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  1. This is my worst one too, either going to be Casey or Crossfaith for me I think! Day is looking something along the lines of Fenix TX/Like Pacific > Crossfaith/Casey > WSTR > Boston Manor > With Confidence > Bit of Beartooth/all of Citizen > Seaway > The Gospel Youth > some of Don Broco > Enter Shikari All worked out quite well for me personally!
  2. Stage splits have ended up ok to me so far (depending how close the times are this year to last year of course! My day is looking like: Like Pacific/Fenix TX > Sorority Noise/Trophy Eyes > The Gospel Youth > WSTR > Boston Manor > With Confidence > Beartooth > Citizen > Seaway > Don Broco > Enter Shikari.... But we all know with the queuing between stages it'll probably be something like The Gospel Youth > Boston Manor > With Confidence > Beartooth > Seaway > Don Broco > Enter Shikari
  3. I love Muse and Architects but that whole day might go down as the worst line up day in history. It's SO weak. Definitely not going. Best day for me would be the Friday but not enough to make me grab a ticket. Like the guy a few above, Victorious and Slam Dunk it is!
  4. Pretty good; love The Gospel Youth, enjoyed Casey at Butserfest last year. Listened to the odd track by Area 11 and Vukovi before and a few other bands to look at! Can't complain! Stage splits will be interesting, there is the potential for a load of horrendous clashes so hopefully it plays out ok!
  5. This line up announcement is honestly dreadful. Hope they've got some good stuff for The Pit but so far really not impressed
  6. Few predictions for tomorrow: Seaway (as previously stated they've been self-confirming) Knuckle Puck (said they have another announcement this week) Pvris (longer shot but they're starting to play shows again at the start of May and there's a gap in their tour with Muse that Slam Dunk fits in) WSTR Lightyear Crossfaith, Stick to Your Guns & Issues as complete guesses for heavier bands
  7. Pretty happy with that announcement to be honest! Shame that Twin Atlantic will clash with one of those three however I'm glad I'll get to see three of Slaves, Maximo Park, Twin Atlantic and The Wombats (unless they announce someone I really like in The Nest)! Always wanted to see Franz Ferdinand when I was younger but never quite managed it so that'll be good! Not too fussed by The Vaccines. Roll on July!
  8. Blink-182 definitely
  9. Radiohead would be wonderful however Glastonbury surely rules them out Thom Yorke solo? Haha
  10. Would love to see Bear's Den on the line up too
  11. Yes Blossoms into TDCC would be a great evening! If FT plays they may aswell add Will Varley, Skinny Lister, Beans on Toast and Seth Lakeman right?
  12. I'm gunna go foooooor: Frank Turner/TDCC/The Libertines The above is definitely blinded by my love for Frank Turner haha, could be Twin Atlantic possibly? Reckon Stormzy and Slaves will be on the line up but not headlining, Slaves could sub The Libertines maybe? Also hoping for bands like WSTR, Don Broco, As It Is and Creeper to pop up further down!