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  1. The Primavera show will be broadcast online so new tracks will be all over the music sites over the weekend and you'd have a chance to get to grips with them even if there's no single release. I think what Joel is getting at about it being a 'big week' is that at the end of the week the tour starts so if they were gonna put out a single that they were gonna play on this tour ahead of occasion then this would be the week to do so. I don't think he'd be cryptic about it if he knew we were getting new music.
  2. Seems fair.
  3. Well, I'd hope people put this to the back of their minds when the full line up is announced. With all the good stuff that's bound to be offered up, it'd be a shame if people were doubling down interest in their preferred artist being a wildcard entry to the line up.
  4. Yeah considering this is just about tickets of people who paid off their ticket in the balance payment window before reversing the decision in the following four weeks, plus payments that fell through in the resale, it's definitely not gonna be in the thousands. Couple of hundred I suppose.
  5. Slam Dunk this weekend ain't it? Might mean an announcement next week.
  6. Let's be real though, the teatime slot is gonna be Barry Gibb. By all means predict Paul McCartney but that slot's tied up.
  7. No one can say for sure. I personally wouldn't expect very many early closures cos they'd all but done away with it last year and there's a healthy amount on each stage, but yeah as said it's not really possible to know at this point.
  8. Possibility open again I guess but I read in DIY's festival guide that Lorde was doing a sunset slot. Have I mentioned that? Either way, my thoughts are with you as the Friday hip hop slot circles the drain.
  9. Highlight of @SwedgeAntilles summer.
  10. Never noticed that.
  11. Nope. Way off. It's Tottenham's midfielder Moussa Dembele.
  12. Yeah its pretty hopeless without being [re-]acquainted with the series. This current run is on for over three months so it'll be easy to be up to speed with before long.
  13. Bristol Wed. Netherlands Fri. Ireland Sat.
  14. Stormzy could quite easily be Saturday I reckon. Patterns gotta end sometime. In fact, you could look at the poster and say that the two lines above and one below have a set of acts in Fri-Sat-Sun order - so maybe Stormzy is 3rd down (Royal Blood-Stormzy-Chic) and Katy Perry before him which is baffling in itself but so is her not headlining anyway (or I woulda said before a few weeks ago).
  15. I'm not sure I'd agree she is coming back strongly. Green Light has no doubt captured the imagination of many and received lots of critical acclaim but I'm not sure it even made the top 20 in the UK or the US. And that is kind of her arena, ergo its a bit of a flop. Despite that, I think she's doing well enough for herself and has a lot of favour but there's no real basis to how much people are overestimating her. I think there'll be something maybe a bit jazzy or worldy or something in between Kris and Hacienda. Takes someone else out of the lineup (maybe two if they can't account for a long Radiohead set and lots of hour long sets) but yeah that order seems like its missing something.