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  1. Kamasi Washington, Avishai Cohen and Paramore to headline.

    One rock headliner is fine - I'd just go somewhere else that night - but it started out as a jazz festival so I think a lot of people will be disappointed if there's more than one rock band headlining. I know I would be.

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  2. Just now, DomDom1984 said:

    This was the answer I got when I asked about Nick Cave, so apparently it's a bit of a no goer.

    I suspect you might be taking the mick but just in case, his Dublin show announcement today says he's doing festivals next summer. So I'm wrong and it's another day on eFestivals. :P

    As said in that post tho, the set will probably have to change a bit. I'm not sure the intimate show full of respectful fans that we saw in the arenas can be transplanted to a festival of non-fans and waltzer music.

  3. 1 hour ago, Mattymooz said:

    No way they are getting booked for R+L this year. A million better, more relevant bands around that they could pick up. I expect AF will do a mid-sized fest if they do anything e.g. Latitude, IOW, Victorious etc.

    Dawg, Isle of Wight is a major festival... and it already had them headline this year!

    Latitude could feasibly happen because they have the biggest live entertainment company in the world backing it, and they'd still be a very big headliner there. Ain't happening at Victorious - there's still way more chance of them playing Reading that weekend than Portsmouth.

  4. He's got a lot of pride to swallow. I wouldn't count on it. :lol:

    @Andre91 I don't think they'd go ahead with NIN and A7X as two of the headliners bc neither are even accomplished arena headliners here so it'd be a really slow sell. Also Green Day played absolutely every festival around Download except Download didn't they? I don't think it's worth their while to come back next year - if they're touring it'll be R+L.

  5. 39 minutes ago, majormajormajor said:

    Green Man?

    Way too big, surely? Don’t recall them ever having arena headliners among their top acts.

    I think with Glastonbury not on and uncertainty surrounding existing and potential festivals, it’s really hard to predict acts like Nick for next summer. I guess a lot of acts are gonna do their own major shows - wonder if that’s possible for these.

    Not a traditional festival but I’d imagine he’s likely for the 6 Music Fest due to happen in Belfast on Spring Bank. Not that is much use to us mainlanders but will be nice on the red button.

  6. 1 hour ago, The Nal said:

    She did yeah. At a mini sort of festival. Weather was horrific so they had to move the gig into one of the tents. 

    Saw her in New York a couple of weeks back. She was as good as ever. Best gig of hers I've seen. 

    Someone very nicely recorded the whole gig. Obvious hits aside, Wing at 3 mins 50 was fucking outstanding. 


    That’s excellent, cheers.

    As spellbinding performers go, it should be a magnificent little twofer there. Hope we’re as lucky over here.

    1 minute ago, russycarps said:

    Could he do that citadel festival? No idea on the capacity.

    Would love him to do that fancy blackheath one!

    Posh knob!

  7. 6 minutes ago, MIchael_scarn said:

    Kaiser Chiefs are neither a new British band or an established one surely. Saw them in Manchester a few months back and they were okay but the arena was so empty, definitely fallen off.

    Of course they’re established, they’re over a decade into their career still doing arenas and the singer was a judge on a mainstream TV singing contest. A household name, pretty much.

    Also I didn’t expect these broad descriptors to be up to so much scrutiny. Does it matter?

    1 minute ago, pwe24 said:

    Yeah it was UK leg 2015 when Royal Blood supported when they fit in the new British band and they had Iggy Pop that year (established one) Kaiser Chiefs supported them on that tour as well during another leg of the tour. I don't mind Kaiser Chiefs. Hoping for the Struts, they was great at Reading and been on tour with Foos already.

    QOTSA supporting Foos in Brazil in this tour so the standard is high.

    Aye they’ve also got a tour with Weezer just before that in Australia. I think when they’ve got names like those they announce them from the off but there might be a nice surprise in store. Certainly won’t be Queens in this country though.

    Probably a good chance of The Struts opening, or possibly Idles again.

