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  1. Decided to bring Stevi to Ryze for her birthday. Which involved driving here... On a motorway and strange roads. I fucking hate driving

  2. @Emii_Everlong I met the weans da on a bus...

  3. It really is just the most beautiful castle

  4. When you get your first Wee car and sweetstevi0409 is buzzing out her Wee nut. #Clio #firstcar… https://t.co/f49IB38o3k

  5. My alarm is a pure prick this morning

  6. RT @c1areyh: How bad is #glastonburytraffic? Well, its taken 11.5 hours to travel 7 minutes.... https://t.co/qAGVHvWFcR

  7. @Tinthepark @Snapchat will there be a titp app this year?

  8. "@liamgallagher: FUCK OASIS" @lyndsayc50 think there will be a reunion happening soon?...

  9. RT @BooteaTeatox: WIN our new BOOTEA SHAKE

  10. @alisyme be silly not too.

  11. "@Makeup: Butterfly contouring

  12. Anyone wants to do my shift for me tomorrow I'd be ever so greatful


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