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  1. Latitude 2018

  2. Latitude 2018

    "They're shit" is personal opinion... "Theyre a big headliner" isnt. They also sold out the Saturday at Latitude, can't ask for much more than that.
  3. Latitude 2018

    Mumford: arguably the biggest headliner the festival has ever had. 1975: One of Britain's biggest up and coming bands had their first ever shot at headlining a festival, at Latitude. Fleet Foxes: ok. 2/3 ain't bad.
  4. Latitude 2018

  5. Latitude 2018

    I'm on about Latitude. The fact my phone autocorrects FOB to DOG says it all, it knows.
  6. Lineup 2018

    Foos will be at Leeds and Reading. No question.
  7. Latitude 2018

    Interesting. Wrong, very wrong, but interesting.
  8. Tramlines 2018

    Don't be a dick.
  9. Tramlines 2018

    It doesn't rule them Out, because nobody knows for certain they're announcing next week. They might just be announcing mad cool.
  10. Lineup 2018

    Nobody can explain this. I have seen them 4 times, and I do not know why, they're festival herpes; WHEN YOU THINK THEY'VE GONE! THEY JUST KEEP COMING BACK.
  11. Lineup 2018

    Why don't you think they'd book MGMT? no different to booking a band like Pond. As far as i can see, their touring cycle just hasnt matched up with RnL since 2008
  12. Tramlines 2018

    PM me! I can keep secrets....
  13. Lineup 2018

    If the ban is lifted after 3 years, which there's no info atm to suggest that it will be, the ban started when he arrived in this country for RnL in 2015 so the ban would still be in place in July 18.
  14. Lineup 2018

    why? What info is there to support this? MGMT are in Europe towards the end of July, and i expect them to stick around through August. CTE only have one date according to their website, and that's today in America. With the info to hand ATM, MGMT are more likely.