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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Got my tickets today for Method Man & Redman. Blackout is such a great album
  2. Glastonbury evolves

    NYC Downlow?
  3. Suggest a good flag slogan

    #TIMRON Best flag that never happened
  4. Prime/Netflix me

    Designated Survivor is pretty good. Binged watched the first season. About to start the second. Tried Dark yesterday but the dubbing is terrible so will probably be giving that a miss. Shame as it looks great.
  5. Album of the Year 2017

    Stormzy - GSAP's
  6. UK G @ 20

    RIP MAJOR ACE. One of the best
  7. Arcade Fire

    Just had an early birthday present from Mrs Slug. A ticket for Wembley in April! woohooooooo!
  8. Game of Thrones discussion thread

    And Khaleesi's...... Damn it!!!
  9. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Ben Ben
  10. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Post of the day
  11. Pearl jam for Glastonbury

    Pearl Jam wins, as much as i like NIN.

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