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  1. 2016

  2. 2016

    No, it's genuine excitement I love Rick!
  3. 2016

  4. Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016

    I believe the poster last year was the running order.
  5. Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016

    Glad I went last year instead of this year although jealous of One Republic, Coldplay, Jonas, Trainor and Years and years, huge meh to the rest
  6. Radio 1's Big Weekend 2016

    The oh was The Script.
  7. Fusion Festival - Liverpool

    I'll consider it, booked a refundable hotel incase
  8. Wireless Festival 2016

    Had one and a half hits last year lol
  9. Wireless Festival 2016

    Kygo?! Kygo?! Headlining?!
  10. Fusion Festival 2016 - now in Liverpool

    I almost went last year, so I've booked a free cancellation hotel just incase I decide to go this year.
  11. Fusion Festival 2016 - now in Liverpool

    Is that any easier to get to?
  12. 2016

    Unless some of the Skrillex/Angello/Alessa/Aioki are doing the Radio 1 summer of dance on the Friday night?
  13. 2016

    I'm guessing exclusive without meaning to be exclusive, he's an extremely smart signing, his UK tour sold out within hours, but not someone who would be fresh in the mind for a festival booker, but as I said, an extremely clever signing
  14. 2016

    I love that there's a variety this year of nationalities almost, Bieber Canadian, Sia Australian, Guetta French, Troye Sivan Australian
  15. 2016

    I was there <3