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  1. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Sorry guys, is it the metro or the train that runs all night from cais de sodre to algres?
  2. NOS ALIVE 2016

    I think this is my initial plan. Please take it with a large grain of salt....I know that seeing all of these bands/djs will not be possible. This is a case of, in an ideal world, if I could see everyone then this is what I would go to. 7TH July Xinobi – 18:05 Biffy Clyro 19:25 Robert Plant 21.05 or John Grant Wolf Alice 22.15 Pixies – 22.45 Soul wax – 23.45 Chemical Brothers – 1:00 2manyDjs – 2.30 8th July Years & Years 18:00 or Jagwar Ma Foals – 19.30 Tame Impala – 21:00 Radiohead – 22:45 Two Door Cinema Club 00:55 Hot Chip – 2:40 9th July Little Scream – 17:50 or HANA Calexico – 18:55 Band of Horses – 21:00 or Jose Gonzalez Arcade Fire – 22:45 Four Tet – 00:00 M83 – 1:00 Grimes – 1:30 Boys Noise – 02:15 Ratatat – 3:00 Blue – Main Green - Heineken Yellow – Clubbing
  3. NOS ALIVE 2016

    This festival just keeps on giving and giving. Seen them before a couple of times and they are great fun. Exactly.
  4. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Just pray it's not Guetta.
  5. NOS ALIVE 2016

    My local festival shares a few names with Nos Alive. http://www.belsonic.com/ Not sure if some of the other names might fit in (Vaccines, Ellie, Faithless etc.)
  6. NOS ALIVE 2016

    I feel a cheeky Friday announcement is due.
  7. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Electric Picnic line up was announced today here in Ireland. Only real names I'm jealous of are Broken Social Scene, LCD Soundsystem and Phosphorescent
  8. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Are Bon Iver in Europe around the time? That would be unreal. I'm hoping for Cage* the elephant but I have no idea where they are touring so it's just a random thought.
  9. NOS ALIVE 2016

    £187 w/o baggage from Dublin. Getting to Dublin will cost me a bit, so it'll be £200 anyway.
  10. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Biff are absolutely amazing live. I don't even really listen to them on CD apart from the odd tune off Puzzle... But I've seen them like seven times or something. Just because they are one of my favourite live bands alongside Muse and Arcade Fire. It would certainly be worth giving them a listen though, the main thing is their big choruses that you can sing along to live. Though I have sang along to the odd riff as well haha (Who's got a match?) Very diverse band, some screaming, some synths, acoustic singalongs, some math rock rhythms, and some dancy guitar ala Franz ferdinand or super massive black hole muse.
  11. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Thanks a million!
  12. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Thanks for this, it's sold out though. (on my dates) I shall continue my research, there are absolutely loads but I just haven't decided on one yet. Does anyone know if Lisbon is relatively safe to walk through at night? (sorry for such a touristy question ). Most of the hostels I can find are about a 15 minute walk from Cais do Sodre.
  13. NOS ALIVE 2016

    Read through the rest of the thread, cheers for all the tips etc. Very useful. Decided to book the tickets and flights last night. Girlfriend and I are heading together, line-up is amazing as everyone as has stated x1000 times. Especially for £95 I think if Radiohead and Hot Chip clash, I will be at Radiohead. I've already seen Hot Chip twice so I need to see Radiohead for the first time. But Hot Chip are excellent. I'm sure I will get my fair of dancing from some of the other acts.... Still haven't settled on a hotel/hostel/apartment. If anyone has any recommendations for (relatively) cheap accommodation near cais do sodre, please shout! I'd prefer a private room, not dorm if possible. (seems anything near the festival site is sold out or an absolute fortune, so I think we'll be happy to get the train in and out each day/night)