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  1. £200,000 stronger? It's a wonder they get booked anywhere at that price!
  2. British Summer Time 2018

    Reuniting, I think. Just for a few songs at Coachella like they did at the Super Bowl.
  3. Their festival slots this year were supporting Catfish, 6pm on the second stage at V and an equivalent slot to Maximo Park subbing 10k capacity Truck. If that’s salvation I don’t know why anyone still bothers.
  4. So you're predicting they'll headline the NME Stage AND come back in 2019 to be high up main? I think I'll just have to believe this when I see it. I don't see anything they're doing that merits special treatment off FR and it'd just look kinda embarrassing to have The Wombats name in prominent position on Reading's line up nowadays.
  5. Download 2018

    I think it's prog as in 'prog rock' rather than 'prog metal'.
  6. British Summer Time 2018

    Think it'll be a family friendly pop act to go with the other acts that weekend. Scheduling must be more than coincidence I reckz. Maybe the Spice Girls if this year's reunion rumour is true. Or Lady Gaga if they can hang on til Feb and put together a strong support bill.
  7. Citadel 2018

    This is getting ridiculous now with all the unmissable London festivals. I might have to live on a Megabus.
  8. Fantasy Who Would Have Headlined In 2018 Thread

    Yeah, it seems like Sam Smith is touring Stateside for most of the summer incl. late June so I think he's planning a romp around the European festivals the year after anyway. Doing it in 2018 woulda worked better tho - I'm not sure he'll stir up any more excitement in eighteen months' time. I don't think Depeche Mode nor Taylor Swift particularly want to headline Glastonbury anyway because of the fee. (edit: that's an assumption on Taylor Swift, just to be clear)
  9. Fantasy Who Would Have Headlined In 2018 Thread

    Woulda loved to see Clapton. Might be a bigoted old prick but he’s a great. I can’t actually imagine who would’ve headlined. There barely seems to be anyone touring that’s immediately suitable. I think Queens of the Stone Age coulda crept into a headline slot.
  10. Chances are they’d just be taking a space off a rubbish band anyway, and at least The Hunna are new and rubbish. I don’t really see why they’d go and put Wombats third down; their latest tour doesn’t seem to be hitting the heights of the last one, album probably won’t either as that was helped by having a long time off whereas now they’re just a run of the mill mid-sized festival act. Would sooner expect them third down at Victorious that weekend.
  11. Seems okay but why does everyone seem to agree that R+L are more eager to bump up deadbeats like The Wombats and All Time Low whereas J Hus - one of the UK’s biggest rappers who’s just had a massive 2017 - is stuck on the second stage supporting more no-marks?
  12. They were playing above Wombats at festivals this year. If they're any lower than that I don't suppose they'd play at all. Why would they when they're enough of a name to get a better billing at smaller festivals? Maybe but so's Enter Shikari.
  13. They're not that small. They've got an academy tour lined up with a few sold out dates already. Would say like 4th or NME sub but they probably won't be booked at all. Was popping in to say I reckon Travis Scott is quite a likely Main Stage sub, but I'm not doing a full, new prediction to incorporate that.
  14. Charli XCX - one of us

    Ferocious jams on the new tape.
  15. Hip Hop, Rap, Grime 2017

    That's ridiculous.
  16. Latitude 2018

    It's not expected so. That there Melt Festival that she's doing described it as a 'rare' festival appearance next summer, so it's believed that she won't have an album out in summer, or else she'd be doing more and also bigger festivals.
  17. Latitude 2018

    I think because she won’t have an album out it’s the sort of thing she’d take to test out new songs and play hits to an audience of her kinda people - a bit like The National last year. And I can imagine FR packaging that together with a festival in 2019 when the album is out and she’s playing all the big festies.
  18. Mad Cool 2018

    They’re playing a festival in Mallorca as well. They’re running out of Spanish festivals to do the poor lads.
  19. Lineup 2018

    Maybe dunno yet. Travi$ Scott headlining Lolla Paris alongside Depeche Mode, The Killers and Gorillaz. Wo
  20. Album of the Year 2017

    It means refresh motherfucker.
  21. Album of the Year 2017

    The attraction as a tendency tho, which Lacey doesn’t actually seem to have. I guess what Neil’s saying is right but importantly it doesn’t detract that Lacey did something that would be conflated with paedophiles so it’s sort of a moot point in the context as were throwing him out cos of the action rather than the label.
  22. Album of the Year 2017

    And one 16. I see what you’re saying that he probably wasn’t going online and looking for kids but the fact it didn’t matter to him that they were under age still makes it a danger to children, and of course an extreme felony.
  23. Primavera 2018

    Ah I understand now. Yeah it does look good for her chances. Think it's definitely looking like Bjork, The National and Nick Cave as people have said in the thread, with the fourth probably being Jack White. Seems very solid but without any real shocks (the end of Jack White's 3 year live hiatus notwithstanding) but maybe those are among the undercard.
  24. Album of the Year 2017

    Ah no wonder you weren't in the mood.
  25. Album of the Year 2017

    Maybe since September you have grown a fat juicy brain.