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  1. Jist drap it.
  2. Suppose so. At the rate they're going with the likes of Andy C, Fatboy Slim and Goldie; the dance stage will be housing the oldest crowd at the festival.
  3. Oh sick here's a self confirmation enjoy it.
  4. Think it would actually be leaving stage at Reading and stepping on stage in Paris in under one hour. I can't see FR undercutting their own festival by offering two Wireless headliners on the same undercard at Reading. Don't suppose it's impossible they could both play in some capacity but they'd play prominent slots on different days.
  5. That Vinny Stapes track is top. Jehnny Beth one is Shitsville. Other ones somewhere in between and forgettable. Crazy how big Gorillaz have gotten. Seemingly amongst kids about as old as Clint Eastwood (the song) but yeah, Blur must be becoming the lesser known Albarn outfit.
  6. Third is way high for her. I know she's pushing headline slots in the US but in Europe she's quite far down line ups - and I don't see it being any different here either. Could see her being mid-afternoon Pyramid or early evening Other, in all honesty.
  7. Doubt you'll see SOAD sub R+L again. Reading and Download are bros now and SOAD are a couple of retirements away from becoming a top-tier Download headliner, on the hook to headline every few years.
  8. No it's this.
  9. Hmm, not a must see but I'll probably be there if nothing else is on.
  10. Okay man but better suggestions next time. Want it soon anyway because I've got a brilliant one for that 'Glastonbury sex face' thread. Been saved in my bookmarks for ages and I keep clicking it and forgetting why it's there.
  11. Are we gonna be particularly sad when that happens? "Oh, they're going through with it then?"
  12. Y'all overestimate how much of the country cares about the Glastonbury line up being released. Particularly now that the headliners are all already out there, which is the entire line up to most people with only a passing interest.
  13. Hmm, might be too small a gap. The tour looks to be 50 Song Memoir across two nights at every venue - even festivals - and there's only the middle pin available for EOTR.
  14. My predetermined opinions of those radio stations suggests that the song on Beats 1 will be the best one.
  15. I dunno if I'd be convinced by someone only hoping they're playing, now we're in March.