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  1. last few are a result of a bit editing
  2. really enjoyed what i saw in there, think the show was called "shangri stars" with dermot oleary and simon cowell characters, felt like i'd just walked into something at the edinburgh fringe festival, wish i'd got back there a few more times over the weekend
  3. Ideally looking for a lift from Coventry on the Wednesday and back on the Monday, but can get to new street or brum coach station if needs be. If I really need to, I should be able to make sure I'm on the early shift at work on the Tuesday so I can head down that evening. I'm generally a light packer so won't take up too much luggage space! Willing to pay towards petrol as well
  4. Got that page now, using chrome instead of safari
  5. Ahhh I'm on my phone
  6. Am I the only one getting event not found???
  7. Noooooo!!!! Went away for half an hour and I missed it!!! :( Were they all GA tickets? Or coach as well? Just seen the glasto tweet, seems like that was all the refunded tickets sold out, any chance of any more being released in the next couple of days or am I just clutching at straws?!?!?!
  8. few from 2013 and 2014
  9. Frank Ocean just announced new album for July! Would love to see him at glasto, but where would he play? 3rd/4th down pyramid?
  10. review of the album
  11. New song
  12. Few from last year
  13. I think I found this, it was VERY inconspicuous