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  1. Yeah now I've looked a lil further into it; in 2013 the Park Stage finished at 9:45 and there was twenty mins between that and The xx starting. Gotta imagine the same happens here.
  2. Bit odd that the first album by any of the main stage headliners (if we're right that Justice and Metronomy complete the set) was released in 2004/2005. I think there are people at Glastonbury who haven't listened to an album released since then.
  3. They try and get me every year. I'll never tell them. They'll have to work it out themselves!
  4. It doesn't miss it completely - there's a bit of overlap with the headliners on all the other main stages. If it did I woulda gone Beck>Grimes>LCD last year and got three great acts instead of just two great acts. EDIT: not that I'm contributing to doubt over the info. Just facts init.
  5. Pft... nice try, Clash God!
  6. Kite Base. Playing Glade @ 6pm on Sunday. Industrial electronic duo featuring Ayse Hassan off Savages. Oumou Sangaré. Grammy Award-winning Malian Wassoulou musician. Sunday as well via backing vocalist's bandsintown.
  7. Yeah I'm totally not as clued up as who's touring or preparing what, I could only name the last album by half of those bands. And now I think about it, the Architects lads were on about going on a break soon too. But yeah I guess sometimes you get surprised by who is and isn't touring. Forgot Ghost would probably be due another album; Meliora doesn't seem long ago at all. But idk, Mastodon are still in 4th position and as far as heavy metal goes I feel like they're one of the best known modern outfits. Yeah YMAS said something about it being stadiums for them next and that they're waking up telling themselves they're gonna play MK Bowl and the Emirates. I'd assume at some point over the next few months it'd dawn on them that it's something that's never going to happen and they should grab on to major fest slots so to not fall off the face of the Earth like Bullet did. Twenty One Pilots would probably sell tickets to anywhere - going off R+L last year it's not like their fans seem to care who else is on the bill. It strikes me as a passable sub booking that FR could do with much moreso at Download than at Reading, and I imagine it'd fit into their other touring plans a lot better too if they do all the big European events.
  8. Ah I meant if you'd listened to them before and thought it wasn't up to much then this wouldn't have changed that. Basically I was saying it sounds like The War on Drugs, as Stu said earlier.
  9. Aye at that rate I fookin' am.
  10. Did one of these to spruce up my last prediction. Whaddaya reckon? (Pardon the basic font, I couldn't find the proper one. The illegible logo is Parkway Drive)
  11. See you lot in the pit! (P.S. was it Chris Jagger that Mike99 got his info from re: 2013?)
  12. That's not actually confirmed, in fairness, but the Cornwall date on Thursday means it's almost certain.
  13. Nuh-uh! Foos vs. alt-J vs. The Jacksons vs. Bonobo vs. Warpaint and you have to actually choose one? Maybe on a Sunday. He's playing for the picnic people.
  14. Oh wow. Didn't think this day would actually come. That's a brilliant tune.
  15. Truly underrated drill 'n' bass musician.