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  1. Cheers guys. Managed to get 2 for monday. Will try again for thursday later in the week.
  2. No luck
  3. Don't refresh your page. It takes you back to the gig listings page..
  4. WWE

    Think Smackdown Live has come out on top after the shake-up. Quality in ring workers added and look to have kept a hold of AJ at least for now. They should definitely be able to get the best out of Zayn and RuRu. Charlotte is a massive gain for the blue brand.
  5. Weekend predictions? Spuds v Watford Man City v Hull 'Boro v Burnley Stoke v Liverpool West Brom v Southampton West Ham v Swansea Bournemouth v Chelsea Sunderland v Man Utd Everton v Leicester Crystal Palace v Arsenal
  6. Soulwax on saturday. Completely missed the boat with them first time round so really looking forward to this!
  7. WWE

    If I didn't know any better I'd guess the WWE universe doesn't much like roman reigns.. You can't buy heat like that! Amazing
  8. WWE

    Thats all I remember, thought Daniel Bryan might pop up in Shane's corner or something. Timing wise its probably a good job there wasn't much non-wrestling bits, just a little odd to see these days. RAW should be a decent watch tonight though. Nakamura to Smackdown?
  9. WWE

    Was anyone else a little bit surprised at the lack of backstage segments, Samoa Joe, and the complete insignificance of The New Day being hosts?
  10. WWE

    Very strong show from top to bottom. The RAW side of things was pretty faultless but the smackdown card didnt really do a lot for me especially their title matches. Just catching up on NXT. That tag team match was lit AF. Really hope to see The Revival get a call up soon!
  11. WWE

    That pop! SCENES!!
  12. WWE

    Really enjoyed the cruiserwieght match. Shame it was on the pre-show. Zayn Corbin Naomi Enzo & Cass Cena & Nikki AJ Bayley (followed by Banks heel turn) Rollins KO Wyatt Lesnar Reigns
  13. Would take that in a heartbeat.
  14. My 2 cents
  15. Im on my 4th spin so far. Bloody lovely stuff! Not sure on Glastonbury. Would be perfect early afternoon up at the park.