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  1. First Announcement Prediction

    Muse The 1975 Bloc Party Good Charlotte Skepta Rat Boy Jack Garratt  
  2. Download 2016

    Just wondering does Download sell out quickly or is it more like reading etc where tickets are available until close to the fest?  Would also guess the same trio of Maiden, Rammstein and Sabbath
  3. 2016

    I'm sorry if my post seemed like I was having a pop as that wasn't my intention. Just seemed odd is all. I do agree with your point though that Chemical Brothers would be a good booking for V, think Disclosure will get a high spot at Reading again. The 1975 i reckon will also be at Reading instead of V.
  4. 2016

    You're saying this like it's new info and not confirmed to come out in 2 weeks...
  5. Foals

    Personally I think Foals would be a good headliner next year but i can see why people question their size and do feel you would need two more established bands headlining too, but reckon a trio of foals/florence/muse etc would sell well. You can't start dismissing their chances due to lack of number 1s though. The strokes never had a number 1 album but the kooks, the view, the vaccines, the maccabees all have, doesnt mean they're bigger bands
  6. Lineup 2015

    Only managed to see the Sunday in the end due to illness so bit gutted I missed Foals, Run The Jewels and BMTH but anyway my Reading ratings:   Shura - 6/10 Decent enough but most of the songs sounded very similar, possibly the smallest crowd I've seen at the NME stage in the four years I've been but not too surprising given how early it was. Hippo Campus - 5/10 Only caught a couple of songs hence the rating but seemed better live than on record Jack Garratt (BBC Introducing set) - 7/10 Very impressed, took a couple of songs for the crowd to get into it and the sound was an issue at the beginning but second half was very impressive. The track 'Weathered' in particular. The Cribs - 6/10 Started well with the crowd really into it, lost interest though after a few tracks towards the middle and checked out other stages Mini Mansions - 7/10 Far better than I expected them to be, crowd were really responsive too The Maccabees - 9/10 Probably the set of the day for me, second time I've seen them at Reading and they've been superb both times, couldn't ask for anymore from setlist. Only wish I had been slightly closer to experience more of the atmosphere. Jamie T - 7/10 Jamie was great but this set was ruined by the crowd around me, had people barging everyone out the way trying to get to the front (was more toward the middle of the field not near the front at all) and people starting mosh pits during every song Kendrick Lamar - 9/10 Smashed it. Crowd were great, went as a casual fan not knowing what to expect and left thrilled. Comparing this set to Eminem's in 2013, this wins hands down. The Libertines - 8/10 Enjoyed them, been waiting a while to see them and thought they delivered. Do feel like others said it lacked the excitement that a headliner should bring. Don't think I've seen a smaller headliner crowd either.   Glad I ventured back for the day but doubt I'll be heading back anytime soon due to the crowd it attracts now. Before I had left my tent had been moved and broken (on the Thursday!), too many people intent on starting mosh pits during every act/song, taking selfies, getting high and shouting Alan etc 24/7.
  7. Camp Loner / Going Alone

    After singing along to a load of acts playing at reading in pubs, really looking forward to it, struggling to decide some clashes tho lol
  8. Lineup 2015

    Much like Glastonbury, Jamie T looked very good on the BBC T in the Park coverage. Probably one of the sets I'm most looking forward to
  9. Camp Loner / Going Alone

    Managed to get out of something already planned and booked my ticket! Going with some friends but with them being a couple will probably be walking about lots on my own so will probably come say hi at some point
  10. Lineup 2015

    Anyone know how this is selling? A couple of my friends want weekend tickets but are waiting to find out if they get the time off work
  11. Camp Loner / Going Alone

    ignore this, i'm not able to attend anymore, have fun guys
  12. Camp Loner / Going Alone

    Room for one more? None of my friends are likely to go this year but line up is too good for me
  13. Blasphemy

    Reading all the responses on this, doesn't half restore your faith in people, hope you all have a great time. Here's hoping I'll be more successful with Tickets next year
  14. Lineup 2015

    Anyone know when day tickets sold out last year? Likely to get one but probably won't be ready to for another couple of weeks, i'm surprised one hasn't sold out yet considering the cost
  15. Secret set/ Special Guest

    Think there won't be one, Hope for Foals if there is