  8. 18 minutes ago, pwe24 said:

    Does anyone know if Foos have a support act in the UK?

    Do Prodigy have what it takes to be a main stage sub? They would get the crowd going.

    They will likely have at least two support acts; a newer British band opening and an established one. Be warned though, there's a good chance of Kaiser Chiefs.

    The Prodigy definitely could sub the main stage as they've proven before but it's whether the festival wants 'em to I suppose - they've been out of favour with UK festivals recently for whatever reason. I'm more expectant of a run of mid-sized festival headline slots than returning to sub at the likes of R+L.

  9. 2 hours ago, MattDavies__ said:

    Intrigued by this now. She's got no band with her & appears to be doing a set of what I suppose you'd call hits followed by the new album. 

    Twitter seems to think it was either very much a hit or very much a miss. 

    I could definitely believe that. It seems poised between narcissism and brilliance, but it's good that someone's taking those risks I guess.

    Carving up the set into chronological hits and then the album in full is pretty vulgar tho, definitely don't like that. However I suppose this is a whistle-stop album launch tour though and that'll be gone by the time she's next back.

  10. 38 minutes ago, DownboundTrain52 said:

    Metallica seems an absolute shoo-in for the timing with this one.

    On that basis, I can't decide whether I want it to be Metallica so that they're done and dusted or somebody else to throw up a bit more of a surprise (within what we expect anyway. The chance of a genuine surprise seems slim).

    Going off recent years they'll either announce all three at once or they'll announce the headliners in order over three days. You won't have to wait a long time for the next one if at all so I don't think it'll really matter about it being out of the way or anything.

  11. 33 minutes ago, Mattymooz said:

    I mean, Lorde has way better lyricims, production and a more unique voice imo... I don't really understand why he is getting so much praise and hype when in comparison Lorde's album got relatively overlooked (not critically but it hasn't sold as well)

    Lorde had the same praise and hype and then blew it by waiting four years to follow up her debut, I'd think. This guy's new, and he's even working with the dude who produced and co-wrote Pure Heroine, so he's having his time now. If the whole industry was based on who had the best lyrics, production and voice then we wouldn't be talking about either of these two. :P

  12. 2 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

    Is he big enough for BST? There was that thing in Finsbury Park that Catfish played at, that could be an option if it's on again.

    Wouldn't shock me to see him support the Foos on their stadium gigs

    Reckon he could do the Etihad by himself.

    It definitely sounds like it's his own major gig that's in the pipeline for next year. You'd expect it to be in Manchester given Stone Roses and Courteeners' propensity to do big hometown gigs.

  13. 32 minutes ago, WFD said:

    He was replaced as the support for Lorde in Glasgow (not sure why), but I know that doesn't alter the point.


    31 minutes ago, kingcrawler said:

    I had no idea he was that big either. Listened to the album a couple of times before the Lorde gig and it's alright but I'm not really seeing what all the fuss is about or how he's became so in demand. He ended up pulling out of supporting Lorde in Glasgow the day before anyway, presumably because he was on Jools Holland the following day.

    Ah I see. That must be rough for anyone who was hyped to see him. No longer playing and now you have to pay about the same again to see him at the same place in three months' time. :lol:

    His schtick is largely the same as Lorde's as far as I can see. Young person singing minimalistic songs about being a carefree teenager making the most of life despite not being privileged nor having many prospects, while making that look as glamorous as possible. Resonates with kids everywhere.

  14. 1 hour ago, Zac Quinn said:

    Presumably the main support act is still to come, too.

    I don't reckon so, with Khalid billed as a special guest. I'm not sure I've ever seen anything that was like "special guest... but not as good as some of our other guests".

    Also Khalid is really effing big nowadays, I think he's sold out Glasgow and Manchester Academies instantly (and he only supported Lorde at Glasgow a few weeks ago) and he's not fully sold out both shows in London yet but still peeps are paying £40 to see what must be a one-hour set from the guy. It's like RAG'N'BONE MAN all over again. Remember RAG'N'BONE MAN?