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  1. I just wanna feel something again, I'm not innocent, not in the least bit, selfish wishful thinkingggg

  2. Thom Yorke killing Justin Bieber is possibly one of the best things from the internet

  3. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: "We have incredible home support with sell-out crowds for every game." Wait what HAHAHA

  4. @AshleeeyMaarie if this is the Paphos Aphrodite one it's awesome!

  5. RT @RouReynolds: "@willuminare: OI are you still not doing any UK Fests this year?” Nope, sorry. (but maybe) NO. (possibly) ABSOLUTELY NOT…

  6. I have literally given up on sleep for the night

  7. In 12 hours I need to get a taxi, I hope I wake up in the morning!

  8. Time for sleep! I'd love to wake up to 200 followers (yes, someone unfollowed me 3), niiiiiiiight! :) DM's and texts make me smiley

  9. Falling asleep in a cuddle is the best way to and waking up in one is awesome too...anyone?

  10. Placebo are my guilty pleasure

  11. Fall into you, is all I ever do

  12. Think i'll do some follow Friday's in a bit, send me a random word and i'll try and use it in a shoutout for you xD

  13. I don't want to change the world, I'm not looking for a new England, just looking for another girl

  14. Night Twitter, will do some Follow Friday's when I wake up, just say hello or something if you want one, always up to chat to new people :')