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  1. 2016

    Bieber really wouldn't surprise me and honestly it wouldn't be a bad signing in any meaning of the phrase, he is undoubtedly one of the most famous people on the planet at the minute and his music is widely popular with a diverse range of people, he fits in with V completely. I also do think he is easily a headliner rather than a second stage headliner, Bieber is more of a headliner than Calvin Harris rather than as big as Olly Murs, Nicki Minaj etc
  2. 2015

    (and which you've already replied to)
  3. 2015

    Hi Will, thanks very much on quoting me on a year old post on which I've clarified before., I've listened to Kendrick before to try him out, but I couldn't name you any of the songs I've listened to, they've been mostly forgettable other than not being my type of music.
  4. Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016

    After the fun I had in Norwich I'm going to be incredibly jealous this May
  5. 2016

    I don't doubt that at all.
  6. 2016

    Would he sell many tickets though? 
  7. 2016

    My minds blank regarding any artists for it, which usually means The Killers or Kings Of Leon are headlining...
  8. Carly Rae Jepson

    Charli was pretty bad at Big Weekend, a few good songs, but she is just so meh.
  9. Sunday Legend 2016

    Erm, since when have any of those three released a song that's come anywhere near to the legendary status of 'I Really Really Really Really Like You'?
  10. 2016

    I know, hence why I said it was shit, I just said 13 and 14 weren't that bad.
  11. 2016

    I don't think it's been shit for 3 years, this year definitely, 2014 was great, 2013 had Beyoncé which was a huge coup and well received I think
  12. iTunes Festival 2015?

    I would kill to see Carrie <3
  13. 2016

    If James Bay is being banded around for 3rd down... they've been huge this year, King and Shine sold really well as did the album, I'll predict them going high up on festivals next year. Give me Y&Y over those three, although Imagine Dragons were fab at Big Weekend.
  14. 2016

    Years and years for 3rd down?
  15. 2016

    i meant more as headliners. I think Coldplay and Foos might work.