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  1. Probs that Moriarty was behind it all along
  2. Would you rather be banned from Glastonbury for life but you are still yourself; or have guaranteed free ticket ever year for life, but you have to turn into Will?
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Would you rather be kicked in the balls at the Park or headbutted in the face at West Holts?
  5. Hadn't thought of that in all honesty, just assumed they wouldn't refund it. I'll get my mate to look into it and see they're willing to refund.
  6. Coincidentally I accidentally bought one last night! (it was 3am here so I was a bit groggy) Can sell it you when it arrives if you want
  7. Had three devices on my home wifi in October and two got through and the other got the holding page, so if it does exist I'd guess it's only for keeping out a much bigger operation than you could set up using your normal appliances for home use.
  8. to the resalers from Bowie (and Morrisey)
  9. Yeah you could tell at that show how unexpected the reception was and how much it affected Jason. It seemed like he'd prepared himself for a smallish crowd of dickheads in Native American headdresses and then came on to a packed house who were loving it and had come to see them.
  10. I love this board sometimes
  11. This guy is on it
  12. [adds Anthony Fantano to list of Dentalplan's real life identity suspects]
  13. I find it easier to wrap them in a towel/flannel, does the job.
  14. Everybody on the Coachella reddit who saw Justice are losing their minds over how good it was. Sounds good as a Sunday WH headliner to me.