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  1. Hahahahaha
  2. Roses wont do it. Bbc and Ian brown doesn't work. It will be abysmal for the tv audience. And I'm from Manchester and love the roses. Radiohead, Sheeran & The Killers is my guess.
  3. Definitely highlight of whole week for me. Got there just after pj finished so we were only 10 or so metres away from stage and bang on in centre. All my friends made me a bit teary eyed after I had danced like a balloon. Loved every second of it.
  4. Some advice needed people. Not my first time at Glasto by any means but I'm starting to dread Gate D bedlam on the Wed morning. Every year we just queue and its always unbearable. And the hill is a bastard. We're aiming for a 6am arrival at the car park and planning on staying in Bushy Ground as per usual. Is Gate A the one that's already flooded?
  5. didn't he say publically he n jazzy Jeff were playing a few shows this summer few months ago? Sure I read it. Gone quiet though. will smith would be worth seeing. Novelty factor alone.
  6. WH for me. Cant wait for this one.
  7. It isn't the strongest line up by any stretch but its Glastonbury so if the weather behaves it will still be a magical week. It always is. Only 4/5 must sees for me but that's not a bad thing.
  8. Just got mine. Wooooooooo.
  9. Hahahaha I didn't mean I wake up at 5. I meant I don't really go see anything earlier unless it's simply unmissable which most of the time it isn't. Big group of us who go every year so we usually spend 12-4/5 ish getting pissed outside our tents and soaking up some sun and having some laughs before heading out late afternoon for the rest of the day. Done glasto loads of different ways but that's definitely my favourite. First two times I went I planned something from 12 - 12 every day and by midnight I was exhausted. Plus Glasto post midnight is my favourite part of festival anyway.
  10. Nah....been there and done that. It's tiring and becomes almost a checklist exercise. I prefer to have 3/4 "must see's" a day maximum and then just go with flow. Two nights at SE corner and 1 at Arcadia (usually the Sunday)
  11. plenty people putting 11am......i only see one 11 o'clock at glasto and it isn't that one. My day is 5 till 5. That way you still get the big hitters of the day plus the nighttime shenanigans too.
  12. 4 or 5 of the acts I'm most looking forward to seeing I bet 90% of glasto would never have heard of. People still get way too fixated on the 'big names'. I wont be seeing any of the Pyramid headliners and I'm not even sure if I'll even see anyone there this year. Radiohead would get me there and that's pretty much it. I prefer the atmosphere at the other stage and the smaller stages. Always have.
  13. These threads cheer me right up. Get me in a field with sun, cider, great people and some reggae and leave me be. Heaven on earth.
  14. I believe The Hives are otherwise engaged all weekend sadly. Great band though. Seen them quite a few times.