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  1. stunned and furious saturday just sold out. wasn't planning to get mine until the end of this month and now they're gone. fuck.
  2. He's been better on these reformed US shows since he's broken his leg and stays sat down on dave's guitar throne. Also less stupid looking since he's shaved the ginger handlebar mustache off. To old and out of shape to run around and sing at the same time.
  3. They just need 3 big/2 huge and 1 bump up set of headliners next year and stop all this pissing around. Even if something shit (for me) like Radiohead - green day - daft punk/gorillas it'd look super strong. Not gonna lie, I'd very much like to see either gorillas or daft punk, but not sure either would be great live tbh.
  4. Yeah i know. It was hopeful more than anything else. A more realistic sinario would be to have them start like 10mins after fob finish so only the first half hour of biffy is missed. They'll probably just full on clash though, and I'll only catch the first 30mins of biffy. That is if biffy actually get the full 1.5hour set it's been said they'll get.
  5. Yes i know that'd make even less sense (even though it'd be fine with me).. That's why i said to finish before fob, rather than finish before biffy.
  6. Apparently frank turner is getting 50mins and fob and biffy are both getting full 1.5 hour sets as well. Also sundra karma said they were opening main. Other than that looks about right so far. Still hoping to god they have good Charlotte finish before fob to avoid that awful biffy clash.
  7. How did you come to the conclusion GC will clash with FOB? Surely they'll clash with biffy both days. Sadly.
  8. The only way this can be saved is if good Charlotte finish before biify, or even before fob, or move them to friday and sell me a weekend ticket.. Fucking awful clash.
  9. Honestly I'd expect it to be a bit bigger than that, that'd be more like the 5th announcement. It might be though, hard to tell as we're an announcement late on the stage splits this year.
  10. Gaaay. I'll go see them in bristol instead then.
  11. Fall of Troy just announced a uk tour starting September 9th. Could easily play the pit then play a few euro dates and come back for their tour.
  12. No. But they definitely said they'd be back 'in the fall' on the ATL tour. Could be reading. Could've been hevy. Could be a tour in September. God knows.
  13. Either would have been absolutely astounding. Not surprised they couldn't get either though. I was thinking they'd have gone for sum41 or good Charlotte if they'd managed to not cancel that is.
  14. New additions are up. Juliette & The Licks are a surprising add. Honestly didn't expect anything to go between Architects and Bury Tomorrow. Everything else, meh..
  15. They have next to no realistic crossover with rhcp. Metallica i understood, but i imagine they will fully clash with rhcp.