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  1. Rock En Seine

    Really enjoyed this festival last year, such good atmosphere, food and weather. Didn't see one fight or any trouble. I'm considering going back next year, but can anyone recommend any other festivals in Europe where you can stay in a hotel but still be within walking distance of the site?
  2. Rock En Seine

    http:///s/rockenseine2012/?user=00jmfv.qh& Didn't make this myself, never even knew these things existed but there you go. So excited!
  3. Rock En Seine

    Deus, Beach House, Get Well Soon, Childish Gambino, Maximo Park, Passion Pit, Dope D.O.D,Grimes, Soirée Bromance: Gesaffelstein, Brodinski, Club Cheval, The Black Seeds, Speech Debelle, Ed Sheeran, Little Roy, Beth Jeans Houghton, The Bots, Yeti Lane, Owlle, Granville, Hyphen Hyphen, Versus, The Lanskies, Crane Angels, les Avants Seine All Star... Far more impressed with the line-up now, Deus, Beach House, Get Well Soon, Bombay Bicycle Club... Cannot complain!
  4. Rock En Seine

    That was...impressive. Well done I got recommended a cheap hotel near Bonne Nouvelle but I figured if you go that far Northeast it's going to take a lot longer by metro and we will be travelling out twice a day for 3 days so surely it's better to be close to the festival?
  5. Rock En Seine

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could offer any advice about what accomodation to book in the area near the festival. I've never been in Paris before so I don't have a clue. I don't think I want to be in Saint-Cloud neccessarily, I was actually considering Boulogne-Billancout because it's between the festival and the main parts of the city. I just any advice at all really. I was thinking a hostel or studio apartment, but as cheap as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. PS. camping isn't an option I'm afraid