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  1. Arcade Fire

    Yeah I'm hoping for a no-thrills repress. It's more expensive than the record ffs. Same with The National's live album.
  2. 2018 New Music

    All about their 1am secret set in the Crows Nest
  3. 2018 New Music

    fook me this bangs
  4. Mad Cool 2018

    still holding out for that underworld & NIN clash to be wrong because fuck that
  5. Arcade Fire

    right so how come manchester didn't get Berny coming on to do Temptation then ffs. That would have literally been the highlight of my entire life. (I know the answer is he can't sing and so it probably would've been rubbish, but still...)
  6. Arcade Fire

    If you’d taken me to that gig as a first date we’d be married and expecting a kid right now
  7. Arcade Fire

    can I steal this photo please?
  8. Arcade Fire

    I also thought it was really good btw. Crowd was much better than the melts who stood still at Castlefield. Tho some could've done with cheering up a bit still. How can you not groove to Everything Now ffs?
  9. Arcade Fire

    Huh I paid 55 quid with a 1.55 booking fee
  10. Arcade Fire

    Who paid 70 quid? I paid less than 60
  11. arctic monkey shows

    With their European dates they announced new ones within an hour of the originals selling out, so would expect the same again
  12. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    £39.50-69.50 at Manchester
  13. Craig David's Gargantuan Crowd

    Isn’t this a song on the new Arctic Monkeys record?
  14. Arcade Fire

    Yup, Manchester arena is similar to this now I think
  15. All Points East Festival 2018

    What’s strict about them?

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