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  1. British Summer Time 2018

    Tickets booked for the Cure- great supoort acts too Also sorted for accommodation near Hyde Park- just need to wait for cheap train tickets and all good
  2. Six Nations

    Fantastic performance from Scotland- yes I know that Australia were down to 14 men but still absolutely brilliant even without Hogg.
  3. Six Nations

    Aye- was a great performance. We were unlucky not to go in at half time with a lead. Unfortunately I didn't see the 2nd half but will try to get it on catch up.
  4. 2018 tickets

    Yep- tickets all sorted for us and our friends too. We've done Red Park & Camp for a bit of easiness. Looking forward to it as really enjoyed it last year
  5. PSB vs PSB

    I saw Public Service Broadcasting last night in Leeds- great gig, really enjoyed it. Regarding the other PSB- still love them too- their set at Glastonbury in 2010 is 1 of my favourite ever Glastonbury sets.
  6. Park and camp question

    Thank you
  7. Football 17/18

    Strachan has quit/left by mutual consent http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41598733
  8. Park and camp question

    Thanks Chas- would you say it was worth the extra?
  9. Hi there Just been told from WOMAD when enquiring about something else that early birds will go on sale 15th of November. Thought folks may want a heads up
  10. Park and camp question

    Hi all Planning a return to WOMAD next year and looking into the Park & Camp option. Have any of you used this- I just wondered as we are going with friends and want to camp together do you get allocated a spot or is it just take your pick when you arrive?
  11. Favourite venues

    Brudenell is on my list- great venue Before I moved to Leeds my favourite was always the Barrowlands (and still is though not been in many many years) but when I moved here I really like the Apollo in Manchester. Sadly missed is the Cockpit in Leeds
  12. The Gaming Thread

    Yes- I do love that site- unfortunately often ends up with me buying stuff that I don't need!
  13. The Gaming Thread

    We are now getting around to buying a new console and TV to go with it- for the kids honest! Will hang fire until Black Friday and am planning to get a PS4 (not the pro just the slim) In regards to a TV- I know from a bit of research that lag is important (i.e. it being low) and was after any recommendations for some in the budget category and 43" size. Ta very much
  14. Family friendly festivals

    Agreed- we loved it last year We did Deershed this year which was good in some ways with tons for the kids today but in my opinion didn't last long enough- only had 1 full day as you arrive Friday and leave Sunday
  15. New site layout

    Not going this year but looks like the whole fairground set up as changed- my kids really liked Carters but looks like they're not there this year and the rides are spread out a bit more around the site too.