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  1. Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park 2016

    Really interested in going this year. Me and a few mates gave pretty much decided on it. From what I've heard the Im park site is easier to get to when coming from the UK compared to the am ring site. Is that right? I assume flying from the uk is the only real option (followed by tram in DE)? If anyones been before any advice would be appreciated, regarding the 2 different sites and the whole travel itself. I've been to reading and DL for near 10 years now, but this'll be my first EU fest. Also regarding tickets, anyone kbow how quickly they normally sell out? And if there is a easy uk vendor for buying, or do i need to buy them off a german site and have my bank convert the euros to pounds?  Cheers
  2. Lineup 2015

    100% wasnt an old poster. It had back to the future hearts all over it. I expect there to be a large support. None was listed on the pic i saw. It wasn't official btw it was one at reading. And the yma6 atl tour did mostly sell out right towards the end. I can't see the same for just atl though tbh. They're reaching now.
  3. Lineup 2015

    No its new. Saw a pic earlier. All arenas in Feb. Cardiff Glasgow london birm manc i think.
  4. Lineup 2015

    Awesome cheers!
  5. Lineup 2015

    Festival Republic sunday at reading needs altering on the clashfinder if someone fancies doing it so it's printable.
  6. Lineup 2015

    Refused only having 40mins at reading is odd, the site may have made an error. Ash have 40mins at reading. Only 10mins of which clash with BMTH. That (apart from my royal blood atreyu clash which I've already chose atreyu) solves my only main clash. This has made me happy.
  7. Lineup 2015

    half hour earlier, roughly.
  8. Lineup 2015

    ohhh, these are just for leeds, not reading. I assumed they'd have them both listed in one standard handbook. cheers
  9. Lineup 2015

    Ah. Half hour. Fail. May not be foals then. And they'll clash with marmozets, so that's me out. Glad i picked up cardiff tickets for their tour now.
  10. Lineup 2015

    think they're currently adding the lock up times as the whole stage has currently vanished from the lineup page.   EDIT - or not, they've just split it so the pit and lockup are separate stages. for some un-needed reason.
  11. Lineup 2015

    HAHAHAHHA brilliant. this is why leeds doesnt sell out.
  12. Lineup 2015

    eugh. this is starting to take the piss now. so much conflicting crap. possibly ntb could play first then have foals on after, that just sounds a bit odd to me though.   JUST GIVE US THE NME TIMES ALREADY READING YOU LAZY BASTARDS!
  13. Lineup 2015

    green day did both i think. if foals do play it'll be opening nme on the metallica day.
  14. Lineup 2015

    Fair point. They've been playing the same 12 songs (just about) all summer at festivals so i guess i just expected them to have an hour.
  15. Lineup 2015

    I still wish, and think it would flow better, if Ash and Lucy Rose switched places on Festival Republic before the wombats. Mainly so they don't clash with BMTH and i only manage to catch 3 Ash tracks.   Pretty much my only clash of the weekend now i think.