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  1. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Awesome, well if you're going alone next year let me know and we will arrange meeting up or whatever so neither of us are alone
  2. BoomTown 2017 alone!

    Hi guys, I've never been to boomtown before but really want to go next year although I may be alone because my friends are all boring old men at the age of 23 aha anyway how did you lot who went alone get on? Did you have a good or bad experiance and was it easy enough to meet people who'll take you under their wing lol
  3. 2017 first line-up poster

    I like the idea of all of those! A couple more I think could make the bill is professor green and the 1975 maybe two door cinema club or gaslight anthem
  4. 2017 first line-up poster

    Increase in stages? They've brought back stages they've had in a lock up... and the discounted tickets are only available for 2 days most people get paid monthly and probably won't have any money left over to afford a ticket right now.. I get paid weekly so I can afford it but I'll prefer to hold fire and see what happens instead of potentially wasting money right now... boomtown seem to be the ones putting effort in and as a result have taken a lot of the bestival punters and if things keep leaning the way they are I'll be joining them to see what the fuss is all about
  5. 2017 first line-up poster

    I thought they moved off the island to save money? Where've they put the saved money in their pockets? Cash grab year for 2017 and call it a day in 2018? I'm seriously contemplating binning bestival off and going to boomtown
  6. 2017 first line-up poster

    By defend I mean tell others it's better Than reading and iow because they're just full of 17 year olds trying ket for the first time
  7. 2017 first line-up poster

    So sad to say this because I love bestival and would defend it against most festivals in the past but I think the end is near for them... they'll probably rename common people southampton bestival next year lol
  8. 2017 headliner guesses

    Assuming "the temple" is the same as the one they have at bestival Toronto
  9. 2017 headliner guesses

    Bestival website is working now
  10. 2017 headliner guesses

    I would love to see rhcp again so I'm hopefull they do headline! Foofighters would be amazing too!
  11. Bestival is moving

    I'm saying that 2015-16 weren't great. I didn't attend in 2015 for the first time since I started going but from what I heard it wasn't great compared to previous years apparently they are bringing back the old stages for 2017 so hopefully they bring back the bestival feel
  12. Bestival is moving

    I never see them as I didn't attend in 2015... I did catch a little bit of them at common people southampton though, seemed pretty good... my favourite bestival headliner would probably be Elton john
  13. Bestival is moving

    Compared to previous lineups that's not a great year in my opinion... a lot of others seem to have agreed as well through Facebook reviews and various tweets from friends
  14. Bestival is moving

    2015 was a huge let down compared to previous years from what I've heard.. 2015 being the first year in many which I didn't attend, in saying that 2016 wasn't great but I trust it can be sorted as long as certain things are changed first being the lineup haha
  15. 2017 headliner guesses

    I'm going with justice Thursday the xx Friday calvin Harris Saturday and Kendrick or some other rapper on the Sunday... other acts I would like to go are gaslight anthem- jauz- professor green