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  1. Your favourite Glasto images

    I'd love to take a trip up but never quite got the time. Perhaps in a few year or maybe this summer when we're off Glastonbury perhaps? Now come on yog you can't leave us hanging with that teaser!! Pray tell what the "two other experiences" were! (If you don't mind sharing of course, understand if not" Amusingly when I typed "experiences were" I missed a key and the auto correct suggested "experienced lsd!!"
  2. Your favourite Glasto images

    Not my photo but from the grauniad today. https://goo.gl/bjA27k Looking pretty beautiful!
  3. Phew! Normal service resumed. Move along please! :-D
  4. Sorry - definitely didn't think you were moaning btw - please let me make that clear!!! Hope you didn't think that!
  5. Wish I'd done more travelling in my youth too! Did a bit of back packing. Loved it. Was worried about not having enough cash but I now recognise I should have just gone and done it and done it cheaply as now job/too many commitments stop me. As you say, live and learn. Still - no moaning - as I'm very lucky and privileged enough to be able to go on holiday in a world where many need food banks.
  6. Hey Yog! Again, a little late as not much internet ('cept roaming which = a bit pricey!). I'm on a beach in San Remo, Italy. Near to France. It's lovely, 22 degrees and sunny. Not wanting to go back to work, but recognise lucky enough to have a job that let's me come here in the first place!
  7. Little late to this party as on holiday but thanks @Yoghurt on a Stick That's a great tale!
  8. Getting campervan sticker off

    Heat it up with a hair dryer. Get the window warm. Peels off nicey nicely.
  9. What is something that festival go-ers are missing?

    Every now and then I quite like delivering this one: Someone says to me "Hello there, how's your week been?" to which I can then reply "Well it was looking touch and go but he has got stronger and now looks like he'll be joining he other beans" Reault: normally tumble weed. I still like it though.
  10. What is something that festival go-ers are missing?

    That's a nice pair of sunnys you got there Yog!
  11. Glastocam!

    Totally get you! I have the link to the webcam saved on the homepage of my phone. Regularly gaze wistfully at it!
  12. Glastocam!

    How lovely does that farm look! Oh to be there. Roll on 2019 and please let the ticket gods be kind!
  13. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    Spose if it's a one dayer then it's a bit more tolerable but even still!
  14. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    No water, food, or booze?? You're shitting me??? That's a thing??
  15. Overheard funnies

    To be fair if you listen with your eyes closed its sometimes pretty tricky to tell!