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  1. Rock Werchter 2018

    6+6+6 is 18 1+8 is nine Nein is "no" in German Rammstein are German It's another obvious one
  2. Rock Werchter 2018

    23! 2 + 3 equals 5. Five were a band from the UK with 5 members in the 90's much like the Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham was a spice girl and was married to David Beckham. David Beckham wore the number 7 shirt at Manchester United. Seven was a film with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman shares his surname with Martin Freeman who appeared in the Hobbit,. The hobbit was filmed in New Zealand which is next to Australia. Tim Cahill is a famous Australian football player who played for Everton. Everton is a club in Liverpool. Paul McCartney is Liverpools most famous musical export around today. It's obviously a Paul McCartney announcement
  3. Rock Werchter 2018

    With the delay in announcing the Killers, and the initial delay in announcing bands full stop (compared with previous years), does anyone else think that perhaps a big name headliner (potentially Metallica - but could be others) pulled out leading to a rearranging of the line up? I am not so sure that Friday will see another headline name.
  4. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Whilst on topic! .... Which one of the spice girls can drink petrol?? Geri can!
  5. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Possibly or says “special guest” or something like that
  6. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Many of the headliner suggestions simply don't fit in the letters hidden beneath the obscured area. It's clear that there are 4 decent sized letters at the end. Arcade Fire - Spice Girls don't seem to fit. MGMT certainly doesn't fit If it makes anyone fell any better - Soft cell fits LOL
  7. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    The chuckle brothers
  8. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    Has anyone else seen this??? Doenst sound like the spice girls or arcade fire from the description the mystic meg wannabe has given
  9. Mad Cool 2018

    In honesty, I think that's the "top two" lines of each day completed It will be interesting to see both the size and type of bands that are still to be announced.
  10. Mad Cool 2018

    I still think it would red a little better with Muse alongside Pearl Jam!
  11. Mad Cool 2018

    I think that although the line up is amazing this year, there is certainly room for a few more decent dance acts (for the dance stage obviously). I also believe that there may be some mid sized acts still to come. Glastonbury has it every year - about 10 clashes and a complete nightmare but I'd rather have that than a festival with a dross line up. Generally on these occasions i go and see something i have not seen before. My view is that if there are two bands that clash massively, think which would be better at a festival and then go and get tickets for a stand alone gig for the other band. We are a fickle bunch aren't we! we moan if a line up is crap and then moan if its's too good
  12. Mad Cool 2018

    I have learned over the years, especially during festivals in hot weather that there is nothing worse than drinking so much that you 1) Don't remember any of a festival and 2) Have the hangover feeling by midnight. My simple recommendation is to make sure you stay hydrated through the day with a beer then water or a soft drink. Then around 5/pm start to step it up! By 9/10 pm your're on the shorts and ready to go the whole night All legal and all good!
  13. Mad Cool 2018

    Blimey - the last two pages are almost as pointless as the 5 pages that got sabotaged a few days back. If someone thinks AM are the biggest band in the world, let them think it. Maybe to that person they ARE the biggest and best in the world. Personally I like AM but feel there are larger bands but would not slate anyone who disagrees. In the same breath I don't enjoy Pearl Jam as much but can equally see why people do and also understand how people could call them the biggest or best band in the world. Everyone is different and who cares who draws the largest crowd? Mad Cool has 7 stages, everyone of these stages will have people watching the acts, it's not or never is all about 1 band. Saturday is looking like my best day potentially with whats on offer but i know that I'll find something to watch at any given time on any given day. Whatever happens, whoever else is announced, I'm happy already! See you in Madrid Amigos
  14. Mad Cool 2018

    The Longpigs - mid 90's from Sheffield - great band - Check them out!
  15. Rock Werchter 2018

    Agreed, I would have no hesitation booking Glastonbury, Bestival, Secret garden Party (if it was still going) and many other festivals without seeing the line up. It is true that most (especially first time buyers) would look to Werchter because of the line up. Anyone who has been can say how well organised it is, how lovely the people are but without a line up there are other festivals i'd choose.

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