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  1. Sorry I missed you over weekend Ray - hows the hip?
  2. Found it really easy to walk straight down to near the barrier just as Chic started. Craig David biggest at Pyramid I saw. Rag/ Bone at Other. Killers (obviously) at JP - folk were watching that from the next field through the trees bizarrely. On other other end - Radiohead had the smallest pyramid crowd at the end I've seen since Gorillaz. And saw a couple of things at Acoustic where crowds were tiny.
  3. Avalanches were just joyous at West Holts. Had big beaming smile rest of night. Downside: falling asleep at Ryley Walker yesterday (was utterly shagged) and waking up to find the crowd had gone from round me. That was damn weird.
  4. Future Islands were the best crowd I experienced all weekend
  5. Just got to be toilet smart. The ones at West Holts were rammed - but a 5 minute walk and you're in the cabaret field and those ones were always nearly empty.
  6. Very very good. Sceptic beforehand. Far exceeded expectations. the wailers, fallers to the knee-ers and the cryers really do need get some perspective mind
  7. Corporal Wig signing off for the last time. See you on the other side peeps. Good luck to everyone. Best thread ever. See you in the fields. Ted Dansons Wig
  8. The Glastonbury spirit is about the camaraderie, friendship and support int his thread over the last 8 weeks - not some no mark troll coming in here telling people what they should and shouldnt do. This is Glastonbury we're talking about here. Short of fucking someone else over - you have a way of getting in - you use it.
  9. Ouch. Doesn't bode well for the morning.
  10. Piss off Sea Glass. Thats not in the spirit of the thread put there you go
  11. That sounds like you might drop lucky @maelzoid. Thou shalt cider in the fields yet! Excellent news
  12. I see that filth rag The Sun is reporting that Glastonbury is the most promiscuous music festival. I knew I'd been doing something wrong all these years
  13. How about yourself MJ? Thought today you might be seeing a little white smoke yourself?
  14. I am - Ive got a kosher ticket. But would have gone for the hospitality ticket @General Lee was talking about earlier for my daughter, but its too far away for me to get to the ticket. All the rest of my group have now dropped out unfortunately.