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  1. Decided to bring Stevi to Ryze for her birthday. Which involved driving here... On a motorway and strange roads. I fucking hate driving

  2. @Emii_Everlong I met the weans da on a bus...

  3. It really is just the most beautiful castle

  4. When you get your first Wee car and sweetstevi0409 is buzzing out her Wee nut. #Clio #firstcar… https://t.co/f49IB38o3k

  5. Pink moon camping

    I'm assuming it will be the same set up as tangerine fields, no flushing toilets there.. Charging station is there but take your own wire and you need to sit while it's charging, usually full of young yins doing their hair at the same time as its with the hair tongs n things. I tweeted them earlier about the bar too which they are now saying won't be there.
  6. Preparing for mud...

    The Friday wasn't so bad but it has been raining non stop for a week leading up to it. Pretty sure if I remember right they had issues with putting stages up because it was so muddy. Even in 2011 I was really nice up till the Sunday morning if I remember right and it just turned into a mud fest so quickly. With how bad the new arena was last year at least it wasn't muddy, it worries me a bit how it's going to cope compared to balado. Pissing down in Glasgow again today... I spoke to soon, packing today so extra socks, extra hoody and another hat is going right in the bag.
  7. Preparing for mud...

    Aye I know but looking back to 2012 and the biblical mud and rain the site was already a waterlogged muddy hell before folk arrived.
  8. Alcohol

    Walk in with some older groups. We've always had some young yins walk in with us, if you're worried can always make friends in the line and ask them to take the booze in for you. As for spending money aim to take something for each day, I usually spend about 50 quid a day but I don't buy a lot of drink in the arena and aim to get a good munch at healthy T each day.
  9. Preparing for mud...

    By the looks of t in the parks official snapchat and peoples Instagram posts the ground looks absolutely sound. Weather hasn't been too bad in Glasgow yesterday and today it's still dry so finger crossed it stays like this! throwing in an emergency downpour outfit and I'm good to go. Enjoy T everyone.
  10. My alarm is a pure prick this morning

  11. Preparing for mud...

    I've just been an bought a load of disposable ponchos and clothes are in carrier bags in my rucksack. How else do you prepare for the rain and mud? let's hope this drys off a little bit, really do not want another 2012!
  12. First Time TITP

    There's a cartoon map on the titp website which gives you an idea about the campsite and arena, depending where you camp it can be a bit of a walk. Everything has changed again this year so no idea about car park walk either! You can take drink into the campsite, there's also be chilled where you can pre order tenants or magners and pick up there. the blue camping area looks to be the quieter is camp sites this year. Enjoy!
  13. RT @c1areyh: How bad is #glastonburytraffic? Well, its taken 11.5 hours to travel 7 minutes.... https://t.co/qAGVHvWFcR

  14. O2 priority tickets

    Yeah they were fri-sun I'd keep an eye out for deals, Groupon done T tickets last year too.