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  1. They did a 50/50 as well. Really good paella indeed!
  2. You mean the tent with the huge vinyl records hangin' around and a small motorbike on top?
  3. 66 kilometers arriving on Thursday
  4. Everything back in the rucksack again!
  5. I think that Goldfrapp nailed it yesterday at the John Peel stage. Happy to see them going back to the synth-glam-angelvoice-electronic music from their early days, added with some marvelous new songs!
  6. I at least mentioned a dozen of times to my wife how clean areas were, after a midday litter crew cleaning round. Big thumbs up!
  7. So last few days we've all came across beautiful dressed up people. This is the post to share your favourite ones. Let me start with one during Barry Gibbs show.
  8. Stood front row in 2013 at West Holts and now again at the Pyramid stage. Epic show. This is all what music is about!
  9. The Frisian Flag!
  10. Melba Toast.
  11. The were on a normal stage, so no 360 degrees.
  12. Afterlife
  13. Reflector. What. A. Pace.
  14. Sprawl II
  15. Splendid registration and a great crowd!