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  1. Your Glastonbury Song 2017

    Frankie Sinatra - Avalanches
  2. Tom Waits

    Like Tommy boy is almost always honest with interviewers. He hasnt produced a album since 2011. If he has retired - how would we know the difference? But on the OP question - cant be many artists not suited to a festival format - but he might be one.
  3. Secret resales

    Maybe the new rule of this thread is you aren't allowed to BUY tickets - but you still have to blag you're way in. And you do it for the whole trip. So you blag your way down on the train or by lift. Blag your way in. Dont buy a drink all week end. Then do the same in reverse. Come to think of it - I've got friends like that already
  4. The Avalanches

    Best thing on all weekend for me. Frankie Sinatra ... just got to love that track
  5. Secret resales

    Going to do End of the Road next year. Not going to be the same just being able to BUY tickets. Just too easy
  6. Random hookups

    @dazednconfused me, @davetherave2 @Becki7000 Cider bus Thursday afternoon. @moheetoes and @Shiftyp9 just off shot (I think)
  7. Cineramageddon- refund not received?

    Think the Redux also has another scene where they find the playboy bunnies after the helicopter has landed by the river further on in the jungle. Theres also a naff scene where they nick Robert Duvalls surfboard and take it with them on the boat.
  8. Secret resales

    We may need to all fail to get tickets to another festival to achieve this.
  9. Secret resales

    Not even the fact that the festival is now over can stop the Secret Resales thread. This is barking
  10. Secret resales

    You've been awesomest Andy
  11. The Avalanches

    I think my often shaky critical faculties might be even more dodgy than I thought. Admittedly I was front centre and had had just about the right amount of intake so was in fine fettle - but I loved every minute of it. Was one of my sets of the weekend.
  12. Secret resales

    Did anybody get photos of the meet up on Thursday? I drunkenly remember the photos being taken but cant remember who took them. I remember we were at the Truth stage at one point which may have been before or after the Avalon Inn but was definitely after the Cider Bus
  13. Rude,pushy,aggressive young girls

    I have lived my entire adult life by this maxim
  14. Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Sorry I missed you over weekend Ray - hows the hip?
  15. Largest Crowd of the Weekend?

    Found it really easy to walk straight down to near the barrier just as Chic started. Craig David biggest at Pyramid I saw. Rag/ Bone at Other. Killers (obviously) at JP - folk were watching that from the next field through the trees bizarrely. On other other end - Radiohead had the smallest pyramid crowd at the end I've seen since Gorillaz. And saw a couple of things at Acoustic where crowds were tiny.