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  1. Lineup 2018

    NME Stage 2? I think you’re getting it mixed up with 1Xtra Stage 4.
  2. arctic monkey shows

    How come the application's only just gone in?
  3. arctic monkey shows

    Just asked a pal at a VERY well known Sherlocks forum. It's not them.
  4. 2019 Headliners

    I'd love it but next year's just too soon after the last one. I know it wasn't the headline set that a performer would want with only a matter of days they had to prepare it, but it feels so recent and the setlist would have barely changed. I think they can hit some more festivals on the upcoming album and be back to smash it on album #5. Don't see Tame Impala being given the gig, personally, but they're very unlikely to have an album out before summer 2019 anyway. I think Billy will be shopping Pumpkins out for bigger paydays than subbing the Pyramid would bring. If that doesn't come to fruition then I suppose it's a possibility as Billy seems pretty fond of the place and knows he has a crowd there.
  5. arctic monkey shows

    They played in a tent at Don Valley so that sounds about right. Odd that it's due to be in September but at least it's gonna be under a roof.
  6. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard

    First of their double shows was, er, tonight in Melbs. Setlist looks fantastic.
  7. Lineup 2018

    Definitely not the first shows outside of North America. They're playing right around Europe in August.
  8. 2018 New Music

    You ran out of Soccer Mommy videos? edit: Footy Mam
  9. Lineup 2018

    Dude-thony Rhin-tano
  10. Lineup 2018

    Brockhampton share more fans with King Gizzard and Death Grips than they do anyone on the Wireless line up.
  11. Kendrick Lamar

    When you got the yams
  12. Bestival 2018 incoming!

    She's an exclusive at Field Day so she won't be at Bestival it seems.
  13. Lineup 2018

    You said 12 hours ago that they wouldn't drop to 4th? And would Post be 5th down then? I've said all I can say on that prediction, it and I think you get what I mean now. Things will probably become clearer for us when festivals over Reading weekend get announced.
  14. Kendrick Lamar

    This is amazing.
  15. Lineup 2018

    On Sunday that's where I think everyone has predicted him to play, yeah. What I'm saying is we had all the third downs on the poster that Brockhampton shared with The Vaccines on it. Make a lineup out of that lot and you'll see as much. So Don Broco don't actually fit into the top three of the line up as it was. I imagine the change is due to scheduling of another festival overseas that The Vaccines are doing; either that or they've left the lineup all together.
  16. Lineup 2018

    How does it make zero difference? It would be logical to assume that The Vaccines, having been pencilled in to play third down main, would have swapped with The Wombats and are still playing third down main, wouldn't it? And nothing has changed on the Saturday poster meaning that the potential/existing NME headliner on Saturday is still in place. Unless they're a replacement (which I doubt because they are so obvious to play) then Don Broco would have to be fourth down Saturday or possibly Saturday's NME headliner held back, because we already had all the thirds on that Vaccines poster and Don Broco weren't one of them. And for the record, I would predict that NME just goes Diplo then Skepta on Sunday. Putting Skepta (and J Hus) in a tent against the likes of Courteeners and Wombats would be reckless as they'd certainly attract a bigger crowd, based on the clientele they're trying to appeal to here.
  17. 2019 festival

    Yeah if anything I think that might be unrealistically strong. Arctic Monkeys will still be the number one get and the other three are massive up and coming acts appealing to different audiences and will be bigger than quite a lot of established choices.
  18. Lineup 2018

    Don’t ask me. I had this argument a couple of the times over the past few months that they wouldn’t be that high and it looks like I’m wrong.
  19. Ah ok. I think that might be worse though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
  20. Lineup 2018

    I don’t see why this is being made difficult. The thirds were The Wombats, Dua Lipa and The Vaccines, and now they’re TBA, Dua Lipa, The Wombats. So it’s most likely either a straight swap between the two indie bands or a replacement - they can’t have bumped up fourth in this scenario either as Post has seemingly already leapfrogged to sub.
  21. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    Yer, hopefully. Emily is definitely woke enough to know that outrage culture dictates that there’s a backlash to everything nowadays and anyone likely to be tarring Yeezy and Kdot with the same brush is veiling their racism fairly poorly and shouldn’t be ceded to.
  22. I would have thought fourth was a little high for Twin Atlantic. Only getting a special guest slot tacked on the bottom of Slam Dunk’s poster can’t mean good things.
  23. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    I know, I mean worry about the repercussions. The festival will obviously still be wary because of Kanye, so if the papers are saying that Kendrick is another figure that has folk slamming the festival then they’d probably think about avoiding him.
  24. 2018 - What it might have looked like

    It seems that R+L paid millions to land him. He's only about in August (probably due to the massive payday he's getting there) so Glastonbury wouldn't really have been in contention. If anything, it's good that Reading gets him this year and he can do all the June/July festivals in 2019 and stop by at Glastonbury in the middle. I'm not convinced on him being arsed about playing a gig that Kanye and Jay did but there doesn't seem to be much else that can realistically take him away from Glastonbury. The thing I'd worry about is the backlash against the R+L lineup being misreported as fury at Kendrick Lamar and two dozens other rappers/rap groups being booked, when in reality he's the only headline booking that's being praised.
  25. Lineup 2018

    We've been told just tonight that Skepta is down as headlining NME. Look at it again with that in mind. Nothing has happened on those posters to infer that anything has changed on the Saturday. edit: also they're not booking subs with an eye on who stans want to see while they wait for the headliner.