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    Festivals obviously, I go to 7 - 9 a year. I particularly like SOlfest, Glastonbury and Bearded Theory. I also go to Fullmoon in Berlin which is an amazing week lon gfestival and try to pack another one in while i'm over there.<br /><br /><br />A small list of the bands/artists that I like won't fit in here but my favourite artists are 1200 mics, rastaliens, Rotersand, Combichrist, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Rammstein, <br /><br />I go to nights out in Leeds (Wendyhouse, Mortalled, Cabbage), Bradford (Kulu), Sheffield (Corporation, Zogg, Dove and Rainbow, Tinnitus, Room 303)<br /><br />I spend most of my free time in Sheffield.<br /><br />I'm fairly interested in electronics and am currently building an array of DIY studio Gear (Synths, Sequencers, etc)<br /><br />Comedywise I love Bill Hicks, Bill Bailey, Dermot Morgan, Might Boosh, Reeves and Mortimer. Eddy Izzard.<br /><br />TV: Red Dwarf, Black Adder, Black books, Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Any interesting Documentaries.

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  1. Equinox Festival 2016 (16-19th September)

    As far as I know they are telling people this? I had a natter with the directors recently and thought it had been relayed through email. The situation is that it is a new festivals and given the situation they are distancing themselves from the old event so are probably avoiding commenting much further. Paypal "protects" purchases so it doesn't matter of the company goes under, they should still payout. Please report back on your progress with this- If everybody does this that can then it will really kick start the festival E
  2. Equinox Festival 2016 (16-19th September)

    Unfortunately Alchemy Festival has come to an end and the old management is no longer around. This has left all the old crew to pick up the pieces and thankfully some of those previously involved with running some of the site functions are setting up a new event for 2016. All the old stage crews are still around and keen to get back together to host a festival with a renewed energy, a similar vibe and better organization. A large number of early bird tickets were sold through Paypal after the last Alchemy and the current management team are committed to honoring these tickets - This puts them in a tough situation where they are jumping in and hosting a reasonably sized festival whereas most events take time to grow from a small size, but are also going to be several hundred ticket sales down. The current board of directors are picking up the pieces the best they can with this but have not received any funds from early bird tickets sold for Alchemy. They didn't receive their wages for the months of work involved in the festival last year and do not deserve any blame for they way things panned out. I gather that Paypal has a 180 day claim period for ticket sales. Anybody who has bought tickets this way should put in a claim as soon as possible. I'm guessing there will be be a way for people who have done this to make a donation to the new equinox festival - This will go a long way to ensuring a better event with a future. I am not one of the new directors or management, I run a stage setup (Psychedelic Breakfast) which used to host an area at the festival. I will try to answer any questions about the new event the best I can but do not really know any more information about the situation with the old event.
  3. From the Equinox Festival Facebook Group "The old Alchemy crew had all been left in a difficult situation and have come together to continue with what we all believe is a beautiful thing. Where else do all the tribes come together and celebrate? Didn't we put on the best party in the universe??! So many people have got in touch and pledged their continuing support, we thought it'd be rude not to make it happen. So here we are.....There WILL be hundreds of bands and DJs on our six stages, there WILL be banging dance tents with crazy decor and stage shows to match, there WILL be fire shows created by a pyromaniac genius, there WILL be workshops and heritage crafts the like of which many of you will never have seen before, there will be walkabouts, wooded areas, healing areas and fire pits and of course the amazing Earthbound Misfits will be there with their wondrous circus skills and children's area to keep the little ones entertained. Food and drink? Still bring your own if you want, but with our Big Dub Cafe we'll be dishing up dub and low prices in our Big Top and offering the finest in street food for vegans and meat-eaters alike- wholesome, organic food is our priority- £1 tea is our policy!! Our traders will be tempting you with a great selection of food and anything from real ale or a cheeky cocktail or a smoothie to perk you up from that night before, to handmade crafts collected worldwide and glow sticks and ridiculousness too tempting to walk by. So come join us, show your support for the festival that just won't stop and the collective tribe that you are part of each September. Welcome to Equinox !! "
  4. Hey mate, hope you are well.. I sent you a message on facebook about psybreaky this year at Alchemy.. you had a chnace to read it?

  5. Your favourite Glasto images

    Admittedly my photoshop knowledge is pretty much zero, i just liek that effect and would like to learn how to do similar... It would look aweseome used on a trash city/shangrila.
  6. Your favourite Glasto images

    Did you manually take the different exposures for these and render them as HDR photos or is there a photoshop plugin which acheives the same results?
  7. I'm the king of bongo baby!

    Now I know that one is definitely one of my pictures.
  8. Blazing Chemicals Brothers set, Glasto, 2004

    Hmnn,, isn't that my picture... where's my credit!
  9. Ah, the quiet before the storm.
  10. Delete some PM mate. :)

  11. Get the kettle on lad.

  12. yeh somebody added me as a freind

  13. I've got love for you if you were born in the 80's, the 80's... pow pow