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  1. Because he's "trying to play the ball" doesn't mean it's not a stonewall yellow card; Costa and Kante are both lucky boys

  2. To be accepted, to be wanted, to wake up and say this is gonna be a good day

  3. I think every @DONBROCO fan wants to them doing the dance in Everybody at the live shows coming up

  4. @bxdboyblues wtf no you're a beaut LOVE YOURSELF

  5. I just feel constantly ignored and just irrelevant lol bye

  6. RT @jamavelli: BRITISH SUMMER IS HERE.

  7. Tomorrow is my last day without a gig until next Wednesday...jesus

  8. @JasminePhoenix_ The jealousy is real

  9. Two random indie guys decided they needed a picture with me last night because I was wearing What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? t-shirt

  10. Pulled pork is underrated

  11. Seth Rollins to return on Raw, have a feud with Reigns resulting in Reigns retaining, then either Ambrose or Owens feud after? Not sure

  12. @TruckFestival Neck Deep, Will Varley, Beans on Toast, WSTR, The King Blues, Modern Baseball, Good Charlotte

  13. Slam Dunk hurry up please

  14. RT @muse: Playing a little show at home…

  15. RT @Matt_Lansley: Arsenal fans are the kind of people who clap when a pilot lands the plane