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  1. 2017

    Would that mean Craig David subbing?!
  2. 2017

    I've been desperate to see Pink for years, so I guess I'll get a day ticket for that, there's a fair few of the undercard I want to see too, so might end up with a weekend ticket. Worth pointing out that Capital FM are sponsoring V now
  3. 2017

    Surely Olly's gonna start going down the line up rather than up?
  4. 2016

  5. 2016

    No, it's genuine excitement I love Rick!
  6. 2016

  7. 2016

    Unless some of the Skrillex/Angello/Alessa/Aioki are doing the Radio 1 summer of dance on the Friday night?
  8. 2016

    I'm guessing exclusive without meaning to be exclusive, he's an extremely smart signing, his UK tour sold out within hours, but not someone who would be fresh in the mind for a festival booker, but as I said, an extremely clever signing
  9. 2016

    I love that there's a variety this year of nationalities almost, Bieber Canadian, Sia Australian, Guetta French, Troye Sivan Australian
  10. 2016

    I was there <3
  11. 2016

  12. 2016

    I thought his set was pretty crap at Big Weekend last year in the light, although I didn't love him at V2012.
  13. 2016

    Sia Furler, had a few hits in the early noughties (Breathe Me), featured on David Guetta's Titanium, Flo Ridas 'Wild Ones', written loads of huge hits for other artists and recently had a hugely critically acclaimed album with two pretty big hits (Chandelier and Elastic Heart), she also suffers with Graves disease, so covers her face at all time whilst performing, so rarely does live sets other than TV show appearances.
  14. 2016

    I haven't read anything about her being an exclusive, but Sia doesn't normally do shows, which is why her announcement came as such a shock for me.
  15. 2016

    The poster has Guetta as the sub though, I doubt they'd clash Rihanna and Guetta too...