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  1. Who were your top 5 of the weekend

    Future Islands Django Django (WG) Idlewild Wolf Alice (Park) Benjamin Booker
  2. The Gaslight Anthem

    Massive fan of Sink or Swim and The 59 Sound but have found their last 3 albums a bit bland in comparison. Same goes for live shows. Brilliant at their own shows and on smaller festival stages (mainly tents) but found them pretty boring the last 3 times I've seen them on an outdoor stage at festivals. Headling JP would be perfect for me.
  3. 2000 Trees Festival

    One thing I regret was not sticking around for the secret sets. Only heard about Dave McPherson doing a set on the thursday night. Anyone catch/know who the others were?
  4. 2000 Trees Festival

    Past 4 years I've camped in the field nearest the main stage and its always been a lot tighter for space. Was a lot of huge spaces around that could easily have fitted a camp of 4/5 tents in. The other field wasn't as bad but there was still a lot of space between tents.
  5. 2000 Trees Festival

    Yeah they like to call themselves TTNG now. Not really sure why. They were pretty good though from where I was sat in the shade!
  6. 2000 Trees Festival

    First time in 5 years I've been and not camped for the weekend (only live in Gloucester so not far to drive each day) due to a combination of no money/no close mates going/what i thought was a weak line up. How wrong was I on the last one?! Because I spent the majority of the weekend going round by myself it meant I got to watch a lot more bands and made a lot more new discoveries and probably ended up having a much better festival than I would usually. Like you guys have said already, I think Maybeshewill had the set of the weekend. Absolutely mindblowing! Special mentions to ASIWYFA, Ben Marwood, Cold Crows Dead and FWW who I thought were all brilliant as well. Best discoveries of the weekend: Wet Nuns, Wot Gorilla?, The Family Rain, Axes, The Physics House Band and Emperor Yes. Just really hope it rains next year! That heat was unbearable, I actually saw some people going round by the main stage offering money for the shade some people were sitting in. Also I cant believe how empty the campsite was. Usually its pretty cosy for space. I know they didn't sell out this year but I had no idea just how badly tickets had sold. Hope its ok for next year though.
  7. 2000 Trees Festival

    I've got there at about 1pm Thursday for the past 4 years and have probably queued for about half hour each time tops. The car park is next to the arena entrance so no need to lug EVERYTHING in one go - very easy to nip back and grab your crates etc once you've set up camp. As for space. Theres 2/3 large fields so plenty but if you're rocking up friday night then you may struggle for a sizable area. Should be ok just for the tent though..
  8. 2000 Trees Festival

    Very underwhelming when compared to previous years lineups. Only bothered about seeing Future of the Left, The Xcerts, ASIWYFA, Fighting With Wire, The Crimea, Nine Black Alps, Brontide, This Town Needs Guns and Emperor Yes. Seriously considering selling my ticket and going elsewhere.
  9. 2000 Trees Festival

    Yeah ArcTanGent is looking like the better lineup for me but I've alreay used up all my holiday for the summer with Glastonbury, TTT and going off to watch The Ashes. Might have to flog the TTT tickets and go for ATG instead.
  10. 2000 Trees Festival

    Overall I'm pretty underwhelmed by this years lineup. Theres not as much on there that I'm that bothered about seeing when compared to the previous 4 years I've been
  11. 2000 Trees Festival

    Yeah. It's been known in Cheltenham circles for a couple of months now. One of those 'worst kept secrets'
  12. 2000 Trees Festival

    Ok so they've just announced some more.. Mystery Jets are headlining the saturday night. http://www.twothousandtreesfestival.co.uk/bands/
  13. 2000 Trees Festival

    Not sure on the second headliner. Had been hoping for The Joy Formidable but we'll see. EDIT: Just seen they're actually in America that weekend so won't be them
  14. 2000 Trees Festival

    More to come tonight at 7pm. I'm reliably informed that Frank Turner will be headlining, and that Jim Lockey & TSS will be 4th/5th on the main stage the same day. Also Itch from The King Blues as good as self confirmed on twitter last ngiht.