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  1. Bands for 2017

    Saw Lowly at Latitude without having heard any of their music, but was avoiding Mumfords. They ended up being one of my highlights, were on the solas stage in the woods so was a great setting too. My only problem is the clash with Vaudou Game who i was looking forward to seeing!
  2. New Site Map

    Just had an email from EotR with info which includes this: Revamped and relocated to brand new area The Outlands, prepare to fully immerse yourself in a Twin Peaks-inspired wonderland at the revitalised Cinema which will play host to a vast and eclectic array of movies and Q&As. The Outlands is also where you’ll find the Library Stage this year, right next to the sw*nky new Cinema, with its usual variety of brilliant authors reading from their work in the mornings, followed by workshops in the afternoon.
  3. 1st EOTR

    We arrived about 4.30pm last year and walked straight in
  4. New Site Map

    I'm sure i saw a post from EotR that they are going to have a planetarium in the pavilion this year. Can't find it now though!
  5. Which festivals will sell out quicker next year?

    End of the Road let and they have a Beavertown Brewery tent and a real ale festival in the main tent. So, although i can take my own in i still buy more at EotR than Latitude because of the choice available (same with Glastonbury)
  6. Are cameras allowed?

    You need to pay for the wifi though. Have fun, it is a great place and very photogenic
  7. Family friendly festivals

    Agree it is a great family festival, although some of the arts side has slipped the last two years. The great hing is it's lack of mud, even when had a couple of wet years never gets particularly muddy as its sandy soil so drains away except in a couple of places but they can be avoided.
  8. Latitude Festival 2017

    Car parks do open earlier. Sometimes the gates to the camping will also open early which I understand is down to health and safety checks, ie the site being given the all clear. We have arrived before 2pm before, always let in to parking, sometimes get through to camping early but not always. From what I have read elsewhere the campervan area doesn't open same time as car parking as it is a camping area and therefore also subject to the health and safety checks.
  9. Latitude Festival 2017

    I would ignore the email. I emailed them on Friday afternoon as no sign of mine even on checking order history. I received a generic email at 5.20pm saying they had been printed but not yet sent out. This pissed me off as chances of them getting here on time would be low. However, Saturday morning i received a text from Royal Mail to say they would be delivering them on Saturday, i was out but collected them today (sorting office is open for a few hours on Sunday these days. I checked on the RM tracker service and you can see the history, RM received them on Thursday evening, despite Ticketmaster saying on Friday they hadn't been sent out! Hopefully you will get the text on Monday saying out for delivery. Really poor from Ticketmaster who don't seem to have a clue where the tickets even are!
  10. Bands for 2017

    Just a pet theory, but as said last year late addition was Ezra who headlined the Garden Stage. Perhaps they were going to announce same this year, late addition as headliner for Garden stage, but with the change of BC that potential act has been bumped up to Woods Stage if they appear to be getting bigger and enabled them to move BC?
  11. Bands for 2017

    From their twitter account EndOfTheRoadFestival‏ @EOTR Inspired by last week’s intimate London shows, we're excited to say that Bill Callahan will headline the Garden Stage instead of the Woods!
  12. Bands for 2017

    Mogwai? New album out and touring it latter part of the year starting the weekend after EotR at Festival No 6 (not announced as a festival exclusive). But agree likely to be one of those already announced
  13. Bands for 2017

    And a new album out a week after the festival
  14. Bar Locations

    always mean to do a proper pub crawl on the Thursday BUT always start in Cockmill and decide to stay for a while sampling a few of the beers, always stay way longer than intend having a lot more beer than we should do do then make our way to the Avalon Inn as it's a great place to chill and a really good atmosphere in that field, again stay longer than should so only just make it to the Bimble Inn for a last few beers. One day......
  15. I take it you mean one you both fit in to? If so then we do, actually two singles that unzip 3/4s of way so then zip the two together. Have had since 2005 and used at all the festivals listed below. No different from sleeping under a double duvet. Never had any problems. I'm 6' and she is 5'8.