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  1. 2016

    Stone Roses & Faithless for one of the nights.    The Prodigy if they are still around?   TDCC ruled out as they are at Summer Sonic.
  2. 2015

    Frankie Boyle first name announced.
  3. 2015

    Kasabian Noel Gallagher The Vaccines The Prodigy Rudimental -- Calvin Harris Bruno Mars or Pharell Williams Sam Smith Stereophonics Alt J
  4. 2015

    Day 1 Kasabian Noel Gallagher The Prodigy Rudimental Day 2 Calvin Harris Pharell Williams Stereophonics Alt J (if not at Reading)
  5. Predictions for glow dancet/house party?

    Groove Armarda have been Mentionned.
  6. 2015

    Usually the same week as the line up is announced - towards the end of February going on previous years!
  7. 2015

    For Fighters Noel Gallagher Imagine Dragons Disclosure Arctic Monkeys/Kasabian Jake Bugg The Prodigy
  8. 2014

    Saying that, last year it was 31st May. This come with 38 new acts and stage splits.
  9. 2014

    Next announcement won't be until April/ Early May I am guessing..
  10. 2014

    Totally agree - and have the same problem. Most of my mates who I go with are bigging up next Mondays Reading announcement. Subs look like Ed Sheeran and Example. Elbow hopefully headlining MTV Stage whilst JT is on.
  11. 2014

    Personally Id have them 4th. Heads: JT Killers. Subs: Example Sheeran. 3rd: Lily Allen Paolo. 4th: Then here Rudimental and Bastille. *Not sure who is what day.
  12. 2014

    Haha! I hope so! At a push I can see maybe 3rd like at the Isle of Wight. But even that seems bit extreme.
  13. 2014

    Its hard to tell. Not 100% sure of how much tickets were last year - just before the event with Beyonce. But I personally think if you are thinking of getting tickets definitely get them tomorrow. I will take the risk, but I can't see them being much above the price by waiting.
  14. 2014

    More than likely - but I will snap some up a week or two before hopefully a bit cheaper too.
  15. 2014

    I wont be getting a ticket tomorrow, for me it depends on the 2nd set of announcements. It could go either way from here - a few more decent bands like Editors, Wombats, The Enemy. Or it could go X Factor style, Little Mix, James Arthur and more crap!