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  1. Park set in 2013 was really enjoyable, she's come on so much as an artist since then she's pretty much unrecognisable
  2. I can't speak French, so I'll just let the funky music do the talking; The funky music says 2017 is going to be a classic.
  3. Yes, bringing money into indie record shops is a good thing. No, no just anything that brings money in is a good thing. RSD exclusives are a fad, they're a bubble that will burst, and they're a bubble that's currently making it harder/more expensive for the smaller indie acts to press their records in the first quarter. As I've said, it needs to focus more on the idea of in-store events, which when you think about it have a better chance of creating a bond between customers and said indie shop itself, not speculators/hipsters cramming in for the artificial scarcity of an object which has no connection to the shop and could just as easily be any limited edition merch.
  4. It may make money, but it's just a racket of overpriced kitsch, dominating already stressed pressing plants for pretty much the first quarter of every year. It's a bubble that will one day burst, and the shops will be the ones hurt. The focus needs to shift to events in-store rather than the bullshit "exclusive" pressings.
  5. RSD is shit for w*nkers. Get rid of it.
  6. My god, that is the most beautiful festival line-up I've seen. The top 3 lines are 100% stuff I'd love to see, stuff I would (and have in a lot of cases) go out of my way to watch outside of festivals. Then below there's just loads of good stuff. Never seen anything like it in all of my days. I'd like 1 ticket and Hermione's time turner.
  7. #Bjëlieve!
  8. Also is a regular, pretty much played every year she's been active, except for last year. 2015 on John Peel was great, but there seemed to be an unexpectedly high concentration of middle aged dads singing along every word.
  9. Saw Miike Snow at Leeds festival once, thought he was a bit rubbish.
  10. There's an extremely agreeable slope just outside of the Sunrise tent, that not only offers a lounging spot which is for my money the very finest angle to recline on at any UK fest, but also offers choice views of the stage for all but the most rammed sets, and is nested in the midst of a very charming wooded area to boot. There's a lot of stuff at Latitude to love, but I think it's that slope I'll miss the most. I've got a mental image now of Marcus Mumford and Country Winston, stood with their public school todgers out, pissing right onto my slope and chortling heartily. We live in troubling times.
  11. I was definitely somewhere...
  12. Yes, I'm banking on him being there. I think it'll be remembered as an "I was there" set in years to come.
  13. I'm pretty made up with The Jacksons for headliner #1, and it seems like there's a vast sea of peachy possibilities for the other two; Bjork, A Tribe Called Quest, Chance, Bonobo, Justice, Miss Grace, they'd all be must-sees for me. How about Soulwax as a contender? Wouldn't be as big news as the others for me, because it looks pretty much certain I'll be at Blue Dot, but I've never seen them live and they're highly regarded, with a lot of killer material under their belt. Tbh I wouldn't know what to expect from their live shows, but all of their albums are brilliant.
  14. Muthafuckin ROBYN is making some more noises on new music. New track called Honey has been recorded and will debut in an episode of Girls. Still no word on the album, but it definitely seems to be coming. Slowly.