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  1. 1 minute ago, Retro P said:

    Were they even popular first time round? I always thought they were the shite bastard child of Kooks and Pigeon Detectives back then and much more forgettable than that pair. They should’ve disappeared after that awful Christmas song years ago. 

    I agree but Wombling Merry Christmas is great so lay off.

  2. Is it accepted that BMTH got kicked out of a headline slot (twice?) by Download or has that been dismissed? Because I don’t understand how anyone can believe that Bring Me the Horizon are now above agreeing to headline with another act at Reading and Leeds if they’re not deemed attractive enough a prospect to headline to a more niche festival with a smaller pool of headliners that suits them better. Especially if they were kicked off for SOAD; who, er, subbed at Reading and Leeds.

  3. 2 hours ago, RussellFM said:

    Just love him. How'd we lose him to the Yanks?

    Nah it’s good that he’s over there. We wouldn’t have the same sort of show because of the impartiality rules for broadcasting. For instance his episode about Brexit couldn’t be shown here until after voting had closed. So we’d just have yet another clever comedian dumbed down for wider UK audiences.

  4. 20 minutes ago, The All Round Ball :| said:

    I know its a bit random and not sure if its been mentioned as i haven't been on the forums recently, but Foos are rumoured for Rize Fest if anyone is interested. 

    Rize have announced both their headliners and they’re some way short of the Foo Fighters. Did you make this up?

  5. 23 minutes ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

    Not really a massive B&S fan to begin with. Tigermilk is a good album, but of the others I'll just pick out a handful of the good tracks, and then there's Write About Love which I still maintain is a total car crash of an album with no redeeming features. Anyway I sort of had a little bit of a change of tune in 2015 when Nobody's Empire came out and it was the best tune of their career and a pretty fucking mint jam in general. That album turned my head a bit and gave me a bit of goodwill towards them that they were still making good tunes at that late of a stage in their career. Saw them play Glastonbury, Festival No 6, and Green Man on that tour and enjoyed them loads more than I'd expected to. But then on Saturday night it was not a festival set, stingy with the good tracks, playing heavily from the new material, just generally looking for something different at a band's own show than you'd enjoy at a festival. Plus it's populated by Belle & Sebastian fans rather than a festival crowd. It was a bit like watching Christian rock, properly rubbish but everybody there is going nuts for it because they're mental.

    Makes sense I guess. Still weird to go from seeing them three times in a summer to non-fan. I think Girls in Peacetime is my fav of their albums but I can still f with the rest of their stuff - the new EP’s haven’t been praised enough imo.

  6. 11 minutes ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

    I felt like Louis Theroux watching Belle & Sebastian at the Troxy on Saturday night. You know like where he goes to an event which has an inherent wrongness massively evident to anybody except the type of person who intentionally goes to it? Louis just has to stand in that room with a neutral expression and it's great TV because he's the audience cipher in weird af territory.

    Julien Baker was quite good tho.

    How come? I thought you were a big fan of B&S - was there something different this time?

  7. 5 hours ago, Lukie74 said:

    What do you think of the album versions of the singles compared to the original versions out of curiosity? I'm a fan of the album I just wish the singles were the original versions 

    I didn’t notice much of a difference if I’m honest. Will check it out when I can.

    5 hours ago, gfa said:

    in defense of 2dcc, they are community exclusive this year and only did two fests last year + y not which was cancelled and a tour about a year and a bit of ago, by the next time they are in the runnings for headliner they should be fine keeping at this rate.

    I really don’t think Two Door are about to headline R+L. I wanna say it won’t happen but their upwards fall resembles two of this year’s headliners, but really it shouldn’t be happening.

  8. 9 minutes ago, Odessa said:

    Prices for Lorde's tour were insane in the US from what I saw. They were nearly £40 here which was on the high end but I think they were circa double that for Americans. 

    Run The Jewels was a bizarre choice of support too so I doubt that helped. We got Khaled over here. Although I'd much rather see RTJ, in terms of a Lorde support act it's clear who the better choice is.

    Well, as it says in the article, the album flopped yet amassed some huge critical acclaim. So Run the Jewels and Mitski probably suited that result more than getting some up and coming pop sensation that’s about to overshadow her.

