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  1. Elton John

    Only act I’ve ever walked out on. Dublin circa 1985, Paul Young was the support, Paul Young was great, Reg oh-so-very-much less so. Add 33 or so years to that voice (and that apparent cynicism - which could have been diva-ism thinking about it, but that wasn’t known then. Annoying whatever it was) and the only thing that would get me there would be if I was in need of a singalong type cuddle rather than listening to life-affirming live music. Could happen at Glastonbury, I do love a good we’re-all-enjoying-this-together moment but I think it’s unlikely given the possible options.
  2. Festival cancelled due to mud

  3. Festival cancelled due to mud

    I'm assuming that he's taking responsibility for the Tweets that are signed off with "Lee"? I don't use twitter much but I'm really glad that he's shown me that the way to prove it's me is to put my name at the end. Total proof right there that he is responsible for nothing . I feel really sorry for anyone caught up in the car-crash that was that "festival" but it's been hilarious reading the social media. The guy (Lee O'Hanlon if anyone is interested) is an absolute twat and should not be allowed to (attempt to) put on any other events that people spend their hard-earned cash on. My name
  4. Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

    I'm not sure that you want my opinion but you've posted on a public forum so I'm giving it to you anyway. If I were to get a wristband tattoo, I'd pick the wristband of my favourite year rather than a year when the festival isn't going to happen. Your idea sounds like it might be a good one (because you can make it to your own design) but how many times throughout the rest of your life are you going to have to say "yes, I know it wasn't on that year, this is a sign of my love for the festival (and an increasing dislike of ever-aging fabric wristbands); I'm not an idiot!"
  5. Festival cancelled due to mud

    As hard as that was to watch (and I saw it after you posted the warning - thanks for adding that) I think it serves as a good reminder that while we might whinge when things become "too safe" that there is often a tragedy that has led to it being that way. What I might think of as being ridiculously risk averse others may wish had been in place before their loved ones were killed or injured. From what I've read though, YNot's cancellation was due to poor organisation and a desire to maximise profits (or minimise losses) rather than any onerous health and safety legislation. The organisers coming out with the fact that they have ordered wood chips is one thing, them being the most useful material for the conditions (which could have been predicted beforehand) and them being used appropriately are a completely different matter.
  6. Weather 2017

    I think that you may have missed the fact that weather in prospect is much, much more all-consuming than weather in retrospect . That and we're just trying to find anything vaguely related to the festival to talk about. WTF is it going to be like this time next year?????
  7. Weather 2017

    I'm on 02 and had great reception in the Pyramid field and absolutely none anywhere else. They apparently "boosted the signal" on Sunday which led to me being unable to get reception anywhere at all. I was also unable to take a clear photo on my phone throughout the festival (that may have been due to amounts of alcohol consumed though )
  8. Laura Marling

    I loved her too! Saw her supporting Neil Young in Leeds and thought she was great, then saw her at Greenman last year and she just seemed a bit lack lustre. Glad I gave her another live listen - was close to not doing so.
  9. Ban Grime at Glastonbury

    I'm guessing s/he's less bored and lonely than s/he would otherwise have been.
  10. Places you never made it to

    Despite all my pre-festival intentions of doing some of the exactly the same stuff I've done and enjoyed in previous years I didn't make it to Strummerville, Crows Nest, Avalon or West Holts. Only excuse I can think of is that I appeared to be in some time warp continuum that made Friday morning to Sunday night seem to last about three hours. Spent more time in areas that I've not experienced so much previously so no regrets though. Still can't work out how I managed to miss out West Holts - I was supposed to be spending all Saturday there!
  11. Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    FFS peeps! Me and Mr mandolin have an average age of 60. We walked, we partied, we had great conversations with people of our own age and much younger, we danced, we laughed, we revelled in the joy around us and had a wonderful time. There are many reasons for not going to Glastonbury. Age is definitely not one of them.
  12. What made you smile ?

    The memory that I keep catching myself smiling at is a tent full of (presumably) mainly straight people - because it seemed to be mostly male/female couples - belting out "Sing if you're glad to be gay" to Tom Robinson. If only that kind of lack of prejudice existed everywhere.
  13. Sexual Assauly at Silver Hayes

    I think what this thread shows is that, unfortunately, there is a need to represent it everywhere else too. Being an older woman I don't get this kind of thing anymore but my daughters do - especially the one who is physically tiny, which makes me think it's more a power thing than a truly sexual one (as full-on rape often is).
  14. Rate Your Festivals

    2010 (just pips it because it was my first year and I wasn't aware of how much I was missing when I was having a ball elsewhere, so never any sense of regret) 2017 All the others in between (apart from the ticketless 2014)
  15. Banning Picnic Chairs

    It's not respected though. The only time I've seen a chair ban work was at Glastonbury Abbey Extravaganza where there was a cordoned off bit in which no chairs were allowed. This was enforced by security rather than the crowd themselves so no bad feeling among the punters.

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