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  1. I'm going to Castlefield, and I reckon I'll still be there for AF on the Park. My mate loves them and has never seen them, plus it's not like Little Dragon are a live rarity. The only worry is not being front and centre the very second Andy .Paak and the free lads walk out on stage. Also didn't you dislike their Pyramid set in 2014? I don't trust your AF opinions.
  2. omg a band has been mentioned on the radio, it must mean they are playing a secret set
  3. Why no Saturday London gig? Would've definitely gone if it didn't clash with The National. Not sure if I'll go Saturday or Sunday. Saturday has no work the next day, but I feel like Sunday will have fewer of the WHP dickheads.
  4. How long did it take the Park to clear after RH and Pulp's secret sets? I got 15 minutes to get down to Anderson .Paak, which is about 6 minutes in light traffic. (I know, I know, I'll check my Castlefield Bowl privilege)
  5. My headliners are Ghandi's Flip Flop, No Bones Jones, Manic Organic, The Greenpeace Cafe, Happy Maki; all snubbed from the poster.
  6. I fucking love the CND lock-ups, lovely people and an invaluable service. The bog roll saved me in 2015 when I got a major run of the shits and used up all of mine.
  7. Ugh, am I going to have to go to the horrible Victoria Warehouse to see them?
  8. Call me Richie Rich but I don't think £4 is unreasonable at all. In fact I'd be happy to go up to five (yes, five!) pounds for it.
  9. This is very embarrassing, but I actually meant 350ml, or even 35cl. Imagine keeping 4 litres of spirits in 35ml bottles; ridiculous!
  10. buy the biggest pair of socks you can find, drench the sock, pop a can in it, hang the sock from summat (I use my camping chair). When the sock dries, your can is cold. Voilla.
  11. Going down Tescos to get a multipack of whatever drink is in 35ml bottles. Then I'm going to divvy out our spirits into the little bottles. If one bursts, we've got backup. Smart thinking!
  12. Should've used "Straight Outta West Compton" poor show.
  13. I'm actually pretty buzzing to see these weird geeks now. My mate's had an epiphany on them and keeps messaging me to enthuse about them.
  14. "You're lost - what's your reaction?" There isn't a reaction, I'm never lost. Ridiculous quiz.
  15. Is it referring to "barbecue's" on purposes because I answered that earlier question saying I correct misused apostrophes?