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  1. Anyone been before and know when the music starts and finishes?
  2. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    Brill thanks. I had best email them then
  3. Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    So received barcode which is good. We are traveling as a group of four but I can't remember if I told See who the other three were - do I need to do this or think that because we are all travelling together it will just get scanned four times so okay?
  4. Arcade Fire

    Ah good spot
  5. Arcade Fire

    The way the drums are facing in the middle of the stage
  6. Arcade Fire

    Crowd were electric tonight in edin and the band were on top form. Brilliant gig. Mixed song start then it seemed like they went through the albums before a mixed song ending.
  7. Arcade Fire

    Brill thanks for the info
  8. Arcade Fire

    So play for 2 hours? Any support?
  9. Arcade Fire

    Does anyone know the stage times from last night? Off to corn exchange tonight so hopefully similar
  10. Worthy View Car Park Passes

    Cheers I will look back :-)
  11. Worthy View Car Park Passes

    So car pass arrives but with no other information. We are coming from Scotland. Do we just drive through Glastonbury town then look for relevant worthy view sign posting? Cheers
  12. Worthy View Car Park Passes

    Ticket arrive today as well. Phew
  13. Worthy View Car Park Passes

    Emailed WV who asked me to call Seetickets for an update but to get back to them if I am still no further forward (they also confirmed all details will be with the parking ticket i.e. which roads to follow etc). Seetickets confirmed my order was yet to be sent but they are in the process of doing this. If I have not received this by the end of the week I was to call back..so a bit of a waiting game..at this late stage..
  14. Next Announcement thread

    Radiohead, tame impala and Iggy Pop please!!
  15. Radiohead touring in 2016

    All, where can I listen to In Rainbows as it is not on spotify. Lost my old download. Cheers