definitely one of the standouts of her generation. I've said that New York is a top tune from the beginning, she's one of the best songwriters going even without the guitar, and she's got one of the most eclectic and diverse musical palettes around so even if she does want to go pop she's going to do it better than 99.9% of other artists in the game. Very pissed off I can't go to her Manchester show next week though, I've seen her live 5 times now and I can never get bored of her.
  6. Efestivals Gold Member renewal time

    from the looks of this thread popping up again, a fair few people first bought theirs after getting a ticket. Mine's due in May I think, I first got it after a resale.
  7. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Was over the moon to see that the excellent Haiku Salut have announced a gig at a lovely little church up Ancoats in a few week's time. Imagine my horror upon realising I'm going to Dinosaur Jr that night. Nightmare.
  8. 2019 Headliners

    The statement he put out calling Eavis a c**t and slating the festival makes it a moot point. But in the wider world folk are happy to carry on and never mention it.
  9. 2019 Headliners

    Call my boy Owen Pallett a "background warbler" again lad and I'll fookin crack u one, alright?
  10. 2019 Headliners

    something something haunting, something something Tom Petty, there's probably a joke to be had in there.
  11. 2019 Headliners

    perhaps I might say the same to you
  12. 2019 Headliners

    I prefer Sam Smith's early work
  13. 2017 New Music Thread

    Oy, Will, listen Waxahatchee, Sampha, Protomartyr, Nadine Shah, Mount Kimbie, Laura Marling, Kelly Lee Owens, John Murry, Ibibio Sound Machine, Ibeyi, Forest Swords, Elder, Colin Stetson, Bonobo, Arca, and Alvvays. It's been a lit year so far, there's no excuse for not being on it. HAAA! You got told by Will
  14. Green Man Festival 2018

    It's been 26th January for the past two festivals. Can't find further back than that, but it's a safe bet that we're looking at late January again. Just listening to this new Ibeyi album. It's bloody wonderful and sounds a perfect fit for the Mountain Stage!
  15. 2017 New Music Thread

    Yeah is real boss-ass shit. How is the going rate for your average 12" LP gonna be ~£20 when this is going for £8? The package is identical to pretty much any other single disc studio album (except for if the record is pressed onto a 180g disc, but I'm very skeptical over whether 180g vinyl is any better at all). But obviously big props to Kamasi & co for keeping the price on this chap down.
  16. 2017 New Music Thread

    Goodness me, this Kamasi Washington EP is lit af, I do declare.
  17. Efestivals Gold Member renewal time

    Gold membership is the only way. Are you sick of the Tuborg at Glastonbury? There's delicious high-quality Pilsner, craft ales, and a wide range of top quality gin, rum, and tequila served in the gold members' terrace. And not only does it screen out all the adverts from the forum, but all of @Will-2609's posts as well; I've no idea what that dickhead is posting these days and I can safely say I'm much happier.
  18. Kendrick Lamar

    Just looking at the setlists from the US leg of the tour; nowhere near as many 2PAB tracks as I'd like and Section 80 pretty much absent, but he's so insanely consistent that he can roll out pretty much any random handful of tracks from any post-GKMC project and it's an amazing setlist. It does sting a bit that The Blacker The Berry isn't in rotation at all though, I know a lot of 2PAB wouldn't fit in with a DAMN set, but surely i, Blacker The Berry, King Kunta, and Alright should be concrete mainstays. I'm really happy that two Untitleds have made it into the regular setlist though; maybe not a popular opinion, but I think Blue Faces is his best track in terms of pure rapping, and if the tour version turns out anything like the version he did on Stephen Colebear's show then it's going to be the hands down high point of the show.
  19. LCD Soundsystem....

