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  1. Arcade Fire

    I think it's something like that. Canada I can imagine being busy every time for Arcade Fire but I hear a lot of the bigger alternative acts (tho not Radiohead 'big' I guess) get plenty of empty seats in the States cos fans are quite spread apart. Read that one of the stops on this tour was 1/3 attended which is horrendous - it's been blamed on the reception for this album but I think this tour got announced alongside the first single airing. Anyway, dropped in to mention they've released European arena dates now directly after UK. Preservation Jazz Hall Band are supporting, which probably means they're supporting in the UK if they're flying them over for that but I dunno. Bad news for peeps who wanted Rat Boy I guess.
  2. Acts you don't "get"

    Kimono My House is an all-timer and still a thrill ride now. Very important album.
  3. 2017 New Music Thread

    Yeah I was a bit puzzled as it started as to whether it was the same band but it's a really good effort and they're mastering the shift. I prefer Golem still but I'd like to see more in this direction and bag themselves a bit of recognition. Did you listen to METZ's new album? They're offering a more primal brand of punk this time, you might well like it. I think it's p. good but I miss the noise rock element a little bit. I thought they'd double down on that with Steve Albini producing but I dunno how much that means nowadays - man's got Facebook Scrabble to play.
  4. Nick Cave

    When I grow up, I want to be that kid.
  5. Lineup 2018

    I don't see them doing V nowadays but still, that's under Festival Republic isn't it so they could just not offer them a V headline slot if they wanted them to play R+L. But yea that's all I mean. Even if it wasn't one of those and it was a major stadium act or something that could push Flo and co into a shared headline slot. Same as last time really. Maybe a step up but only as a cheaper option probably rather than a warranted move up the line up.
  6. Lineup 2018

    Bottom line for me is that I don't think they're necessarily in a position to reject it. For instance if R+L had Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys lined up for next year already and offered F+TM a coheadlining berth with Royal Blood then what else would they have waiting for them? Bands need festivals too. As said tho, it's not a prediction just an outside possibility. Dunno to the extent of what @DR OK knows but I remember him saying they were offered a coheadline slot with Foals before BST picked them up, but I guess they had BST as an option that time.
  7. Lineup 2018

    By his own admission, Homme doesn't deal with where they play - he just gets a call and plays a gig. Agree they wouldn't sub R+L tho. But aye, I think Royal Blood/Paramore, Foos and Flo would make more sense out of that. Ditching Prodigy, Fall Out Boy and Queens off the line up because two of them are headliners and The Prodigy I don't think would get a look in at R+L anymore.
  8. the "coolest" festival

    If they want to stay cool, it seems as though they need to put in a phone call to Rod Stewart's management about playing or doing a DJ set.
  9. Lineup 2018

    It's about all sold out apart from some upper tiers. edit: I now see they've added some more Ally Pally standing, before anyone points it out to me.
  10. 2017 New Music Thread

    Good man. Was worried my recommendation had floated off into the air! The track in the middle that sounded like Noah and the Whale had me annoyed until it dawned on me that they NATW have actually just been a poppy National. Makes u think. Just been listening to this throughout the morning. Pretty sweet tune from yer man Wally B and SVE.
  11. Nick Cave

    I’d been checking setlists but I was still surprised at the Babe I’m On Fire extended curfew-smashing finale! But aye I was a bit downhearted when it was announced that I’d be first seeing them in a soulless cavern but it was one of the most intimate gigs I’ve been to. Would absolutely recommend less time at the bar before and waiting down the front as that’s where Nick is all night.
  12. Lineup 2018

    If you google them right now, every publication is calling their gig a comeback show so I think it would factor in their festival slots next year. They were much higher than that before they went away so if they had dropped off so much, I don’t get why they’d rebook them at all.
  13. Primavera 2018

    Think he’d be too big anyway but he’s reportedly playing Madrid and Barcelona at the start of May.
  14. Lineup 2018

    New songs sound excellent. One of them sounds super Strokesy, which is weird because they’re supposed to be writing an album now so why wouldn’t Jules keep it for that? Much higher than that surely? NME headline level-ish or higher. If their comeback gig is at Brixton I don’t think they’re going about this reunion in a low-key ‘see what we can get’ thing.
  15. Knebworth 2018

    Just as well..