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  1. 53 minutes ago, Tigane said:

    The guys from Paredes de Coura usually  take some bands from Primavera Sound Barcelona card, to their own festival, instead of going to Nos Primavera.  For example it happened  2 years ago with LCD Soundsystem going to Barcelona in May/June  and then  came to Portugal for Paredes de Coura in August (and like LCD Soundystem there are several examples), so i think it is very likely that Bjork will be at Barcelona

    Ah I understand now. Yeah it does look good for her chances.

    Think it's definitely looking like Bjork, The National and Nick Cave as people have said in the thread, with the fourth probably being Jack White. Seems very solid but without any real shocks (the end of Jack White's 3 year live hiatus notwithstanding) but maybe those are among the undercard.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mash011 said:

    It was like 2am, I'd drunk all my cider and was looking for a party tbf, yer man wonders on and sits down with his guitar and I was right out of there.

    Ah no wonder you weren't in the mood.

  3. 22 minutes ago, Mash011 said:

    That Alex Cameron fella properly good is he? Wondered into the back of a secret set at EotR, watched a song and found it boring so I wondered off. What's the deal?

    Maybe since September you have grown a fat juicy brain.

  4. 3 hours ago, Andre91 said:

    SHIT. I had swapped them over, damn :lol: I’ll go edit. 

    Heh, fair enough. I legit thought you might not have been having it.

    I think that line up works really well, to be honest. I'd have plenty to go on.

    I like the idea of being able to see Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains over the weekend. Not sure about this new guy for STP but I think it sounds more natural than Chester did at least so maybe worth a try, and they seem willing to step down line ups to reestablish themselves so it's the least that peeps could do.

  5. 18 minutes ago, Tigane said:

    Bjork was announced today in Vodafone Paredes de Coura festival (the same festival whose organizers  share  NPS organization  with the guys from Barcelona)  in Portugal. 


    edit:  NPS stands for Nos Primavera Sound

    Hmm, I guess so if it wasn't possible for her to do NOS Primavera Sound. Interesting to see her back later on in summer.

    2 hours ago, kingcrawler said:

    Is there any chance Jack White could headline Primavera and Mad Cool? He fits the Mad Cool criteria and obviously seems highly likely for this but not sure if Primavera ever share headliners. Saying that, I remember reading Gabi mention something about sharing The Cure in the big post he made about the booking process.

    Unlikely but not impossible I suppose. He did make it seem easy but also why would they do it so rarely if that was the case?

  6. Just now, Gucci Piggy said:


    Someone said that but I keep asking if anyone has any proof and no one has come through with any. I actually thought it was the wonderwhy who said it but must have been someone else.

    If he hasn't been ruled out then I'm with Arctic Monkeys and Liam Gallagher and have been since I read the clues pretty much.

    Seems reasonable then if he's not ruled out. I don't think Liam Gallagher would headline this considering he''s less than a headliner at smaller European festivals but it's a better suggestion than anything I can think of.

  7. 1 minute ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Oh yeah I wasn't suggesting that he may be booked for another festival instead. Just assumed they'd have it sorted by now; isn't it this weekend that the competition winners get to see the lineup? I guess they can easily show them the lineup with a headliner missing, though.

    Yeah I guess. They can show them the lyrics to Revolt if they want.

  8. Just now, Gucci Piggy said:

    I'm still a bit confused by his reply about Jack White. Surely he knows by now whether he's playing or not, but he says he thinks so when asked if it's the year of Jack White? If he didn't want to all but confirm him he'd surely answer differently to that. I mean I am expecting him to play after what Gabi said but it just seemed an odd way to reply, unless it just translates oddly.

    Well, Gabi said a couple of months ago that they were trying to get Jack White still, and a couple of weeks ago he said that some artists are "resisting on the smallest details", so I'm thinking he still isn't properly booked because he's tough to negotiate with but they're very far along the process. Obviously if White was solely at Mad Cool or BBK then he'd just say no as they seem to have their headliners pinned down.

  9. 1 hour ago, DiscothequeDave said:

    Agh forgot the 'e's in 'The'!

    Realistically it's two from Radiohead, AM, Muse, Jack White, Beck and 30 Seconds to Mars.

