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  1. I thought we'd established that all headliners have been announced?
  2. I camped last year and it was great. I'd heard so much shite about how camping is unbearable due to the heat which personally really wasn't that bad. There is tarpaulin above all the camping areas to provide shade. If you have a preference on where you would like to camp that may be a problem, you get given a spot in which you have no say so if you have mates you want to camp with go in all together. Camping over staying in the hotel was the best decision i made regarding Benicassim. There was a bit of an age mix camping, the majority of campers were young, as you'd imagine but there was a mix.
  3. They could but I really don't think so. They played Murrayfield in September 2015 on the SH tour and they do not regularly come to Scotland. I doubt they'd come back until they have another album but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
  4. it's usually on the Friday/Saturday of that weekend isn't it? I'd imagine there's another day to be announced. Would imagine a dance act as TRNSMT is dominated by more rock acts. Calvin i'm guessing would be favourite?
  5. Frightened Rabbit are playing in Dublin on the Saturday after finishing their US tour a month beforehand, I could see them playing on Friday, doesn't seem like there is space on any other day for them to fit in on the line up poster
  6. I know there are quite a few options for the final headliner but do we have any idea when the next announcement is?
  7. I remember in 2014 listening in the car and Zane played All the small things for the Blink announcement (I'd never seen them and they were my favourite band at the time) and I went mental and my mum nearly crashed the car. Now it's just kinda like a news headline isn't it, Zane really bigged up the announcement
  8. hahaha Enter Shikari opening the main stage...not a chance in hell they'll play that low
  9. I based it on the fact that they are touring again and it looks as if they are going to be releasing music soon. As a band that have played Reading and Leeds before in my opinion that makes them more likely, right?
  10. 30stm must be very likely now. They wouldn't take anything less than sub would they?
  11. Are these not early bird tickets as well? Meaning there will be another sale for sure...if i'm correct
  12. Does anyone know what the capacity of Glasgow Green was at the Big Weekend. It'll no doubt be similar for TRNSMT?
  13. I was on at 9 and got a Saturday/Sunday double, didn't think they'd sell so well, very interesting
  14. I saw them Sub the King Tuts tent a few years back at T, so I suppose that sort of suggests they could sub NME
  15. I was under the impression that Tame Impala are on an indefinite hiatus? In terms of Daft Punk they are a seldom joy live and when the do play live it's usually only massive shows, i.e Glastonbury. Unfortunately I personally don't think Benicassim makes that list.