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  1. I dunno what the etiquette is, other than not cramming it in your back pocket.
  2. If she's one of us, how come Mik Artistik isn't in this video?
  3. #TeamAudrey is on its fuckin arse like.
  4. Did that float very far at the G? When I saw 'em the balloon got about five rows deep before someone thought "I'm having this" and haphazardly pulled it from the sky. Friggin' losers.
  5. I'll take an out-of-place Bad Seeds over them evacuating the slot to find someone suitably bland for Mumford & Sons fans. And I don't think anyone has been put off by the promise of playing to the biggest stage in the world in front of tens of thousands of people. They can do their own gigs to entertain their own fans.
  6. But no year adheres to a rule of 'smallest-to-biggest, first-to-last'. That's why special things like Sunday teatime slot and Other Stage opener exist.
  7. cool collab
  8. She's gonna sing YNWA at both gigs.
  9. Haha I just googled to to see how much the tickets for the Echo Arena were likely to be and I wasn't expecting to see this:
  10. Deaf Institute is the business. Not off all the way to see Ambrose and the lads like but should be a gooden. Just noticed about the new Murlocs record being out this weekend so there's that to console myself with.
  11. Okay man but they'd have to be some serious junior crate diggers to be seeking out bands that had stopped appearing on TV and radio a few years before that they'd heard at a bi-monthly party. And serious clowns if they grew up listening to them like people would Blink or Green Day or Libertines or whatever and turned around to their mates on their first adventure into adulthood saying "you know I really want to see Busted play so I can feel 7 again".
  12. Don't get me wrong, I imagine their entire crowd consists of people who listened to them at school discos. I just don't believe they were being played at school discos in 2014.
  13. Theres been a backlash about the lack of women on the bill as far back as I can remember. And Busted would be pretty ridiculous, yeah. They pretty much do family festivals and novelty slots for a nostalgia kick for peeps in their twenties or so. I don't imagine school leavers now have that much awareness of Busted given that they initially split up twelve years ago. Besides, nostalgia sells for people who want to transport back to being 16, rather than for 16 year olds that want to remember life as an embryo
  14. I said as much in the 2019 thread but yeah, they're gonna be humongous on the next record. If they sub next year it's only delaying the inevitable.
  15. I reckon Twenty One Pilots will headline next time they appear, which is probably this edition. That last album didn't start out massive but it's been grinding out sales practically every week since release and has sold(?) hundreds of thousands here now and millions worldwide, remarkably. They're pretty woeful but I think owt but a headline at their most appropriate fest would be kind of unjust.