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  1. Dick move of your festival......

    Some arsehole literally barged into me with one hand aloft during dead kennedys at the truth stage. There was loads of room for him to walk around me but chose to walk right into me. I did shout at him and called him some things I don't wish to repeat on here. Thing is i would have swung for him if I had got the chance and I've never felt like doing that at glasto
  2. Surprises

    Yep I did and thought the same. Better than fat whites tbh and musically excellent especially the blond girl on vocals,amazing voice
  3. When Does Your Glasto Begin?

    Stopping in Salisbury Tuesday and going to Stonehenge for the solstice. Going to be knackered Wednesday but it's something on my bucket list to do.
  4. Weather 2017

    I'm looking at next weeks forecast and its going to be hot until early next week - we had massive floods around that time last year you've got sauerkraut in your lederhosen (sorry couldn't resist)
  5. Weather 2017

    Already there's a huge difference between this year and last years in that the site wont be already knackered before we get there
  6. Best Cover / Novelty Acts

    Many thanks for the depeche mode tribute link - love that band. Thought speak and spell was some kind of a Steven Hawkins piss take at first glance Also frank sanatzi is very funny too
  7. Weather 2017

    Yep 2014 was that annoying year. It was only because of the baking weather leading up to it it didn't become a mud bath. But it was close!
  8. Manual F5 now being detected as Multi-Hit?

    The f5 key on my laptop has been broken since 2013 (the only key on the friggin laptop that doesn't) so I've just been manually refreshing with the mouse,one click 1/2seconds and it's worked every time. I think like people have already pointed out that as long as you wait until the next page has loaded there's no panic as to how many times you refresh. And besides how does the server differentiate between multi hit software and quick f5 fingers? By the way does anyone else think it gets to the stage where its trying to connect you because you can see it's taking about 10 seconds in between refreshing,like you almost feel it trying for you? It doesn't always connect but you know that you are damn close!
  9. Coach or Train?

    This is what I feared. I might just either pre book a nat express coach or get a shuttle bus to bristol. Thanks for info
  10. Coach or Train?

    Any idea what the queue is like for shuttle buses to castle Cary on the Monday morning around 6am? I've a train from Bristol at 9.30 am but would rather set off when it's relatively early to make sure I make the 9.30 train cheers for any info
  11. Flaming lips

    Flaming lips Friday.This is from their official web page.
  12. Sleeper

    Some good songs but awful live. Can anyone remember her doing an accoustic version of life's a gas by t.rex on T.F.I. Friday? Cringeworthy to say the least!
  13. Glasto 1997

    My first experience of mud at Glastonbury (after the glorious years of 92 94 and 95) and my least favourite glasto by a country mile I remember the traffic was horrendous on the Thursday and took us nearly 8 hours to get in and had to pitch in the dark. The mud was that bad you were sinking where you were stood. We ended up in a beer tent near the campsite (think it's called Michaels mead now) and a girl was freaking out on a bad acid trip. I seriously wanted to go home at this point,the atmosphere was awful. I think I only watched a handful of bands over the weekend. Surprising highlight was Steve Harley & the cockney rebel in the accoustic tent One of the lads who was with us wanted to go home Saturday morning so we took him to castle Cary and called in a pub on the way back and stayed in there for hours playing pool,drinking nice beer and putting good tunes on the duke box....and keeping warm. I love Glastonbury but truly hated it that year and left Sunday afternoon,which I had never done before and ever done since. 2016 was a doddle compared to 97!
  14. The Killers?

    No one has mentioned dancing in the moonlight by toploader. That song needs wiping from history. I hate that song with a passion,especially the organ solo in the middle. It's on the radio all the time,Achilles heel wasn't a bad song but you never hear it.

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