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  1. RT @BooteaTeatox: WIN our new BOOTEA SHAKE

  2. @alisyme be silly not too.

  3. We are fabulous

  4. "@Makeup: Butterfly contouring

  5. Anyone wants to do my shift for me tomorrow I'd be ever so greatful

  6. Tangerine fields cancelled 2016

    Latest email from T. New camp site will be with
  7. @Tinthepark will there be a new layout this year after last year's fiasco?! One entrance and exit and now no tangerine fields!

  8. RT @IncrediblyRich: My mate ordered a strong black coffee and I've never been so angry in all my life wtf even is this?…

  9. Shortly... Almost 4 hours later. Nothing. "@CPWTweets: @angelab0409 Hi Angela, so sorry for the delay, someone should be in touch shortly."

  10. @Dmhoop phones fucked so no had my Twitter. Forgot about it

  11. Tonight's plan, cuddle up, TV and chill oot with my boy

  12. @Gladders79 thank you very much dear! Xxx

  13. @Kircam2015

  14. Stone Roses confirmed for #titp Friday headliner. And im no going. Cause it was a fucking shambles last year.