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  1. Download 2016

    I really hope tenacious D play. I'd prefer them fit in on the Saturday though.. Honestly with the motorhead set they may very well still have them play with various vocalists stepping in. Jonathan davis ranting out MH tracks would be a cool wach. No idea at this point though, im still impatiently waiting the next announcement.  Anyone heard anything on when it'll be? It doesn't say anywhere they're exclusives, but I'd never fully trust google to translate german correctly to be sure on that.
  2. Lineup 2016

    I hoped that last year then they did BST.
  3. Lineup 2016

    That would be fucking terrible.. On the other hand, have pixies sub RHCP, let the other headliner be foals and it'll mean I'll only need to bother going for one day this year.
  4. Lineup 2016

    Yeah i did none of that research into my comment haha I'd like them to headline heavy, but that's only the weekend before reading this year so it'd be no more likely really.
  5. Lineup 2016

    If they're back over in june it wouldn't massively surprise me if they play download, prehaps a brixton and/or Glasgow show at the same time.
  6. Lineup 2016

    If it does end up being GnR being announced tomorrow with them being on some kind of exclusivity agreement  (atleast for the time being) are we expecting a massive demand for tickets leading to some kind of earlier sell out this year? I know the demand for a 3 day fest will be very different to say a headline show at the O2 or a wembley stadium/hyde park gig (which honestly I'd see BST offering them more money for than reading), but if it's with slash and duff etc I'd expect tickets to fly out!
  7. Lineup 2016

    I'll cry if that's opposite RHCP.. Hopefully it'll be on the foals day or high up main on a 'heavy day' if reading can actually manage to remember how to do one of those.
  8. Download 2016

    Definitely gone down in popularity, yeah no doubt. But i don't see them having any issues selling out 4 2k, 1 3k and a 1 5K set of venues in the major cities of the uk within 10 months. I imagine they've announced them so far in advance to test the water to see how quickly they sell so more could possibly be added and give those 2nd dates enough time to sell. Especially as there are 2/3 dates between every show atm. And yes fans do like to go to local shows and see fave bands in obsure places sure, but the reason why there are arenas in london, Manchester etc and not in devon is because unless you drive you try getting back to anywhere central from somewhere that rural at 11pm no matter how much of a fan you are. Unless its a one off in london or you're like muse or something i wouldn't really call say Guildford G live (1700 cap) as an 'imitimate' venue. The 500 cap cardiff show they did a few years back, that was fairly intimate. Those shows were more off the beaten track than intimate. I mean if you look at their 2013 arena tour that probably totalled to about 40k total capacity (which none of the dates sold out), and this most recent tour probably hit about 30K in odd locations where most of which sold out. Not saying they'll ever be able to headline download now as it may have once looked like, but I don't really see that much of a difference than 2/3 years ago. I'm just glad the new albums better than the last tbh.
  9. Download 2016

    Tbf most of the dates on that tour were in the arsehole end of nowhere and the easier to get to ones did either sell out, or get close to selling out. Bare in mind there were about 20 dates on that tour, with no London Birmingham Manchester Glasgow cardiff etc.. and each venue was like 1-2k in capacity. So after the appalling shit that was the previous album i don't think they did to badly really. As these newly announced dates are the exact major cities they missed out on the last tour i see them having no problem selling them out well in advance, possibly even needing to announce extra newport and/or london dates even if they played DL. The £30 price point for the new tour is a bit of a piss take seeing as the 2013 arena tour was only £25.. but life.
  10. Lineup 2016

    I won't be that lucky, but that would be a dream announcement. I know axl sounds gash now, but I'll need to see that reunion so it'll save me the extra dolla coughing up for a gig ticket.
  11. Lineup 2016

    Pretty sure he meant to type 2002 and 2005.
  12. Lineup 2016

    So what are the legitimate thoughts for the headliner being announced next week? If foals are coheading i imagine that'll be announced after their tour finishes on feb 20th, so not them yet.  Biffy would be pretty cool, but as previously said they've only played a few years ago. Seems unlikely foos will be doing fests. I bloody hope its not greenday or radiohead. GnR still hold an outside thought, prehaps the announcement was brought forward to accommodate a few more show announcements by them. Anyone else I've missed out?
  13. Lineup 2016

    Well if that's not total bulls*** then that clears that up. Download does make more sense for them, i expect iow is mainly for convenience as its the same weekend to capitalise on playing fests first before a headline tour. If that is the case though, no uk announcements for atleast 10 months then.
  14. Lineup 2016

    I wish lineups where actually like your lineups. Main fri and sun, nme sat are just about perfection for me. I'd switch FFs for gnr though. Sadly i can never see manson playing reading againg and i've been wishing for incubus to make an appearance again for ages now.
  15. Lineup 2016

    Completely agree with this guy. I've been a huge rhcp fan for well over 15 years and i remember loving their 07 set at reading. The jams were on point, plenty of album tracks i didn't expect to be played and John's solo's were tremendous. Only major fuck up was a really extended jam they had to do during can't stop due to kiedis ripping out a mic cord or something. With all that being said, i could see why all of those reasons would also make a casual fan remember its being quite shit.. Yes they didn't have as a much energy as prior (or as they do with josh now, even if the solos aren't quite up to scratch) but they weren't in the best place then, shown by the fact john left soon after. Honestly looking back at it under the circumstances I'm quite lucky they played at all. Anyway, im chuffed with them heading. Nothing else on there for me yet, which is for the best as after 10 years straight of weekends it'd be nice just to do a single day or 2 at reading next year.