    Most of the article does appear to be a stinkpiece, I agree there. Fantano's got legitimate criticism for the most part and I'll accept that. I don't think he's a racist and I think calling him alt-right as things stand now is sensationalist bullshit. But he's clearly got links with some very unsavoury figures, and his defence of the Sam Hyde post cast and his involvement in The Amazing Atheist's video is utter bollocks. In his discussion of the Sam Hyde podcast, he refuses to take any responsibility for the fact that he allowed this to go on his channel, this was The Needle Drop podcast, and whether or not this was "nervous laughter" and he didn't agree with what was being said (which I'm completely not convinced of), he did nothing to challenge the crap Sam Hyde was coming out with. Meekly saying "a lot of people will hear this" is not challenging those views at all, it's not saying he disagrees, it's not pulling Sam Hyde up on those points, it's merely saying that some people who do disagree might hear it. Fantano let those views be aired on his postcast without any debate or criticism, he is definitely responsible. Him trying to dodge the flak in that response with "well I didn't say anything did I?" is a load of cowardly bullshit. He doesn't even say he disagrees with Sam Hyde, he just says it wasn't him that says it, so he's STILL leaving those comments unchallenged. And because Fader never addressed Fantano praising Sam Hyde for mocking the disabled or laughing for 5 solid minutes while Hyde does a racist Jamaican accent, he never has to address it in that video. Then he refuses to take criticism for telling feminists to drink bleach in the Amazing Atheist's video, purely because the Amazing Atheist isn't alt-right. Just because he's not a white supremacist doesn't mean you shouldn't have to defend yourself for associating with him. If he's still unapologetic about appearing in a hateful sexist video with outspoken sexists and Islamaphobes (and that's the best I can say about them, I know nothing of whatever other shitty views the neckbeard fedoras express outside of that particular video), then he's ligitimsing their views. If he unapologetically and uncritically assosciates with these people, then he's also culpable for their shit. I haven't seen the Sargon Of Akaad video so I can't comment on that, but Fantano seems even more keen to gloss over that one as quickly as possible than he does the Sam Hyde podcast, so I don't feel good about that. I will say that I'm disappointed in Fader for writing a sensationalist stinkpeice which completely misses the point, which allows Fantano to wriggle out of this more easily. Hopefully some more reputable journalist will nail him down on the valid points.
  20. LCD Soundsystem....

    I don't know how far I agree with Fader's assertions that he's a racist because he's mocked black artists, because it seems like he mocked a lot of people on that strange meme channel, and Fader just picked out some juicy bits where the targets were black. From the main theneedledrop channel, I've only ever known him to discuss black artists and hip-hop very respectfully. But I'm really surprised that his association with MRAs and "edgelords" has gone unreported this long. There's a podcast up on his channel to this day, which was uploaded in January 2016, where Fantano is sitting there and laughing while a guy fantasises about torturing and murdering Lena Dunham, purely because he doesn't like feminists. At other points Fantano is having a right old laugh at his guest mocking disabled people, purely for the sake of throwing around epithets and being outrageous. Fantano then starts going on about the importance of there not being any boundaries in humour, and starts going on about a current prevailing trend of political correctness which he compares to Christians complaining about a perceived "war on Christmas" some years ago. I'm really shocked that a guy as seemingly intelligent as Fantano can be that much of a prick that he conflates basic respect and decency respect towards disabled people; a vulnerable, disadvantaged, and historically horrifically treated group in society; with some fucking Christians imagining some slight against them; a group that hold all the fucking power and influence and privilege in America. The basic rule I've always hear in comedy is "punch up, not down", and in that podcast I'm hearing two entitled privileged white boys pissing their pants about how we as humans have finally evolved to a point where we've started to recognise that, because they think if they can't bully underrepresented groups then it's infringing on their 'Murican rights. And yes it's only "started to recognise" because political correctness is not the prevailing discourse at all; look at who is the fucking White House! How the fuck can anybody say that being needlessly offensive is no longer acceptable when Donald Trump got elected to the most powerful office on the planet even after being continually racist, sexist, and ableist? It beggars belief. Fantano has shown himself to be a complete fucking skid-mark, not worthy of our respect any more, no matter how good at reviewing he may have been. I'm bewildered that podcast didn't go viral when it came out. I hope the piece of shit's career goes completely down the toilet, but the way things are at the moment he'll probably be propped up by alt-right sick freaks, and he'll retreat into a right-wing safe space where he and others will become radicalised and removed from all meaningful discourse. I'm really worried that damaging fringe groups like that are going to become seriously powerful in years to come, in their online enclaves where they can ligitimise each other's warped sick views with nobody can challenge them. Fantano seems conflicted at the moment, him being a Sanders-voting socially conscious liberal, but the left is going to rage against him and the right will welcome him with open arms, then his views will start to be shaped by theirs.
  21. Kendrick Lamar

    Did you not get any?
  22. Kendrick Lamar

    gonna double up on the Kenny if he's doing Leeds.
  23. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Fuuuuuuuucking hell, Lorde, RTJ, and Mitski? That's unreal. Although in other news STOP THE PRESSES as Kero Kero Bonito are playing Heebie Jeebies in Liverpool for a mere FOUR POUNDS FORTY PEE (GBP) on Saturday 28th Oct.
  24. LCD Soundsystem....

    Yo what has Fantano done?
  25. Kendrick Lamar

    Shite website but I've got mine. Now all I need to worry about is what I should throw at the tories in the golden circle.