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  1. Just off Lightbowne Rd closer to the new police station. I went the girls school, small world ey. Reading your other posts about moving to Failsworth at some point, same here it seems half decent compared to round here.
  2. oioi, i'm from moston!
  3. Yeah we're really praying that the glastonbury spirit shines through. Other wise it looks like a good 4/5 hour wait. Seems like we're being punished, you'd think they'd keep it stress free like the national express coaches considering we're arriving in one of the preferred ways. Fingers crossed they take pity on us
  4. Well that's what she made out in the email. It really is a crap situation, we only discovered this yesterday and have been flapping ever since. I didn't see any announcement about it, and we had friends who have been in previous years who said they just went to Gate A no questions ask so we didn't think it would change without them mentioning it - unless we missed it. We're relying on them to be really nice cos we have no other option but to turn up at around 4/5ish. It seems abit daft even having the shuttle service open at 7am because of course people will be arriving before then.
  5. In exactly the same situation. I emailed and they basically said you have to book your coach in to the drop off, but anything before half 9 is fully booked. We've already paid upon a pre-arranged time with the company so we've just gotta go down and see what happens. Was planning on doing the same and try to head straight to gate A. The whole point of us getting our own coach this year was to arrive earlier than we have in previous years when getting national express. Oh dear.