    Looking at Rock Am Ring/im Park and them having toured together (which i didn't realise) I can't see past Muse and 30STM

    Thirty Seconds to Mars are in Madrid in April. I think you could cut that list down to Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Muse but also I don't think having two of those next to each other is all that realistic - most likely one of them and another name outside of those.

    I wonder if [The] Smashing Pumpkins' reunion plans may include this? It's an outside shot but it does seem to be a matter of "when" over "if" now and there's good reason to keep their reunion announcement held back and good reason to guarantee them a token headline slot. I think the biggest obstacle to it would be that their old guitarist is currently touring with A Perfect Circle, who have shows until July 1st. Aside from them and Kendrick Lamar I'm struggling for names.

    edit: Were Disclosure a headliner at last year's Benicassim? I guess they've got to come back eventually...

  10. Gabi is still going with this Q&A. Not many juicy details about potential acts - he responded to the question "would it be more surprising if Bjork was or wasn't at Primavera" with "neither would be surprising". :dontknow:

    Interestingly, he says Childish Gambino might be around next summer but PS looks to coincide with the promotional period of the Han Solo movie, so he can't play PS.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Also what festivals are there on Latitude weekend that are more suitable for them (genuine question)? There's NOS Alive but they played there last year and I think they suit Latitude just as much, anyway.

    There's that Melt Festival that I'm sure you're aware of. Not that it'd really impact their chances of Latitude. Could do both, could do neither.

  12. 1 minute ago, Jack w said:

    really wanted to see Muse and Eminem who was already announced and wanted reading to be my first festival as it looked the best suited to me from previous lineups. Was a bonus that my fav bands like cabbage, blackwaters, the orwells, vant and frank carter ended up playing

    i think thats fair enough lol

    A few of those weren't announced until the end of March when the day splits came out!

  13. 2 minutes ago, Jack w said:

    me lol, bought in january after i got paid for a short film i acted in and muse and eminem were announced.

    That's not Christmas money then. But also I was completely joking. :P

    1 minute ago, Gucci Piggy said:

    Yeah tbf I don't think Green Day would be ruled out for that reason. They're defo not as big a deal as Arctic Monkeys.

    Reckon they're more likely for next year if possible, tho. Struggling to think of a big rock band who seem likely for next year.

    Maybe. I was just thinking in the circumstances that they play a few festival shows next summer at either side of the pond. Not sure if they'll have an album out in time for 2019.

  14. Just now, Gucci Piggy said:





    I mean it's possible for views to change over the course of a year isn't it? I think they could book both now, but I don't think they will.

    Also Green Day aren't Arctic Monkeys and will be between album tours. And Green Day headlined alongside Eminem last time. I don't see it ruling them out.

  15. Hang on. Replying to the edit:

    5 minutes ago, MIchael_scarn said:

    Foo Fighters & Green Day? Doesn't feel like the type of bands they'd have in the same year anymore imo. P much the same as having Foos + Arctics in the fact that they're both main headliners.

    I don't see why not with this either. Foos and Arctics could easily be in the same year. This year they had Eminem, Muse and Kasabian and they all seemed like pretty big names at the time, nobody could comprehend all three being there in the same year.

  16. 2 hours ago, Hawky said:

    Also,  if they're at both in 18, theyre not at Latitude

    I think that Tame Impala were only at NOS Alive last year so might be unlikely for them to return two years on, leaving the rest of the weekend free for Latitude. They're doing Thursday at MC anyway.

    I could see them playing Bestival though if they're around until early August. Played Bestival UK and Canada on the Currents tour so I guess there must be a relationship there.

  17. If you want another act to speculate about, there's some talk of Green Day doing a festival (Governors Ball, if it matters) stateside, because of some clue thing. They usually don't tour for that long at all but if they are doing a smattering of festival dates next year then I can see FR jumping at the chance to get them in for Reading.

  18. 1 minute ago, kingcrawler said:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever known a band to play Greenock, maybe The View on of their tours where they just play Scotland but that’s it. A very odd tour that.

    Yeah that's what caught my eye about it. Not a fan of the band nor a Scottish resident but it seemed weird enough to let people know about. :lol:

    Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen looks to be about ten yards from the beach. Imagine that in the summer! Sand on the dancefloor.