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  1. WWE

    Yeah RuRu is injured, think he had surgery and read somewhere that Lana was heading back to NXT while he's recovering. No idea if that last bit is true though
  2. Sounds like pedestrians have been mowed down on Westminster Bridge. Houses of Parliament in lockdown. One suspected attacker shot and multiple people injured.
  3. WWE

    The Miz and Maryse absolutely nailed this. Gold. Is it just me or does this whole feud make you want to cheer them rather than Cena and Nikki?
  4. Love how sky sports are barking on about Englands centre back cover being "thin" after Jones was ruled out. Only got Cahill, Smalling, Keane, Stones and Dier left in the squad. How on earth will we cope?
  5. A Cliffy Biro?
  6. I only opened this to see what russy's response was. It didn't disappoint.
  7. Its not inconceivable but is unlikely as the only day they can do is the sunday and would mean them playing 9/10 days. Also a question over where they would fit in if they did play given they don't have any new material to promote. Personally, I hope they are there, but if they aren't then I have one less clash to worry about as I'm seeing them at their final 2 shows.
  8. Ticket has now been sold.
  9. I've got a spare ticket for Tuesday at Brixton if anyone is interested. Face value of course.
  10. I haven't but I'll check them out when I get a chance
  11. I saw them last night at Omeara and I'm pretty certain it was the best performance I've seen from them so far. The guys looked genuinely taken aback by the crowd and the new album tracks sounded big live. Really hope they get their big break this year, or at least some recognition. Top blokes too!
  12. Give me Tall Ships early on the Park. Glorious stuff!
  13. The only premier league team j could see coming in for him is United given Ibra being a short term fix and Rooney looking like his days are numbered. Would fully expect Levy to hold out for a world record fee though.
  14. Anyone else think he'll be the one to break Shearer's premier league record?