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  1. Lineup 2016

    I didn't know you could bet on festival headliners being announced ...noice
  2. Football 2015/16

    Sad Belgium-Spain is cancelled, but England-France should make up for that I hope.
  3. Lineup 2016

    Fan boy alert
  4. 2017 festival

  5. 2017 festival

    BMTH Metallica ?
  6. Lineup 2016

    nah thanks
  7. Football 2015/16

    >implying they win anything
  8. Lineup 2016

    ok you win
  9. Lineup 2016

    fuck all you pussies. I had all my ribs broken for surgery for my heart. That was fun.
  10. Lineup 2016

    it's obviously Behemoth headlining with bmth subbing
  11. Lineup 2016

    oh god
  12. Lineup 2016

    not R/L related, but anyone been EDC this year? If so, what are the crowds like? is it full with steroid filled idiots?
  13. Lineup 2016

  14. Lineup 2016

  15. Lineup 2016

    You'd be a fool to choose Foals over Foos, unless you really like Foals and not Foos as much