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  1. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    It's just a shame the EU Parliament is the weakest of the three branches of EU legislation, behind the unelected council and commission. 
  2. Euro referendum Glasto disenfranchised?

    If this was the case why is David Cameron so keen for us to stay in the EU? 
  3. Lineup 2016

     Could the confusion with the headliners be that someone pulled out and now Foals are outright headlining? Could mean that Pendulum/C&S are co-headlining with Disclosure...
  4. Setlists

    Disclosure: White Noise Magnets Hourglass Jaded F for You Echoes Willing and Able Superego Omen Holding On When a Fire Starts to Burn Help Me Lose My Mind Latch  
  5. Lineup 2016

    The Weeknd headlining would be very interesting.   Although I can't see it happening anytime soon.
  6. 2017 festival

    Arcade Fire, Biffy and a rap act (Kanye? Kendrick at a stretch, couldn't rule out Drake the way the festival is heading) to headline.  
  7. Lineup 2016

    So far we have: 2 headliners (RHCP and Foals/Disclosure) 2 subs? (Imagine Dragons and 1975) Then Courteeners and TDCC who'll be around 3rd on main. Jack U will close NME, BBK will sub the NME, so will Crystal Castles most likely. Still got a fair few bigger acts to come, surely?
  8. Lineup 2016

    Main Stage: Friday-RHCP, Tame Impala, Catfish Saturday-Foals, The 1975, Courteeners Sunday- Kanye West, Disclosure, the Vaccines   NME: Friday-Imagine Dragons, 21 Pilots  Saturday-Major Lazer, BBK Sunday-ADTR, Slaves
  9. Dem glasses iz shit innit

  10. The Cult are quality.

  11. Radiohead won't be at Glasto for a 3rd year.