    I’m inclined to believe that it’s to do with the rise in streaming and that the abundance of music doesn’t foster an interest in artists that begs listeners to see them live at a local b’ball arena, particularly now that the charts are dominated by interchangeable rappers with twenty minutes of material to their names. But in Lorde’s defence (which I’m not normally jumping to) she played over a dozen and even headlined a few festivals in North America last summer so it’s not like she’s purely failed to bring punters in.

  9. 4 hours ago, TheDHolford said:

    Seeing Magic Gang next Saturday, saw them last year and they were decent, albeit an almost 100% crowd of underage kids on drugs/so smashed they couldn't stand. Hopefully a better crowd this time around, loving their debut album. 

    Really enjoying the debut album from these guys. Maybe not as impactful as it would've been if half of it wasn't already out as singles or on EP's but they at least reiterate that they know their way around a pop song.

  10. 48 minutes ago, Odessa said:

    I'm not arsed about the quote either, just found it a bit funny. But at least Interpol could dress it up as the 15 year anniversary tour as a "reason" to do it. This is literally the "nobody will come and see us again if we don't promise to play old stuff" tour.

    I've seen this Bloc Party lineup a few times now and I don't think I'm gonna forgive them for playing about 70 minutes in Manchester last February, and then playing 3 songs extra in London a few nights later. I saw Kele in October too and he did like an hour, if that. It's like he thinks "hmmm, what's the absolute shortest set I could get away with playing here?" beforehand. 

    Embarrassed to say I was so desperate to like Hymns that I had myself convinced it was pretty good for a while. God there is some absolute dross on there. Hopefully they wrap it up after this tour and finish for good, or come back with the proper band in a few years.

    Idk it’s just an arbitrary number isn’t it? Interpol’s was a fifteenth anniversary. Is there a rule that things can only be celebrated in five year intervals? And Bloc Party must wait... two more years? Has to be said there’s a tough task for the new rhythm section as Gordon and Matt took that album to another level really

    Can’t see them finishing after this. There’ll at least be one more album and festival run. Reckon they’ll hit the festivals pretty hard next time after playing one(?) UK festival show on the last album.

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  11. I struggle to hold it over him. I would expect that most bands hate the idea of old-album-in-full tours (albeit usually silently) and there’s a sad resignation behind deciding to do them. But I think it can be a pretty good springboard for going forward for bands like this; I’m sure Interpol will have a pretty successful tour next time around after having jogged fans’ memories with the brief Bright Lights tour last summer.

  12. 1 hour ago, Kayf26 said:

    Hey love bugs!

    ive been watching the forum for a while! 

    Whats the thoughts on royal blood? 

    No tour announced or festivals.. fucks going on?!? 

    Welcome. Doesn’t look like they’ll be there this year for, well, the reasons you’ve stated and also they’re too big to fit in now really.

    Not sure as to why they’re not touring Europe at all this summer but if I was to guess it’d be to do with their attempts to crack America and possibly to not overdo things here.

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  13. 15 hours ago, Batch27 said:

    This made me think, considering the stage splits I would not understand why AJ would have a crowd of any form if he clashes with Skepta. One could argue that Skepta is essentially a straight upgrade, and fans of AJ will 100% be fans of Skepta. However, if there is one less headline slot on that day, that tent could get even more packed than it already inevitably will be

    Well, like you say, the clash wouldn’t really steal from Skepta’s crowd but clear out AJ’s, so I hope they do put Tracey on a bit earlier so he gets a chance of a good crowd. Probably deserves one more than Skep does in 2018.

  14. 1 hour ago, Steve1000 said:

    Really hope Manson and Alexisonfire or Rise Against don't clash. Has Copping said anything about if the other stages are on during Ozzy? 

    Not sure but I can’t see an outcome where the main stage sub doesn’t clash with either of the second stage top two.

  15. 39 minutes ago, the wonderwhy said:

    Half the seating is still available in Manc. And as I say twickets is full of people trying to shift tickets on. 

    Their loss anyway this tour is gonna be FAB 

    Fair enough. I don't know what a relatively modest number of people chucking their tickets back onto Twickets has to do with slow sales but you're probably right. I guess demand will have been eaten up by Castlefield being not that long ago and then the album probably gave enough of those a reason to give it a miss.


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