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  1. @Pleasure_Beach again who do I send a complain to?
  2. @RachelHowie1 aww bless!! I love Toy story! How is he? Must be getting so big now!! Xxx
  3. Chaos.

    The walk from the arena to the campsite at the end of the night was nothing but dangerous. We've never had to show our wristband at all over the weekend. There were far too many security that just didn't have a clue and using force by pushing on barriers. Campsite was like a refugee camp, so glad we stayed in tangerine fields! The amount of 16 year olds we spoke to is just frightening, I've nothing against young ones going to T but that was carnage. Had an amazing time with amazing friends but we won't be back to Strathallan.
  4. No photographic ID

    Nope, I've never been asked anyway. scan your ticket, put the wrist band on and off you go.
  5. Girls - Razors, Allowed?

    I've never had a problem taken one in
  6. RT @peoplemakeGLA: It’s Why We ❤️ Glasgow Wed, so we're sharing a sunny pic of Speirs Wharf taken by our follower Marie! /wXQlkm…

  7. comedy

    I didn't realise they had an app this year!
  8. Best smaller acts on the line up

    Schnarffschnarff in Tbreak.
  9. RT @Tinthepark: Next up we have @TheLaFontaines! Meet your favourite Font boys at this year's #TITP2015 @ScottishSun #SigningTent! https:/…

  10. Weather

    Windy wilson is the only forecast I look at. And he said it's going to be fine,bit iffy on Friday but still a nice weekend so far
  11. English Notes?

    Impossible my arse. Harder to rip, but not impossible. I do like them so much better though.
  12. Public transport or drive?

    I think driving the next day would be an issue also. We've chosen not to do that each year so our driver doesn't have to watch what they drink on the Sunday. Scotlands no alcohol driving policy means you'd have to go easy and stop earlier on to be fit to drive the next day.