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  1. Download full sets from iplayer

    Does anyone have father john misty set?
  2. Does anyone have a spare programme?

    Can I have one of the spare free press please?
  3. TBAs

    Not happening. One of their member is in Paris playing a gig with a few members of The National (i think)
  4. what happen if you miss your coach?

    All good. Just pick ur ticket near the PGA enjoy ur festival
  5. what happen if you miss your coach?

    Ill let you know how it goes on my end
  6. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Glomar = neither to confirm or deny. Theyll be there...hopefully NME got it spot in with the where/when and its not the park tba
  7. TBAs

    Ah... So if Arcade Fire play it must be the Park TBA then...much more aligned to Emily big 'park surprise' than Elbow probably wont see them if thats the case
  8. TBAs

    Most plausible in my opinion: Park TBA - Elbow or Arcade Fire JP TBA - The Killers or Gorillaz
  9. what happen if you miss your coach?

    Do you know where the box office is located?
  10. On site observations

    So i take it no flares this year then?
  11. TBAs

    Is it logistically feasible for Arcade Fire to set up their pop up stage somewhere at the farm?
  12. TBAs

    with that being said..AF seems more fitting for the Park big 10 year anniversary surprise rather than Elbow... Why Glastonbury...
  13. TBAs

    dream scenario: Elbow Park Killers JP Arcade Fire with their own 360 pop up stage ala Primavera, sometime thursday night edit: and Gorillaz at some weird late night timing
  14. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    few days away from the festival, and there's so little we know... especially with the prospect of 2 considerably big acts (The Killers and Gorillaz) playing those slots..
  15. what happen if you miss your coach?

    how would I get to do that?

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