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  1. Sunday Legend 2016

    Erm, since when have any of those three released a song that's come anywhere near to the legendary status of 'I Really Really Really Really Like You'?
  2. 2016

    I know, hence why I said it was shit, I just said 13 and 14 weren't that bad.
  3. 2016

    I don't think it's been shit for 3 years, this year definitely, 2014 was great, 2013 had Beyoncé which was a huge coup and well received I think
  4. iTunes Festival 2015?

    I would kill to see Carrie <3
  5. 2016

    If James Bay is being banded around for 3rd down... they've been huge this year, King and Shine sold really well as did the album, I'll predict them going high up on festivals next year. Give me Y&Y over those three, although Imagine Dragons were fab at Big Weekend.
  6. 2016

    Years and years for 3rd down?
  7. 2016

    i meant more as headliners. I think Coldplay and Foos might work.
  8. 2015

    I can't believe I posted that in the wrong thread,duh. V have to spend the money next year or its game over
  9. 2015

    Would Foos do V these days?
  10. 2016

    They really need to pull something really special out of the bag tbh
  11. 2016

    They need to avoid Emeli as a sub if they want to sell tickets
  12. 2015

    http://m.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a663867/v-festival-2015-weather-forecast-its-going-to-be-a-wet-one-so-pack-your-wellies.html It gets worse...
  13. V Festival Weekend Ticket

    This was from last year guys
  14. 2015

    I think it's incredibly weak, but a few acts I fancy seeing on Sunday is enough for me.
  15. 2015

    I'm considering a Sunday ticket.