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  1. royal blood

    I reckon they're on the Other Stage, it's just a matter of when they're on.
  2. royal blood

    I think it was a conscious decision to put them in tents all year and the same thought process will have them playing multiple academy dates instead of the bigger venues.
  3. Crap bands and their crap songs

    What's going on with The Joy Formidable? Are they recording a new album or summat?
  4. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Jake Bugg did one too. Jamie T was previously suggested though, and he's not better than some that people wishfully suggested like The Cure, Weezer and St. Vincent. I bet the people who went to the festival with secret set hopes at an all time low were pleased.
  5. royal blood

    Apparently one of the biggest crowds the NME stage at Reading has ever seen so if it's the same at Leeds tomorrow then that's a clean sweep of packing out tents at every UK festival they've done this summer. No. 1 album next Sunday and that's not bad going at all.
  6. Arcade Fire

    Muse thread is leaking.
  7. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Well at least it's not Dapper Laughs.
  8. iTunes Festival 2014

    Yeah I thought the 1st could've been a R+L band with the same sort of exclusivity that they have on tours and stuff. OutKast is a good shout too but I don't know what Beck has to do with them playing. There should be at least a small announcement on Mon/Tue (probably Tuesday because of Bank Holiday). They'll do the ballot that evening though and it might even be a full ballot so best to keep an eye on it and apply quickly.
  9. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Well no you said any secret band would open the NME despite a large intentional gap on FR. These could be different secret sets but it's more likely it's one band that isn't 'arena sized' and instead could safely play FR.
  10. Secret 'Arena' Band

    The secret bands that went before didn't.
  11. royal blood

    Yeah but what he's created is the mix of effects for the biggest sound he can get. Tinkering with that would probably dull it a little. I wouldn't compare Drenge as they're still on their debut and who knows what they'll do but The Black Keys added personnel and Jack White was playing pianos and stuff from the start. The difference between those and Royal Blood though is they all get to play with the high end whereas Mike (I thought he was called Tom before, oops) is stuck to bass riffing and can't really crack out the acoustic for a number. I know he can play a load of other instruments so perhaps they could move those in on the next record. The Kooks' album is out next week so you might get your wish! For what it's worth though, I don't think there's very much similarity at all between DFA and Royal Blood other than the members' main instruments.
  12. Secret 'Arena' Band

    The Kaiser Chiefs' booking manager.
  13. royal blood

    What was meant was that they've pigeonholed themselves with the limitations of the instruments they play. They did that from the start and made a load of similar songs so evolving for the next album is gonna be very difficult. If Tom learns to play the keyboard with his headstock like Jesse F Keeler then that would open the window a little bit more.
  14. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Leon's times proved correct then and there is a gap on FR between 7:15 and 8:35 so that's gonna be a secret set whether it's this 'arena sized' one or not. Clashes with the start of Paramore I'd imagine so I dunno why they've done that. There's also a gap on the 1xtra stage at both sites on Arctic Monkeys day but they probably just didn't book enough acts.
  15. Huge Announcement?

    Bet Com stopped slagging Turner off after Werchter.
  16. Huge Announcement?

    Is Alex Turner the quintessential hell raiser now? I guess he did drop that microphone.
  17. Huge Announcement?

    What does that mean?
  18. Huge Announcement?

    Catfish and the Bottle me
  19. royal blood

  20. Huge Announcement?

  21. Huge Announcement?

    The tweet's been deleted too as it was one of the takeover bands dicking about. Matt you idiot.
  22. royal blood

  23. Secret 'Arena' Band

    Where was he?
  24. royal blood

    The hype has been manufactured by record company bigwigs, as it usually always is. Won't Warner Bros have just seen Queens hit a peak of popularity and other riff heavy acts like Deap Vally and Drenge and stuff come through last year and think 'right, we need a our very one of those', so they plucked out Royal Blood and got them to add a bit of water so it's completely right for relentless Radio 1 and XFM marketing? That's the way I'm imagining it. That's not a swipe at them; I do think they're alright if a bit boring but their success is a good thing if it means opening doors for more imaginative acts of the same ilk.
  25. Secret 'Arena' Band

    It doesn't really make it nailed on but I wanted to prepare people for seeing it at the gates and working themselves into a frenzy over it. I still think it'll be them but it doesn't really change anything. There's a Weezer poster too. How do you feel about that?