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  1. The National

    Wait, I just thought, are they are not festival exclusive?
  2. The National

    Same here. Missed the Ally Pally gig, but the The National, oh boy you're in for a treat. Was hoping they would do a Clifton Downs festival like Elbow did this year.
  3. The National

    pwoaaaar. might hang on.
  4. The National

    I'm too scared to gamble on a good lineup. Might do if we know the capacity?
  5. The National

    WAIT. A festival where The National headline both nights? And for half the price of a UK festival? Sold. What a dream.
  6. The National

    Man if Glastonbury was on that would of been nailed down as playing! Pretty much means they are playing Isle of Wight. £30 return to fly from Bristol, cheaper than the train to London. I'm fucking going.
  7. Bon Iver 2017

    Damn I just got £24 back! At least they rectified it. EDIT: Now they all know we're willing to pay those service fees in the future...
  8. Bon Iver 2017

    Hmm i want some money back too.
  9. The National

    Yeah Tuesday had the worst Setlist IMO although we did get Graceless and This Is the Last Time. We had every song off of SWB minus I'll Still Destroy You!
  10. The National

    Hope they do another couple of dates next year. I mean I know they've got Northside but surely they'll chuck in an O2 date in there somewhere?
  11. Bon Iver 2017

    weird? How much did you spend on 4 tickets? Mine came to £195.50 for 4 standing.
  12. Bon Iver 2017

    Managed to get 4x Sunday Standing on the EventIM website with the presale code. Got an email today saying that I will be getting my tickets tomorrow?? Mad quick.
  13. The National

    Did the same, ran for the megabus for bristol and missed it by seconds. Luckily there was a national express an hour later. I feel like I should of bought a few nights cos of the rotation of all the TWFM/HV/Boxer tracks. But then again, its money I aint got. Good gig though! I managed to hug Matt and tell him we love him when he was in the crowd after he lost his glasses during Terrible Love. Was awesome! He was so wet!
  14. The National

    Worldwide number 1.
  15. Lineup 2018

    Wait, this isn't the Lineup 2018 topic?

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