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  1. Tim Peaks secret gig

    Liam G?
  2. Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Not really a Radiohead fan. Only album I've got is Bends but done some last minute revision on Spotify over past few months. But still didn't know what to expect or if we'd even stick it out till the end. Well what a treat it was. Ideally placed for a great sound and was blown away by whole performance. The gig flew by. Such a surprise and one of the many highlights of the weekend. Looking forward to watching it back on iplayer.
  3. West Car Parks - updates...

    Still sat here but at least I've turned my engine off. Why would you just sit in your car with your engine running for so long? Plenty round me doing it
  4. West Car Parks - updates...

    Ditto. Nothing is moving anywhere!
  5. The size of the crowds

    I noticed it very large for Liam, Rag n Bone and obviously Killers but generally wasn't too bad I thought. Clearly it all depends on your own plans and perspective. Everyone will have a different view and opinion.
  6. 2017 - How was it for you?

    Perfect. This is my 7th visit and by far the best and most complete.
  7. Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Here's a suggestion, can we fill out WHO ACTUALLY PLAYED each TBA slot, maybe in a different colour, to see who we missed out on. Keep up the good work, thanks.


    Apparently suffering from bad case of gingivitis!
  10. Clashfinder 2017

    Just printed mine. Then coloured in the bands I'd missed out with a highlighter!! Now ready to laminate. Halvin, you're a star!
  11. Clashfinder 2017

    All systems go! Print away!! But still we don't know the TBA's or 'really big secret'.
  12. Countryfile Day 2017!

    Thanks for all the updates and summary, from my Greek departure lounge. Made my flight delay more bearable.
  13. Countryfile Day 2017!

    Sat ready and waiting (for the airport wi-fi to go down)!
  14. Countryfile Day 2017!

    Any news? I'm sat in departure lounge in Greece wanting to know what they are saying.
  15. Human Peace Sign World Record

    This needed bumping back to the top of the forum I now realise it's old news but I've only just heard about it so I'm sure there must be others who aren't aware of it too.